Granblue Fantasy thread

Hey guys! After a recent revival at 2020-12-20T03:00:00Z, I’ve decided I should update this thread to be a general thread about the game, hopefully it’ll be used more actively.
Feel free to talk anything about GBF (short for Granblue Fantasy) and maybe derail it a little since this is GP so I mean, why wouldn’t you do it?.

Old text (guidelines and info about friend codes)

This thread was made to provide Granblue Fantasy players a place to share their friend codes and and join our crew of GamePress skyfarers.
I’ve made it in conjunction with @Monica who is experienced with the game and manages the crew

About: crews

A crew is like a guild, it’s a place for players to gather under the same bane and provide help to each other and participate in raids (basically cooperative fights against bosses that can yield potentially rare loot).

People can join if scouted by its Captain (administrator) or one of the First Officers (moderator) or if found in-game on the crew listing.

It’s possible to chat in-game

About: our crew

GBFPress is a beginner friendly crew with NO rank requirement, we provide each other support of different kinds to make progress in the game and strengthen/build teams.
Skyfarers may also host raids (mainly of Omega bosses) as these can be done thrice in a day and require 2 units of a specific {anima} item.

Do your best in participating on the [Unite and Fight] events — these provide players with valuable rewards and appreciate the game’s qualities.
If you can’t participate due to any real life matter such as work or illness or because you don’t want to enter due to the current season’s element not being your liking or strong enough please let us know

About: friend codes

These are identifiers comprised by 8 numbers others can use to add you in their friend lists.

Example with my code: 31116533

Your replies

This is mostly meant for skyfarers — fellow Granblue Fantasy players — to post their friend codes and mention whether or not they want to join our crew, not doing that will make us assume you don’t want to join.

What to include in your reply?

If you want to share your friend code

  • Your username in the game is mandatory
  • Your rank is optional but it can be of help when finding requests of users with similar names
  • Your ID is mandatory for others to decide if they add you and if you want to join our crew
  • Your summons are optional to show but preferably share if you have anything noteworthy that could help other players
  • Mentioning if you want to join the crew is optional, not doing so is treated as no and no questions will be made
  • Favourite element is required for participating in the [Unite and Fight] events, it’d be your strongest element.
    You may also mention other ones or all of them
  • Most disliked element is optional, tell us if you don’t want to participate in [Unite and Fight] during a season’s element
  • Feel free to attach any screenshot about your summons, units, profile, etc.
    They don’t need to be kept up-to-date constantly.
    Preferably edit your original comment, you may notify us by just replying that comment after you’ve edited it (this applies to all the data you share as well)

Example / My data
  • Username: “af1899”
  • Rank: 75
  • ID: 31116533
  • My best summons are at Lv.40 so I don’t have much to offer with them
  • Current favourite element is light, I don’t dislike any element but light is my strongest one

If you want to add someone

Notify them with a reply, mention or PM.
Make sure to tell them your username

Other kinds of replies

This is GamePress so a little derail won’t hurt but let’s stay on topic for as long as possible

This post is subject to corrections


The most I know about granblue is that it got a fighting game. I like me some fighting games, too bad I always have bad internet.

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I see, yes it got a… console game I think? But it also has a gacha that can be played on Chromium based browser.

It requires constant internet connection so you may have a bad experience when playing the game if you do


By everything, I meant I knew it was a Gacha game and that it got a fighting game.
Guess I should have been more specific.


Ah gotcha… anyways if you ever decide to play the gacha feel free to post your friend code and other info


I’ve played neither, I just know it exists, but maybe I’ll check it out. I did all I planned on doing today for my college.

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Oh nice! I downloaded Granblue Fantasy few weeks ago but didn’t feel the motivation to continue, especially with work and 5 of my gachas having their anniversary including this one. This should liven things up.

  • Username: Gran
  • Rank: 1
  • ID: 31679585
  • I only started a few days ago so of course I don’t have anything to offer. All of the weapons I drew during the tutorial is still Lv. 1
  • Like I just said, I only just started, but I have more Earth party members than the others (again, just the tutorial) so I’ll say that’s my strength. I currently don’t have a disliked element.

    and if it’s not clear. Here begins fates episode: Kueden joins your party!

You should definitely login for the free daily 10 rolls, today is the 100 free rolls so it’s a great time for you to stock up on top tier units


Take your time to get stronger, you’re welcome to join our crew if you like too and the name can be changed anytime in case you want it to match your GP one.

I’m also kind of a fresh player but I’ve started a few weeks ago and already have a decent party to clear some content out


The moment Vyrn pulled out the roulette wheel, I thought they were just doing a normal jackpot, then I realised that he just gave us free summons. That made my day.


I can’t find the game.

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Spent up all of those and you’ll get a supper mukku frenzy aka rolls till you get 5 SSRs with 15% rate increase


I prefer to leave the default name on, it just wouldn’t sound right when I read through the story. I’ll try to make some time for GBF, which will be tough so yeah I’ll take my time.


I have to have a Japanese Apple account? Sounds like a lot of work for a gacha game.


Either that or use the browser version


The game is on this site ->

(I’ll add that to the main post)

It can be played from a browser, I think they also said they support Safari so it might work on iPhone (it seems you’re using one) :thinking:


we got the Muku Frenzy too ! 5 SSR assured for everyone .


5 *dupe


Ah okay, just saying it’s possible but that’s good :ok_hand:t2:


Man, My computer stinks, it has to catch up and it lags when I play the game, I’m going to check safari.