Grand Users, badges and titles

I started this and saw possibility for it to be used more so I have come up with some ideas.

The concept of this is that the GamePress Community’s FGO Section is a Fate universe and users are Heroic Spirits. There’re some users who reached a certain level of achievement that have changed/contributed to the community a lot (or got to a point that they can be easily recognized by their actions/achievements) and got acknowledged by the Counter Force (namely @Sizzle or the Leaders in general, or in the current case, my perspectives about them). These users will receive a special badge that can be put as a title and they will be set as the head member of their classes.

I hereby humbly present to you, the Grand Users.

Title explanations
  • Grand Helper: An user who has helped a lot of other users when they’re in need of advices, encouragements and keeps them in a good attitude. Reasons for choosing this class is that, Saber is the best class in general lore-wise.
  • Grand Poster: Those who made threads that everyone enjoys and/or help them a lot in the process of playing the game. This is similar to Grand Helper in some ways, but the difference is this is about threads, not just posts. I’m picking Archer for this is because it’s a cool class too, just like those threads makers.
  • Grand Whale: The name has spoken it all. This is a title given to those who have spent an enormous amount of money into the game as they officially said it themselves. Lancer got picked because, they hardly, if not never, die get defeated in most situations that other users made for them.
  • Grand Memer: They contributed many funny jokes in the FGO Memes Thread and keep us always cheerful worth the memes. Class Rider is for them being like a certain old man with a red suit bringing happiness to children.
  • Grand Padoru: This title is for the one who had brought the Padoru Cult to the peak in this community, or for someone who is a very loyal Nero lover. The class is Caster due to my reference.
  • Grand Mafia: This title can be close to the Daishori/Mafia Addict badge, but FGO-exclusive, which means it can only be given to those who played both FGO and Mafia games. Assassin class is obvious, I don’t need to explain this.
  • Grand Salt: Another title that spoke the meaning right in the name. Can refer from the The Salt(ier) Repository - Grand Re-opening and any roll thread, or just a very over dynamic user. Berserker seem fit to this terms since they can be unbelievably dangerous when conditions met.
Reasons of choosing (X user)
  • @LeiCiel has been a very good user at advising, encouraging and restraining any bad user in general. @Drachy does the same too, but I don’t encounter her much to verify. @Tetragoner is like @Drachy, helping a lot of users.
  • @Bow-of-Sacae, maker of the Singularities, a chill host that we all loved (of his threads). @jakeyb is a candidate for making the lotto prep threads that helped us significantly when there are too many information and team comps to be easily sorted. @Psi is also a good poster for the Account Recovery Thread and some other ones.
  • @RamenKing. This is absurdly debatable since many users can be a Leviathan, but this is my personal choice as I can’t gather that many users at once. @Insert-name is basic as he said: “The villain of Bow’s thread and also a whale”. @CCkun91 is close to @RamenKing.
  • @rmunteanu599 contributed most of the FGO Memes Thread, followed by @Yunchii. As someone may ask: “Why didn’t choose @Scarlett?” then I would say that, most of the posts weren’t memes as I recalled. @belluchi, well, ask them who nominated him.
  • After thinking a while, I decided to choose @GrailedAstolfo. She is the one who brought the concept of the whole Padoru Thread to the community (@Insert-name did had a part of making the concept, but he has a candidate spot already). @Lost247365 is a formidable Nero lover in my perspective. Now for myself, I only made the terminal of the Padoru Cult and used that as an excuse for my reference. After that, I gave up the title and can’t ever be used by me again.
  • @ArtificialSky is the one and only with the Daishori badge so they fit the title. @RoyAhoy and @Eflakis are the closest users to the Mafia Addict badge and played FGO so they are a candidate too. @kayonov originally in my plan so I’ll bring him up then.
  • @Rance-Sama is very dynamic user as I can see. @Gudao (don’t know if I’m allowed to say this) is for the meme for most part, and @LordMorningstar is somewhat a dynamic user too.
Important notes (mostly for Leaders)
  • This is mostly for calling each other, but if this can be allowed, then this will be my badges/titles submittal (current Grands have a gold badge, candidates have a silver one and formers can either got their badges removed or replaced by “Former” badge, silver or gold).
If the former note is passed, then this one applied

Most of the titles can’t be automatically given since it’s complicated and needed manual actions, so if the Leaders don’t have time and there’s no one volunteers, then I will be the supervisor of these titles.

  • If I can’t keep up with the suggestions or I can’t access to the community, then I will temporary make this thread a wiki for people to edit until I keep up/return.
  • The suggestions must be a FGO player (obviously)
  • This thread is still incomplete so any candidate or current Grands suggestion is welcomed. Do note that there won’t be higher than 3 candidates. If there’re more than 3 candidates got suggested, then a poll will be made to determine the best three.
  • One user can only have one title only (even candidates title). I have talked a bit about this for Insert’s case (he’s a whale before the Padoru Cult, so he will only be qualified as a Grand Whale candidate)
  • Leaders can’t be a Grand due to how I set up the theme (they’re the Counter Force already)
  • More rules will be added if I feel needed.
  • The initial setup is purely from my personal perspective. The titles with numbers-included are from GamePress Community’s data.
  • Do not take the titles too serious (unless the Leaders decided to make it legit). This is just a way to fun-calling people.

if only feh counted @Lain would win no contest


I totally misread that subject title.


I feel personally attacked being called basic :feh_tooobin:


I’m offended for not being a Grand Mafia candidate


You haven’t even done Inserting your name so I’d call that “basic”

Oh and BTW. Does this thing worth the tag? @Bow-of-Sacae


You won 3 only
Tbh, I did think of you but I’m being realistic with the numbers.

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You honour me! Subarashi! But I am honestly surprised, in awe of how this came to be. Words can’t explain how glad(?) I feel. After analysing ALL my posts, I have concluded that you’re not wrong. It’s a humbling experience…

How? Does one merely have to be salty and not salty in an unpredictable manner?:thinking:

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shit if its me soulja, and cody we should just call the badge Grand Gay (soulja counts anyway(

its like our version of gay mod id be so happy


Idk why that’s still not a title tbh


Zerks tend to be overloaded with Madness Enhancement EX, so I said like that.
There’re some with Lawful or Good alignment tho apparently

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@belluchi (2)


@belluchi (3)


All I can say if, I am thanking you for this nomination, is what I wanted to say. Aha :sweat_smile:

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Love u all @RoyAhoy @ACExDiscostu93 @kayonov


In general, I think the nominations are very well deserved. A bit surprised that @Psi isn’t a Candidate for Grand Helper though xD

I would propose myself for Grand Whale Candidate but I know I will never reach the heights of @RamenKing and @Insert-name xD


So what does my “Madness Enhancement EX” alignment fall under?:thinking: Be it Lawful,* be it Good or be it *“both?”*:thinking:


Love you too!


Tbf if this becomes a thing it should be community voted anyway