Grani & The Knights' Treasure Event (rerun) - Help

Hey guys, Mastro-kun here :fgo_spaceishtarwink:
I want to share with you my latest walkthroughs for the “new” event, in case you need help or just feel curious to check’em out. I chose to showcase only the Big Bob bossfight and the CM stages, since I think those are the most interesting ones. I also used many E1 operators that I usually leave on the side lines, just in order to have a better experience of this event that is of course easier since it was the first one to make an appearance, therefore targeting the beginners as well :fgo_happytomoe:
Links down below. Enjoy :fgo_ereshlove:


Nice!!! well Big Adam is very troublesome… but he nothing if you just push the DELETE(volcano M3) button XD



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