Grail units


who should i build from the grail units? i wont build any of the horses except maybe berkut and i wont build any of the axe units.
edit: i only have like 3 mele units right now so im mostly looking for them. i also want primarily fast or super strong units or a unit thats just fun to use
I have decided upon marisa, thanks for the help and suggestions all


Depends on what you could use, any of them can be good with investment, so pick your personal favorite, or one that caters to where you find the most enjoyment in Feh.

for specific suggestions:
F!Robin has a better color than M!Robin, and the spectrum tactics refine is great. With G Duel Infantry she could be a great member of an Arena core.

F!Takumi or Garon might be fun and interesting additions for your AR teams.

If just raw stats are your thing then Armor units are all solid, but I don’t personally care for armored units, so that’s all I can say about them.


my first time playing m robin was my main and he took me pretty far so i will consider building f robin but i do already have the green mage slot filled


I would suggest Zephiel for enemy phase or Naesala for player phase


zephiel is a cool unit but he is rather boring to use in my opinion but i was also thinkin naesala for a potential gale force build


Go with Hot Spring Camilla her weapon is powerful or Spring Loki when she comes out. Though Marisa is really good too. She is also great on an Infantry team.



I really love useing her. She is the only sword infantry unit I like. I wish I had L!Roy or L!Marth though.
But what type of unit do you need? That would help with suggestions.


Would you perhaps be interested in investing in a unit with great mixed bulk and a way of standing out from most sword infantry? Cuz I use Tobin on my main team and can personally guarantee he doesn’t disappoint. :slightly_smiling_face:


i sense some bias ;-) but in all seriousness i do like hot springs camillas stat spread. spring lokis stat spread isnt quite where i would like(ik i could build her up in spd but im not sure i want to for her) and infantry is my primary so im probably going to do marisa


if tobin was a bit faster he would be my first choice for grail unit because i like his character and design but he doesn’t really fit my play style


I’ve had a Brave Sword build I’ve considered trying on him actually but I understand your choice, he is very much an Enemy Phase bait and tank unit.


no jk, I’ve just been looking for an excuse to use this image//shot


I LOVE your build for her! :heart_eyes:


actually i totally forgot about brave weapons, that would actually make him usable for my play style. if i come across a bunch of hero feathers or a brave sword + i will build him


You could also go with Aversa she is a fantastic unit of quick kills and debuffing my HS! Camilla is at +6 Aversa is +5 S!Loki is +1 currently.


also i think i just battled your marisa in grand conquest lol


i have thought about her but i hate seeing her in ar so i dont really wanna be that guy


Oh cool! If you need any help making him a good build with a Brave Sword, just let me know, I’ve run him through the match-up simulator a good few times. I recommend a premium A-skill if you have something available, but there’s a good budget skill for every build. :slightly_smiling_face:


if and when i do build him i might give him warding breath and thanks, ill keep you in mind


Julius is neat. He’s amazing at baiting mages, and he can accually take an arrow

Lloyd is pretty neat too, deals well with dragons and generally is a great duelist.


lloyd looks like trailor park trash so thats kind of a problem for me and i like julius(and like every other genealogy unit) but i already have a red mage that i think im going to keep for a while(lilina aka a f***ing nuke)