Grailing for love efficiently


Now, I understand that you should give grails to characters you love, but that’s my issue. My favorite servant is Cu Chulainn, and after he is grailed once more he will be level 90, and I’ll have 6 grails. My dilemma is that, I want to make Cu as strong as possible, but the 5 grails that would take could go to others. With 4 grails I could make good Sir Bedivere level 80 and BB level 90, and still have 2 for others. I’m torn, do you all think I should go all in for love on one servant, or distribute them among my servants? I know that this is the sort of question I should answer for myself, but I’m just wondering what others think.


You’ll be able to get more grails for your other servants later on, Onigashima and Agartha aren’t too far off and they’ll provide you with two more. Go ahead and power up your favorite!


If you’re having doubts, then you probably don’t love Cu enough, in which case you should distribute your Grails amongst different servants.

Once you have spare Grails (if there’s ever such a thing), and you’ve already grailed everyone you wanted, then pimp Cu up to 100.


note though, that event grails are only given the first time

if you got it already, then the rerun will just net you another crystallized lore


Well, you get about 1k atk and hp after 10 levels. Since Cu’s Quick user, his NP has a relatively higher scaling so he benefits from any extra stats and as a lancer he also has the 1.05x multiplier. Also, this case being about Cu you’ll also want to think about his HP pool since even at 1HP, he’s still alive and he’s still going.

We’ll still get some more grails with events, remnants and then Lostbelts, so you don’t exactly need to worry too much, but I think it depends on which servant you want to grail NOW.

This game rewards variety, so if you also want to grails other servants you’ll have more options to choose. From that perspective, it’d be fine to grail both Bedi and BB, both great units.

You said it yourself, it’s better for you to answer your question, however I feel like you may be worrying too much about it, and that’s why it bothers that much. I wanted to grail Mordred to 100, she’s at 92 because I grailed Kuro to 100 and I’m with a lvl 92/94 Sanson. My mindset was “I’ll grail her later, she’s fine right now and we’ll have more grails”, and I’m not exactly concerned cause I know that once Sanson is done, I’ll probably hold on grails (Since they’re pretty secondary and I’ll need the resources to further develop my whole roster) and there’s still lots of stuff before Anastasia (My current goal, who I also plan to take to 100).

So, to close off, I say you take it easy, consider your priorities cause none of them really excludes the other, and also it’ll give you a better train of thought once you enjoy the improvement you’ve had with whatever choice you’ve done.


My gold rule is: Waifu top priority. In this case, Husbando top priority. You’ll get more grails for BB and Bedivere.


Why you gonna be so rude? :notes:


Grail Cu!

Sir Bedivere was willing to wait hundreds of years for Altria, I am sure he will more than willing to wait a few months for his grail! And BB is a good Kouhai who would be more than willing to wait if it makes you happy!

Or am I getting BB mixed up with the original Sakura again? Either way Grail Cu! :fgo_illya:


You really need to decide if you are grailing for love or gameplay.

Cu at 90 is good enough IMHO. Beyond that, the diminishing returns is too high.

Just do it.

I would seriously leave some grails for some ‘obvious’ servants who would be very good targets for grails.
Eg. Kintoki (rider) who is a pseudo 5 star who should get 2 grails to 90.
BB is also a good target to make her level 90 if you are playing with arts teams.

Personally, i have grailed:
Nitocris to 90 (just a great AOE servant for all purposes)
Medea to 80 (fix a hole where i do not have Sanzang for single target NP)
Musashi to 92 (love)
Going to grail kintoki rider to 90 once i get him since i am kinda weak in the rider department.


I have already max grail emiya and currently farming hands for okita to reach lvl 100( stuck at 3rd Ascension because of gears damm you emiya )and feed angra the remaining grails. Priorities your waifu/husbando thats my rule in grailing


Grails lose a lot of punch after 90, I’m afraid. As such, you should spread the wealth. Cu will understand. He’s not the jealous type.

(Full disclosure: I totally just dropped a grail on Summer Arturia. But, by God, she’s earned it!)


Honestly, it just depends on if you want to go the extra mile and get a servant to lvl 100. Between now and where JP is at, we’ll get around 20ish to 35ish grails depending on where you started. For reference, I’m looking at 27ish grails and I started around the end of august. You’ll have plenty of grails coming your way, it’s just a matter of grailing no or later.

You could grail other servants now and grail cu to lvl 100 over time, or grail cu now and get to other servants eventually.


If you like using him and like him then grail. If you think bumping other servants 10 levels is a better choice then don’t.


Thing is with making Bedi wait for a few more months i mean the guy needs a break with waiting maybe grail bedi now poor guy deserves it.