Grats, You Got Skadi! Great News: She's More Than Just DSS

We’re seeing many, many posts about Skadi’s gameplay lately, along with some doubt and confusion.

This is not a Double Skadi System guide - while I am already using and loving it, that information is all over these boards, and examples are easily located on YouTube.

For players who are…

  • Not yet prepared to run Double Skadi comps

  • Having no interest in running Double Skadi comps

  • Lacking their own Skadi (examples below assume single Skadi)

  • Looking for ways to use her outside of her looping specialty

…I wanted to make a dedicated thread for sharing alternative uses and personal favorite strategies. These don’t have to be (and most likely will not be) the definition of efficiency or optimization, but that’s okay! Realistically, optimal Skadi looping isn’t always possible on every single node configuration for any and every Servant you might want to use with her, so we do occasionally need to get creative even if we have the right tools to work the DSS magic.

A few of my favs thus far, to start things off:

SKADI/MERLIN/(QUICK SERVANT) - Damn near universally workable. Skadi brings the card performance boost that the Quick DPS was lacking while Merlin adds 1T of even higher crit damage and a not-inconsequential boost for the Buster card(s). Turn-to-turn defense is a weak point in this group, so some speed is still desirable, but Merlin can add bulk with his NP and provide a superior hard defense option to shore up Skadi’s slightly dodgy Evade effect. Skadi’s s2 also hinders enemy criticals, as Merlin’s s2 happens to do (though the timing on that will usually be dictated more by enemy NP activity).

SKADI/MERLIN/ENKIDU - Special mention because clay has 3x Quicks in their deck and a big, nasty Buster NP. Could do worse for support.

SKADI/WAVER/??? - Preferably a Servant who can make good use of Skadi’s signature card buff, but this is an especially valuable option for players who have either Skadi or Waver. Skadi functions very well as a Substitute Waver in any party that doesn’t depend on the additional 20% team-wide NP charge that she is missing in comparison.

SKADI/PARACELSUS/LOOPER - Not a perfect combo, but extremely serviceable, especially if Paracelsus is able to knock out wave 1 himself to increase the probability of a min-turn clear for farming. Doesn’t replace DSS (partly due to lower damage output), but a really nice bandaid if you’re looking for an alternative. Bonus points for putting a 3* Servant from the general FP pool to great use!

SKADI/TAMAMO/SHERLOCK - An interesting variation generally applicable wherever a Servant has a QQ/AA Deck. Between Sherlock’s NP Seal and Tamamo’s Curse, there is some potential to stall an enemy NP, and Sherlock himself is naturally sturdy vs. most classes. Skadi’s cards naturally won’t be prioritized, but she may be in a position to save the party if an NP does manage to slip through before everything dies.

SKADI/BRIDE/??? - A more expensive and more damaging semi-looping option and/or a general-purpose hybrid NP/Crit comp, preferably for a Quick-heavy Servant. Bride also brings even more star gen for the point Servant and some added bulk with her s3.

SKADI/PARVATI/DEBUFFER - For giggles, support Parvati with Skadi and add a Servant who significantly debuffs enemy resistance to status effects. Too much card RNG for a regular strat for my taste, but hilarious when Parvati loops 2-3 times in a row off of card crits and charm locks each time.

To reiterate, these are NOT suggestions for being as efficient as you can be, and they have only tangential connection to any kind of meta. This is more “I want to play with my Skadi but can’t or prefer not to 3T refund farm all the time.”

What has everyone tried so far that they’ve enjoyed?


Sherlock, Waver/CasGil and Skadi make Sherlock a dang good boss killer. Having to beat Shimosa fast to get the Traveling CE’s of Musashi/Tomoe I feared the bosses would own me, but the team shell essentially makes all gimmicks a joke and Sherlock a crit God. I’m sure when I get to the Yagyu fight where he gets rid of buffs he’ll be a problem but I plan on using this team for most challenge quests/Lost Belt bosses for the time being.

Will try to form a team of Skadi and Okitan with another person later on, probably Merlin but…but I don’t have Merlin. :fgo_jeannu:


Want to make a Skadi/Merlin/Okitan team cause in my head it would really work well. Also thinking of leveling Billy, slapping a 2030 on him and watching him fly with Skadi by his side. Again this all works in my head so I’ve gotta try it first but I’m excited…


Really happy to see this sort of guide/discussion. For a Servant that was meant to open more possibilities for Quick, people seem to have a very narrowminded approach on how to use Skadi so it’s quite refreshing to see uses of Skadi beyond just DSS.

