Grandbull tier 4

At that point I’d rather look for a T3 I can reliably solo rather than hope I can find somebody else to knock out a Houndoom with. The interest for it just isn’t there.

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Not all of us are living in milwaukee where there’s a gym every block lol :man_shrugging:

Not to get all blogposting about it, but I’m going to be moving soon to an area with a substantially quieter PoGo scene by way of substantially fewer stops/gyms. It still doesn’t change my mind on spending a raid pass on something I can’t do by myself just to spend it.

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That’s fair, but you’ve already built up a team. For the right group it’s a good get. It even has advantages over other dark types such as taking neutral damage from fairy type moves, having higher dps than tyranitar (not by much, but still more) and not taking 4X damage from focus blast alakazam :rofl:

If i saw someone using a grandbull in a raid, id probably roll my eyes, but houndoom is a respectable pokemon to use in its respective raids.

In defense of Houndoom, its also one of the coolest looking Mons from Gen 2. I’m probably in the minority here, but if I had to pick between a Tyranitar raid and a Houndoom raid, I might actually opt for the Houndoom. Only because my Tyranitar army is set at this point, so a shot at a hundo hellhound for vanity points would win for me.




You know what, that’s fair. Devil dog is a cool aesthetic.

I feel as though Granbull is incredibly similar to Houndoom with regards to their roles as T4s.

The only difference is that Tyranitar is also a frequently seen T4 which outclasses Houndoom. Though Togetic is also a T4, it would mandate a Sinnoh Stone to be useful. Granbull may need a couple TMs, but otherwise, it’s ready to go the moment you get one.

To clarify on my opening statement, both Granbull and Houndoom are outclassed. But, both can be useful for players lacking the top level options their STABs can bring. A player without six C + DG Gardevoir or Togekisses could wring some use out of C + PR Granbull. Same idea with Houndoom. Neither are terribly useful to those who do have said options. However, most T4s require at least a second person to win, and there are also a lot of T5s which can be two/three manned at worst. So, for lower level players who could shortman a T4, but not a T5, they have something to do, something to work towards and achieve without the need of finding some level 40 who doesn’t care about the raid and may not want to spend a pass on it.

TL;DR having these ‘useless’ raids helps make new players stronger, give them something to work on/towards, and doesn’t truly inconvenience long-timers because they have T5s to look forward to, most of which can be similarly shortmanned.

I started 2 weeks ago and actually planned to get a granbull. I’m no where near togekiss and have gardevoir but those are glass cannons. I’ve caught enough snubull to have over 200 candies in this time and not one was 90% or above. My first granbull raid gave me a 15/14/14. I do have to burn tms cuz it came double dark

I wouldn’t class Togekiss as a glass cannon. Compared to Granbull, it has a little bit lower HP but far higher defense. Admittedly its extra Flying typing does introduce a few extra weaknesses, but it gains a bit a as well, notably doubling up on its resistance to fighting.

Gardevoir fits that label a bit more, but its bulk still isn’t awful.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Let me just say that Togekiss is nowhere near glass cannon status. Gardevoir does fit that a bit more but just because those are the two best fairies doesnt mean they’re glass cannon.

As for the Houndour talk earlier I notice they appear more in city biomes. I play in NYC often and Houndour (and growlithe for that matter) are everywhere especially if its sunny out. But when I go anywhere else that isnt a city, they’re nonexistent.

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