Grailing a 1-3 star servant

I was thinking about grailing a 1-3 star servant, cause I heard they are pretty good when grailed. At the moment I have these ones:

  • Antonio Salieri (40/50, NP2);
  • Andersen (35/35, NP5);
  • Medea (30/30, NP1);
  • Leonidas (28/35, NP5);
  • Shakespeare (26/35, NP2);
  • Arash (20/20, NP5);
  • Tawara Tōta (1/30, NP1);
  • Edward Teach (1/25, NP1);
  • Paracelsus (1/30, NP1);
  • Cursed Arm (1/25, NP3);
  • Mata Hari (1/20, NP2);
  • Sasaki Kojirō (1/20, NP5);
  • Spartacus (1/20, NP1);

Should I grail one of them? Or should I wait for Cu or similar?


Arash and Sparty could always use more Attack to clear higher waves. Saileri is a great unit if you give him the stats too I’ve heard. Don’t think the rest need it as much.

But the only correct answer is whoever you like best.


Honestly speaking, the 1* to 3* are already good enough without the grails. The scenarios where a grailed 1* to 3* outperforms their none grailed version is few and far between and even then those situations are in the very extreme ends. So unless you really love any of them, I suggest not grailing them.


Arash 100%.
Just 1 grail gets him from 60 to 70 and makes a fantastic difference. Make sure to also give him +1000 ATK with fous.

Also when you get him, Cu Chulainn. He will be your solo expert that will be able to pass some very difficult content in the later game by himself. I personally took him to 80. But 70 (2 grails) is definitely a worthy investment.

As for the rest, it is down to personal preference. Investing in one particular servant can bring them up to considerably amazing utility.

Some common examples:
Anderson - considered to be Merlin-lite. A cheap king of support. A few people on my friends list have him at 100. But honestly just getting him any than his normal max higher helps his survivability so that he can buff your team that much longer.
Robin Hood - A dps beast, especially at 90-100.


The fact that you don’t have full NP5 tells me you must be fairly new. I’d focus QP and embers on levelling new Servants rather than worry about Grails. Live with your Servants for a bit and figure out who you like before making a decision you may regret later.

That being said I like Arash as a grail target and I can see the benefit of grailing Spartacus as well.


My standard advice: if you need to ask if you should grail a servant/what servant to grail, you shouldn’t grail anyone. Only grail a servant you really like and want to use as much as possible. If you grail a servant strictly for mechanical reasons, you will very likely be disappointed, as grails really don’t have a significant effect on any given servant’s performance.

Low-star servants will never match the stats of SSRs, most won’t even beat SRs, even at level 100. Most of the good low-star servants, like Arash or Anderson, don’t need grails to do what they do, and their use-cases really don’t change that much with additional levels. There is almost never a legitimate mechanical benefit to grailing low-star servants.

TL;DR: don’t waste grails. Only grail servants you love and want to use.


honestly it’s because, until a month ago when I opened my first thread, I was feeding Jalter with 1-3 stars, considering them useless. Then I opened this thread to ask it it was worth burning a 5 star for anni blonde MC and they told me 1-3 stars could do what anni blonde does without burning sanzang or tamamo lancer

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I started to play in February, so I am pretty new

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Yeah, definitely max level and play with your servants before making grail decisions. Grailing for gameplay only is a sure path to regret the grail expenditure later.

That said, of my low star grailed servants, arash easily made the biggest impact with his nuke of an np. Cu also appreciated the extra stats, but when stronger lancers appear he’s more likely to be benched unless you really like his playstyle.


Ok, thanks

At what level do you have Arash?

Arash’s primary benefit is as a wave-1 nuke that replaces himself in your frontline. His performance at level 60, with 1k attack Fous, is more than sufficient for that purpose in 99.9% of gameplay scenarios. Unless you want to pull off buff-stacking memes to use him on wave 3, there’s really no need to grail Arash. He’s entirely functional at his base level cap.