I now have Skadi, Merlin, and Tamamo so one thing I wanna do is play around with dual card type setups. Dioscuri is a future Servant that I’m particularly intererested in seeing how they would work with Tamamo and Skadi.


While I admit to spending much of my AP on “meta” comps because my goal is usually to farm mats as painlessly as I can, I sometimes enjoy pairing my top supports with each other for Servants with wonky hybrid decks, like Semiramis or Abigail with Tamamo+Merlin.

Skadi is such a fun character, and I just adore her already. Not very many of my friends have a fully-enabled Skadi that I can reliably pair with mine, so rather than refreshing my support list for a full minute, I’ve taken to adapting more of my go-to comps to include her, and I’ve also loved breaking out the single-target Quick destroyers like MXHA and Angry Cat. So satisfying.


Been beating this drum for so long I feel like I see myself in these remarks. Several, really. So that’s nice.

I don’t really have anything to immediately add but safe to say I didn’t wait for 2 years not to try and shove her near-everywhere, so hey. Just the value of a single Skadi, even not support a Quick DPS, is underrated.

Anyway, the immediate ones have been Skadi/Merlin/XYZ actually, simply because those crits truly are monstrous, just for a start. Ideally someone easier to chain blue with, too.


Nice points. Before being a DSS enabler, she’s one of the best female character to me then she’s a green button steroid. Every time I used KinRider (or any of the quick servants for that matter), I always look at Merlin’s Hero Creation or Tamamo’s Fox Wedding and wished there’s some equivalent support that provides it. Sure Scathach’s is targetable, but most of the time, it would be probably used on herself. That 50% green button (plus more) is just a gift from Queen Skadi and enables so much for her quick constituents.


This thread is good civilization. :fgo_goodciv:
Good to know the entire Fate community isn’t one-track-minded with DSS, it gets kind of repetitive (pun about looping intended).

Also you may have given me a reason to try to summon Skadi… :fgo_ereshwoah:

That sounds really fun too, thanks for the idea!


I’m glad to see some good ideas hanging around. Mostly since it would be nice to try different things out.

Of course not having Merlin or Tamamo eliminated a good number of these, but that’s alright. What I can do is try to make the good times roll with Skadi and Nero Bride. Because goodness knows, I need few excuses to bring Bride into a fight.

Just need to decide on who to bring along for the fun. Of course if the focus (as it probably should be) goes to a quick-heavy attacker…I’ve got a few. Will probably just rotate through Jack, MHXA, Okita, Kintoki Rider, heck maybe even Ana since she’s at NP5 anyways, until I find something that really works.

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REGEND/Skadi/Merlin is the best CIV. These crits are forreal.
Skadi/Waver/Random Quick dps is also a pretty fun comp to run, been using her with MHXA specifically and it’s nice to have a use for her outside of event bonuses.


Even though I was already aware of Skadi’s versatility (have used her quite often in JP, and most of it wasn’t farming), I still appreciate this thread. It’s good to get this message out that there’s more to her than SUPER DUPER ULTIMATE 3 TURN FARM SETUP.
Recently in JP I started leveling Yuri Pirates to see how high their crit and NP damage could get for boss battles and CQs. Hoping it’s worth the effort… not that I expect them to be terrible with such extra power.


Just Arash 1st wave then I have vast variety of 3T comp with DSS. The thing I got after Skadi is very huge number in Quick NP damage .


As for subbing in a replacement for Merlin or Tamamo, not only do we have Helena as the omni-buffer and wave clearer, we can put Nero Caster, Shakespeare, Nightingale, CasGil, Lancer Raikou, Wu Zetian, and other Servants to work depending on which CEs are used and how much skill-based NP charge is needed.

Nightingale is actually an interesting offbeat alternative for crit comps where the point Servant lacks star gather and has at least a couple of Quick cards to benefit from the insane crit damage mod Skadi grants.


