Grand Servants not having a handful of additional passives is...unpleasant

  • TOPIC: Grand Servants not having a couple random passives stolen/copied from Extra classes or something along those lines is the scandal of our times

  • SUB-TOPIC: Make the High Servant Passive do something already, and what would you have it do?

  • Romulus=Quirinus this is all he gets. It’s outrageous! It’s unfair! How can one be a Grand Servant and not have a better passive than this?!
    Core of the King of Gods B+
    Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +225).
    Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 9%.

  • First Hassan actually has only one but is pretty great for solo and CQs. Give him another one!
    At the Boundary A
    Nullify Instant-Kill status upon self. (Instant-Kill never works on him.)
    Increases own Charm resistance by 100%.
    5% Chance to Instant-Kill enemy with normal attack.

  • Super Orion has 2 and one is a significant demerit that makes sense due to lore
    Scorpius’s Curse D
    Increases Poison damage to self by 20% (Demerit)
    Sea God’s Blessing B
    Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +175).
    Apply Damage Cut for yourself (Total Damage Reduction +175)

  • Merlin (who COULD be one, but technically isn’t) so he’s listed here more for completion than a specific argument to buff his passives
    Mixed-Blood EX
    Increase NP Gauge each turn by 5% for yourself

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They aren’t Grand Servants when we summon them, so there’s the lore reason why they don’t have even more passives.

It would be nice for High Servant to do something, but whatever that might be is arguably covered by Divinity and its variants.


They should still bring more along for the new role. They don’t need ALL the passives, but even one more at an A-level or a couple at a D-Level would be nice.

It’s just blank though!


The buffs they do have are unique but they should have a few more passive skills that should make them stand out.

Super Bunyan’s passive is unique in that she gets an increase to np damage for every hit she does or receives. A few more would unique
passive skills like this should be added to Grand servants, even if they aren’t grand servants when we summon them.


Meanwhile we got things like Dioscuri with 7 freakin passives cause shut up. Power of being two people and one of them counting as avenger.


Love that about Dioscuri.


personally, if I was to modify high servant, each servant with it would get a unique variant that fits the god(s) that give the passive. no idea what that would entail though.


Don’t forget about Morgan and her substantial 5 passives, all of which are pretty decent in their own right.


Buff divinity so it isnt just a flat attack plus pls


To be fair, Morgan is the Great Grand Berserker, she had to take 2 steps down in rank and power to be summonable by Chaldea.


But when we summon them they aren’t Grand Servants.

The “Grand” title doesn’t mean they are super duper powerful servants, it means they are servants with a special power assigned to them that they will need to help Goduka defeat a Beast of Humanity. Once they consume that power to make the Beast defeatable they cease being a Grand servant as that special power they were endowed with is the only thing that made them Grand.

You are miscontruing the Grand Servant title with the Super Saiyan title.

I’m definitely not.