EDIT: Arash is one of the most useful servants in the game. Not only does he not need grails to be good, you are very likely going to be in the situation where you’re actively trying to avoid using him, just because he’ll be max bond before you know it. But he’s SO good, you’ll end up using him, anyway. If any servant doesn’t need grails, it’s Arash.


My Arash is at 80, thinking about going to 90. I don’t have any powerhouse AoE archers (gil, Ishtar, etc) so I often use him for w3 farming vs beefy saber waves. But when using as w1 clearer, he has a noticeably higher floor vs neutral targets without external buffs too.

But I also like his character… Have you been through camelot yet? :fgo_ereshlove: such a great guy.


I do want to add, while I believe it’s utterly pointless to grail Arash for power, he is a super-bro, and deserves all the grails for character love.


I used my grailed Arash to help 3T Sigurd. If he’s just a W1 clearer for you, then don’t grail. If you actually use him for a boss break bar like I do frequently then he’s well worth it.


Agree. What’s not to love about the guy characterwise? He’s also very unique and convenient gameplay wise. Would honestly love to see more of him in a Fragments of Blue and Silver adaptation. That grail to 70 was so well deserved and worth it. Absolutely destroys 1st waves and some 2nd waves even without steroids.


If youre new dont grail, you might regret it especially if you grailed them because they are strong and not brcsuse you like the characters. Focus on max leveling all of your servants first.


Arash at level 80 - 90 can even clear Lancer waves.
Spartacus very much appreciates the extra attack and by being a Berserker that attack gains a 10% bonus, level 70 is already a big change.
Andersen appreciates more health.

I would also recommend Hassan of the Hundred Faces as she is probably the best budget Assassin and loves extra stats.

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I’m the type to hold on to every mega potion “until I really need it” and end up beating the game without ever touching them, and I think grails are a similar resource in FGO. So lately I’ve been grailing servants for fun and have definitely found some favorites. Of the units I’ve grailed, I have noticed a big surge in performance from a few popular 1-3*s that I think is a good return on investment:

  • Arash 100%. Toss a single grail his way and a great farmer becomes arguably the best farmer. Rare that he won’t fully clear a wave of enemies. I was really apprehensive about doing this due to the “grail for love not gameplay” arguments, but it has made gameplay SO much easier.
  • Spartacus. Likewise, a great farmer who’s been my MVP for several events now since Nerofest. I didn’t like his character in Apocrypha, but it has made farming for event currency so much simpler.
  • Bunyan. They’re about to come out with the Statesman event tomorrow and they make a great waveclearer if you have a kaleidoscope ce as well as a fine buster support that can help set up allies, explode from a stiff breeze, and make room for others. I found their damage to be just almost enough but not quite to kill certain enemies, and giving them a single grail has actually made them a nice option to stick onto any buster team.

Of the other options you’ve mentioned, I would hold off till you get more servants. They either get totally overshadowed by 4/5*s or they do their job fine at their current level. I use Cu Chulainn as an example, he makes a great anchor servant who refuses to die. If you invest into maxing his 2nd skill and then the others, he will do that job perfectly well without needing any grails (and he won’t really do that job much better if you do give him one).


I strongly recommend against grailing low-stars for power. Yes, they will improve, but all of them are easily outclassed by gold servants, which you will get eventually. The exception being Arash, but I have already explained why I don’t think he needs grails.

I also disagree with the philosophy of using grails just for the sake of using them. FGO is not a game you can beat, and thus any limited resource needs to be invested in such a way as to bring long-term value over an indefinite timeframe. If you grail a low-star to help out your early game, those grails are gone forever. It only takes one or two lucky gacha pulls to render units like Spartacus obsolete, and who knows how many servants you’ll discover in the future that you’d love to give your grails to.

Only grail servants you really love and want to use as much as possible. As your roster grows, the value of any given servant diminishes, and grails for power purposes become less and less impactful. Save your grails until you find a servant you believe deserves them, without reservation.