If nothing else I’m glad for these memorial quests. A good chance to try out different things and see what really works. Getting reasonable fun from using Angrier Atalante. Probably since my mad quest for Anastasia got her to NP5…

May end up subbing in a variety of options to see what ends up working. Be it Helena, Waver, Nightingale, Umu Caster, etc. Since surprisingly I have most of the servants listed there so the options are various. And that is with ignoring the option of support Merlin/Tamamo.

Nothing wrong with throwing Nightingale out there anyways. With her animation update there’s good reason there to give her a crack at things. And she does work as a low star-weight support who can help heal the team up.


A team I just tried out was Skadi/Chiron/CasGil, all of them are primarily used for support but they obliterated their opposition and it was a such a fun team. I ended up trying it against Okeanos Memorial Quest, which was honestly an easy fight to begin with, but this was a fun time, totally not regret that 5AP spent.


I’ve been using Skadi/Waver/Quick ST DPS (Maid Alter or Meltryllis) to speed run Salem on my alt account. I can’t believe Melt can actually make use of her 2-turn NP damage buff with back to back NPs via Abigail thanks to Skadi and Waver.

I’ve also been experimenting stacking quick buffs by switching in Ishtar (Rider) for her 1st skill on top of Skadi and Waver :)


Thanks for making this thread, it really helped my mental space. I used lots of quartz to get her (690), but realized I hadn’t prepared to use DSS and became slightly regretful about summoning her (feeling like I wasted quartz).

I’d gotten wrapped up in the DSS strategy hype when I’d previously just wanted a quick supporter who could charge NPs for the quick servants I already used (Jack, Okita, etc). I have Osakabehime but her support abilities are not as easy to use as the top support servants, so I was really excited to play around with Skadi.

Anyway, I’m feeling better now after this reminder of her abilities outside DSS and will go have fun playing less optimally than others. Thanks again!


I’m so glad someone posted this, there seems to be a lot of assumptions from some folk that Skadi is only useful in DSS which is absolutely not true. Newsflash - quick Servants still benefit from a single, borrowed Skadi.


I goofed my gem counts so my Skadi’s charge is kneecapped until Friday when I can go nuts on the training ground (wish me luck nabbing 13 gold gems in time -_-) but I deliberately put up her quick buff to 10 first, mostly for the Murder Daughter Jack (stars… stars everywhere)
I have half a mind as well to try some comps using her charge for speed but putting the quick buff on herself for stargen… I know it’s stupid on paper but with some really crazy crit Servants that need huge star counts like Sigurd (who packs a tasty stargen buff for her) I’m interested to see how it stacks up. Plus I’m glad to see my babies Anne and Mary get a mention - they were already capable of crazy burst with luck and patience, and Skadi only makes them wilder…

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If a couple Kaleid, 1 MLB + 2 spare ones (EDIT: most cases, one for el-Melloi will do - Skadi’s NP is only important for fringe cases where getting that crit in final turn in is actually relevant and/or to OC Arash) and MLB Imaginary Element are available, I can see some dumb fun ensuing with tested and proven Arash-express plus whichever appropriate AoE-main is brought in after -

Remove wave 1 with IE Arash as per usual, in comes main with MLB Kaleid.

Wave 2, push whichever relevant damage-buff(s) necessary to clean it up, ideally they last into wave 3. Now, trigger Skadi’s NP(this assumes that 20% charge will be available for main in wave 3) in wave 2 prior to main’s nuke if its OC provides even more stars or other, desirable effects get a boost for wave 3 (NP-/card-power up necessary to reach threshold for wave 2, multi-turn buff, etc.).

Wave 3, throw Skadi’s def-down, her and el-Mellol’s batteries on main plus whichever relevant MC-buff, initiate el-Mellol’s NP prior to main’s and, in case stars are provided for in some fashion (wave 2 NP, on-demand-skills, MC) put a star-fuelled card last - which, given all the sources of def-down may not even be necessary after NP. In case main’s OC-effect may actually be wanted here vs a certain target, one could even think about doing a full NP-chain with hers put in here rather than earlier waves.

A fairly MC-independent setup that will work for most every node, allowing for easy leveling of those. Only thing is that It may require some changes to line-up and skill-rotation in case Arash can’t remove wave 1 on his own. In case AoE-main got a battery, one can of course be freer about which CE to bring (Supper, Aerial, etc.).

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