Great League : Cheap Team

Hi ! After the trainer battle update, i want to build a Team for Great League. Starting from nothing.

But I don’t want to spend a lot of stardust for it (My stardust is for my PVE team). So I have 3 criteria:

  • Second move at 10.000 stardust
  • Good looking pokemons
  • Good Ranking on

Which gave me as a basis:

LUCARIO : Maybe this one is gonna join my PVE Team since he now know Aura Sphere. What is the good fighting pokemon who can replace him ? Emboar ? Hitmontop ? Machamp ? Toxicroak ? (if I understand correctly, I’m going to need a good counter for Registeel)

ALTARIA and WIGGLYTUFF : look cheap and strong.

G1 STARTERS : With their respective community day move this week-end.

What are the obvious gaps in this team?
What other pokemons with a cheap 2nd attack could I use?
Are Deoxys Defense and Registeel without their 2nd attack worth using?

Registeel should not need a 2nd charge move, the point is to spam Flash Cannon. Dunno about Deoxys-D.

Cheap META options:
Hitmonchan (using Tyroge) is the best replacement for Lucario (barring Medicham)
Mantine (using Mantyke)
Octillary (trust me)
Grumpig (budget legacy-Hypno)

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Thank you for your answer.

HITMONTOP is now the 4rth best pokemon on :

So, the best fighting type pokemon ?
Why ?

You must take those rankings with some healthy skepticism. Hitmontop ranks so high now thanks to Close Combat update, but that cheap and strong move will leave you naked against your opponent with lowering your defense by 2 stages. You’ll have to master switching strategy and energy management for an optimal use of such risky move.


remember you can give a second move to Riolu at a cheap cost which is 10k dust vs evolved Lucario 75k second move cost.
Also, don’t trust any close combat users just yet, they will give you mixed results and you need to know when to switch and choose your matchups carefully. With this being said, a Close Combat Heracross/Machamp brutalizes and victimizes multiple rocket grunts, you just use Counter to charge up 2 Close Combat and use them together. if you have not finalized the battle by then switch out.

Actually Terrakion or Ursaring does it quite well too.

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