Grailing 'Thou arth a dragon?'


A picture to kinda show for what I’m planning on doing with him

So the question in full:
Is it worth graling George to, say, 80 if I use him with Siegfried?
I’m asking this because most of the time, a high grailed George isn’t exactly needed. But if used with Siegfried, I’d be nice to have him not die early on.

For context, my Siegfried is NP level 2 with a level 10 dragonslayer skill so he is geared up to deal some damage. And I have Merlin ready to help with damage, np gain and some hard defence (basicly, Merlin for doing what he does)

I am planning on running this trio regardless but the grailing George bit is the biggest question mark.
On that note, I am planning to run him with my leveled up copy of either iron-willed training (20% def) or ‘A Stroll in the Spring Breeze’ (Np gain 20%, 400 cut damage)
But any surgestion on that or Siegfried’s CE is welcome


From experience, I’d say that as long as he has his skills maxed, George is good to go.
If you like him, and especially if you like the combo with Sieg, it’s definitely worth a couple grails, but largely uneeded.
As long as you have someone to provide some healing, like Hans (or Merlin in this case), he shouldn’t be dying, as long as you’re not facing Assassins/Berserkers/Alter Egos (probably Avengers as well, but he’ll still last a good while against them).

Both CEs you mention are pretty good for him. Pick one or the other depending on how hard the enemy’s normal attacks hit. Generally, I’d say Iron-Willed Training is the superior pick, or Holy Shroud of Magdalene if facing males.

For Siegfried, Golden Sumo is usually great (duh) because he has no ATK buff of his own, so he gets a lot of mileage out of it. The upcoming Aerial Drive is another great pick, naturally.

You may also want to consider Arts/Buster CEs (ex: Tsukimihara Student Council, White Cruising, Battle Olympia) or NP Gain/Buster ones (ex: Choco Angel, Conquering the Great Sea of Stars) for longer fights, as they play nicely with Siegfried’s high NP gain thanks to his Golden Rule and upgraded Balmung. Unfortunately, they are all limited gacha CEs, and with many of them being 4*, it’s hard to get the best performance possible.

Another very worthy pick is Black Grail. With George taunting, Sieg’s Disengage and Merlin’s healing, the demerit on it becomes insignificant.


Well, I’ll focus on getting his skills higher and try him out some more before making my decision then. Iron Willed Training seems the best general use CE, given that Merlin helps enough with the NP gain.

For Siegfried,White Cruising or Chocolate Angel seems like good picks (both at the upgrated skill level). And I’ll keep an eye out for Aeral Drive (In a way, I’d have the dragon trio together with that CE)
No Black Grail sadly.


Boy is more than serviceable, downright powerful even, at max level and skills and fous. Grailing just makes one of the best meatshields that much more. Grail if you want, but as someone that’s had him maxed out and no more, he’s served me more than capably as-is.

Also tbph George + Leo is a gimmick, and altogether nothing more.

If anything, the times I’ve used grailed Georges, I’d have the problem of them refusing to die.
Sometimes, you just need another servant to enter the fray.