Great League Season 2 rèsumé

The last five days of GL I tried to pin down a bit which mons were used most at rank 8, score 2200 - 2400.

The winner is of course Azumarill, with 51 occurrences in 125 teams. That’s nearly 50% of all teams.

Rank 2 is even with Altaria and Registeel, 35 each.
Followed by Skarmory and DeoxysD, the latter suprisingly often seen in the higher scores. 21 each.

On the ranks (> 5 occurrences)

Whiscash - 16
Shiftry - 14
Meganium - 14
Haunter - 12
Bastiodon - 12
Hypno - 11
Stunfisk - 10
Vigoroth (!) - 9
Umbreon - 7
Sableye - 7

43 Mons were used all in all, which is quite nice.

The following were used quite often in the beginning (2000 - 2200 score), but not used so much later in the higher ranks:

  • Toxicroak
  • Alolan Raichu
    Fighters in general were scarce. Probably DeoxysD and Vigoroth taking over their role.

By the way, the (in)famous Registeel/Azumarill/Altaria team I saw three times.

Top three starters:
Azumarill 12
Skarmory 10
Registeel 10

Although 75% of the teams featured steel types, I was quite satisfied with my non-steel team DeoxysD, Altaria, Azumarill (HP/PR) and at the end I reached a score of 2388. It is hard to adjust to UL now :D

Not keeping records but day one of Ultra league 2125 the most noticeable leads…a Heatran lead (?). Also a Stoutland lead…one of those did terrible vs my Swampert. The other one did good vs my Cresselia. Yeah, Stoutland is somewhat useable because many people know it has a ghost fast move and Crunch…they panic. Justified panic Stoutland vs Gira-A, unjustified Stoutland vs Cresselia

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Haha, heatran I did not see yet. But yea as said elsewhere it is unpredictable. Stoutland I used a bit on my own :D

I saw WAY too many Skarmory and Azumarill in GL, luckily I had a three star Cherrim and Heatmor with Razor Leaf/Hyper Beam and Fire Spin/Thunder Punch to deal with them.

Yea, definitely. For me it was ok, I was leading with DeoxysD, equipped with Thunder Punch. And PR on Azumarill for the mirror, so personally, I liked especially Skarmory ;)