Grandbull tier 4

Lol why?


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Granbull should be a Tier 2, not a Tier 4 raid boss. It’s defense it’s as close as Shiftry’s. Too bad it can’t be soloed.

They probably promote it to tier four because with charm it become a full fairy attacker(althought is behind Gardevoir and Togekiss, but it work for those who like to use only one of each specie of pkm for a team).
Either way Snubbull is the more common fairy type you can find in the wild, so I doubt many people will be interested in raid it more than one time for curiosity or another reason( like because it was a pkm in their team on the main serie games or that with the correct calculation it takes less candies or another thing like those).

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Tier 4 raids are in kind of a tricky spot. Since they require more than one person outside of Ninjask or Shiftry anything that isn’t somewhat meta relevant falls into “literally why?” tier. Notable examples are Houndoom, Aggron, and now Granbull.

What’s humorous is that if Niantic allowed evolutions to appear shiny these raids might see more regular activity. All can be shiny, but only if evolved from a shiny base stage.

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Houndoom is pretty good, especially if you don’t have a lot of Tyranitar or weavile and unlike weavile is ready to be used right after a raid instead of spending time and resources to evolve it like sneasel who also requires a sinno stone. It’s also weather boosted quite often with sunny weather being a fairly common variant, at least by me.

If you’re going to raid a T4 for a dark type why not just go after Tyranitar though? Between the two it’s actually a significantly easier duo and it’s not like partly cloudy isn’t a common weather occurrence to weather boost it.

Houndour are literally everywhere, it will be rare if you miss some candy for evolving one, the same as other tier four pkm like Rhydon and now Granbull. In the wild you could even find them with a higher lvl than in raids. At these rate soon we will have Pidgeotto and Raticate tier 4 raids(and people who will said that they are necessary because reasons), not that it matters.

Not necessarily true, depending on where you play as I believe Houndour spawns are mostly biome dependant. They are a very infrequent sight in my area outside of events/nests.

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Massively biome dependent. I can’t remember the last time I’ve even seen a wild Houndour that wasn’t part of an event.


True, true. I only see them in specific events.

Because you get 1 free pass a day and tyranitar isn’t a guaranteed spawn lol and there are much worse things to waste a free pass on. And this purely hypothetical, I’m just saying houndoom is a good (not great) raid boss reward and i would say grandbull isn’t.

If Sinnoh stones are a problem, start doing more PvP with the team leaders and other trainers. I regularly throw them away now, trying to stay under 50 stones. For anyone who does PvP, Sinnoh stones are not a resource, they are something that takes up bag space. If I threw away all 50+ that I have, I’d get back to that level in a month or two.

I know how to get them, but you only get 4 chances a day and It’s still a resource.

I don’t personally know anyone that plays the game and has 50+ sinnoh stones, so congrats, but that probably took awhile to build up and not everyone is you lol

It the first time I investigated about biomes, I know about them but never take interest, it seems that in desert biomes(which I think is where I live and usually transit) houndour, rhyhorn and snubbull are regular spawns…So I retract myself, go and spend passes in their raids!! I will pray for a lvl 4 Alolan Raticate raid as penance for my ignorance in the matter.

And Houndoom is? I’m saying if you’re going to spend a raid pass on a T4 raid for a dark type that it makes more sense to use it on Tyranitar.

Sorry, but as long as Tyranitar is present Houndoom falls into the same tier as Granbull IMO - the “why bother?” tier.

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Not trying to brag, elinka. Just telling you how to get them. Do a PvP every day, one team leader and three other trainers. Eventually, you’ll have too many. I’m sure I’ve thrown away at least 30, and am currently sitting at 53. And I’ve evolved a bunch of Sinnoh stuff with them, too. When I get one as a PvP reward now, it’s disappointing - I’d rather have dust, or of course RC or a CTM.

And I don’ think I’m unique in this regard. Most of the people in my local group that do PvP have plenty, and most who don’t want more. Not a complicated problem.


Again, if Tyranitar isn’t available and you don’t spend it, you waste a free pass :man_shrugging: I’ve seen more houndoom than tyranitar spawn at gyms and if tyranitar never pops up than houndoom is the next best thing.

I already know how to get them. I never said i didn’t know how to :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I do pvp everyday, im not raking in the sinnoh stones left and right lol. My friend that i pvp with everyday got only 3 all of last week. But the point I’m making isn’t that sinnoh stones are impossible to get, just that it’s an extra resource you need to use.

Or rather, if you cannot find a Tyranitar raid that day but spot a Houndoom raid, you might as well do it.

Singapore has a raid map and about three* gyms per sq km, but players in many other parts of the world are not so fortunate.

*The actual number would be much higher if we exclude areas that cannot contain stops and gyms, such as military bases, the central/west water catchment and the Tuas industrial area.


I agree with you. With the release of FTM and CTM in the reward pool for PVP battles, seeing Sinnoh stones is very disappointing. I have 25 stockpiled right now because I evolved everything that I needed already, with a few exceptions. I have 4 Electivires, 4 Mamoswines (Only found 4 good IV’s during the CD, and I want to get two more ASAP) and I have a Sneasel I want to evolve. After that, I’ll still be sitting on a surplus on Stones, and they’re very easy to obtain.

This could not have been said any better. So going back to the topic, those who actually play the game will not really struggle with obtaining Sinnoh Stones, so evolving Sneasel shouldn’t be an issue. Also, I would rather hunt down a Tyranitar raid and take an hour to do so, rather than doing the closest Houndoom raid. They do about the same DPS, but Tyranitar has significantly more TDO than Houndoom.

Neutral & No Weather Boost DPS^3*TDO for Tyranitar and Houndoom
TTar: 1535.2
Houndoom: 907.3
Weavile (for comparison): 1263.7

With that being said, I really would rather use my free raid pass on Tyranitar and not Houndoom, and I would take about an hour hunting down one. AND if you can’t find a TTar raid, there are always some T3 raids that are worth doing IMO, Breloom, Aerodactyl, Piloswine, ect (some are past, and some are present) I would even raid the 2nd form of all the starters and save them for a CD, because they have potential to be great. Also, not using your free raid pass today doesn’t mean you won’t get one tomorrow. If you swiped for your raid pass today, and you didn’t use it, save it for tomorrow, do a raid tomorrow, then swipe a gym and you’ll get your free raid pass for that day still. Then you can basically do 2 free raids in one day.

I would not use my free pass on Granbull or Houndoom, or any other T4 that isn’t very useful to me, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are with me on this one. Houndoom and Granbull were somewhat useful before in a pinch, but now to a lot of players they’re meaningless, which leaves a lot of use wondering why they’re even T4 raids.