Grand Tactician: +10 M!Robin showcase

So a bit of backstory here. Male Robin was my very first 5 star, got him back on day one. So he’s been with me from the very beginning of playing FEH.

So in honor of that, I decided to +10 him! At first I had considered focusing on his atk and def, but I instead went for an all around build with decent stats in all areas, since I found he didn’t take much physical damage from the units he was good against anyways. So here he is.

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Looks good! I really like using Male Robin. He makes for some great support. I know you’re not using his All Tactic refine, but that’s what I’m doing. It helps a lot.

Also you spelt Tactician wrong. It’s with an A near the end, not an O.

Yeah I do have it on him, it’s just not what I prefer on him. I already have a fully built tactics team, so I’m more likely to use him on a full infantry team. It’s not a bad refine, just not quite my taste. Also lol didn’t notice the title whoops I’ll fix that.

I have almost no tactics whatsoever, so that’s where he comes in handy. The Res refine will definitely help him in an all Infantry team, though.

Also I’m glad you fixed the title. That kinda thing bugs me.

Yeah that kinda stuff bugs me too. And on the plus side tactics teams are a lot easier to make these days, assuming you don’t mind foddering a few grail units (Canas and NY!Laegjarn for Res and Def tactic respectively, and Legualt has Atk tactic at 4 stars. Spd tactic is still hard to come by though.)

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Sees Donnel at 4 star rarity


Looks interesting although I’m surprised you went with an attack boon instead something like a resistance boon.

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The atk boon is the one I got way back when. The one I merged into is the same one I pulled day one. That’s part of why I did this. As for the Donnel I think he’s the one from the tutorial.

Hol’ up, what are you doin’ with a Brave Axe Anna?

0x2 usually :stuck_out_tongue:


That was from forever ago. Probably not the best idea in hindsight. Probably should give her a slaying axe or something.

Ah, it’s fine. I have a Brave Axe Narcian in my barracks…I still like using him

Yeah I think my idea was have her quad with desperation, get off Luna to help her damage. Slaying would probably be better. I should build her up better since she is a bonus unit in arena often.

Looks fine to me. I would’ve built him like this, but whatever works:

Alright, I mistook the skill for something else, but my point still stands; how many people have a Nailah just sitting around?

I can’t answer that. She is currently on the legendary banner, and I am simply suggesting Null C-Disrupt would work better as his prf and TA counter staves well, which are always carrying Dazzling staff.

Fair point. I’d just fodder Nailah for Distant Counter if I ever get her though

4 skills can be taken now. Why not take DC and Null C-Disrupt?

But…Robin can’t inherit Distant Counter… :'3

I got a copy of her from the current L!Banner, I just haven’t decided what to do with her yet. She’s definitely going to be fodder, just don’t know to who since I can think of units who could use Null-C or DC, but not really both (aside from Soleil.) And both skills are good fodder, so only giving one would feel a bit like a waste. I have the same problem with Lewyn.