Grand Order Account Trading

This page is for account trading only

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We have a thread for this already mate.

Where is it? I don’t see any topics about trading

Trading as in what exactly? This ain’t pokemon.

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Accounts and of course I know FGO isn’t like Pokemon

Edit: Saw your post in the Account Request thread, but I think people prefer to keep the account trading and giving discussions there.

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Oh okay I just thought it would be more nicer to make a trading specific topic, so those hoping to get an account wouldn’t get their hopes up about an account being given away due to all the spamming about trades, showing off, etc.


Well I agree with @WaifuLaifu729 since people put the thread on watching because they want a giveaway, not a trade offer. Most of people who actually put a trade offer didn’t get a trade because of it.


Trade account Starter Jalter

There’s also Event CE da Vinci right now ( forgot to SS)

Trade As Long there’s Tamamo Caster :slight_smile:
Login still 7 days :slight_smile:



I would so trade my Waver for the Jalter if only there were more SR and SSR

Looking for an account with Gilgamesh (Archer), Jeanne D’Arc, Okita, Merlin, and Osakabehime for 5 stars. For 4 stars I’m just looking for Tomoe, Emiya, Caster Gilgamesh, and Katou “Black Kite” Danzo

Lol this thread is Dead

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I thought I might try making a trading thread to lessen people’s hopes of accounts being given away, but no one traded here so yeah this thread is dead

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I think I have you friended, you should put CEs in your support list @WaifuLaifu729

Oh sorry that is suppose to be for Events I’ll fix it asap @BobRosss

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Trading 3 SSR Starter - Shinjuku Archer/Caster of the Nightless City/Xuanzang
Story: Babylonia
Solid CEs (HND/Black Grail/K-Scope (x2), etc)
BD set
Grails Unused
FC: 837,873,728

LF: Free Offer

What are you looking for? @NikeUno

@WaifuLaifu729 I was looking for anything but mostly Hokusai, Abby or Eresh. Willing to do starter accounts as well.

Are you looking to play JP? I really want to play Babylonia, but this is all that I have left I could offer up

Up for trade okita, nerocaster, hokusai, meltryllis as 5 star and casgil, tomoe, emiya. parvati as 4 star