Great Team tips?

Hi! I had a goal of reaching tier 10 this season, but it seems more and more unachievable. For Ultra I only have a single set of pokemon which isn’t the best and for Master I don’t stand a chance as I don’t have Dialgia and I don’t have the other relevant legendaries fully powered up. So I’m aiming for Great and its going so-so. Currently I’m rocking Altaria, Tropius and Azumarill in that order. Originally I had Lanturn instead of Altaria, but I couldn’t deal with grass types then. At the cost of a little originality (been trying to avoid going 100% meta, but that seems impossible if I want to win), Altaria has probably made my life a little easier. However, I really struggle with steel types. Specifically, I can’t take Bastiodon down unless my Azumarill has a lot of health and/or shields. I struggle with Skarmory, Registeel and Ferrothorn, although these are somewhat doable in more scenarios. Anyone got any tips to change up my team? I reeeaaally don’t wanna switch out Tropius since its quite dear to me and also rarely seen in the league. Some mons that could easily be added are:

Skarmory (not amazing IV)
Galvantula (not amazing IV)
Dewgong (not spending elite tms)
Umbreon (not last resort)
Lapras (not ice beam)

Some other mons that I have decent IVs for, but little candy (so it would be quite an effort to add them) are:


EDIT: For the record, I’m on tier 8 and more or less winning 3/5 now or maybe closer to 2.5/5. Thats either stagnant or too slow to climb.

Well, forget rank 10. Or have you reached 2800 last season?
Two options would be whiscashor Medicham instead of Altaria.

Why should I forget rank 10 and why does my score last season matter? I got rank 8 then as well, but I got a late start (and had a slightly inferior team)

Well, maybe it is my personality, but I would sugest first try reaching the next rank (that would be 9) instead of reaching the more or less impossible NOW/this season. There are tons of better players with better teams. Aiming at something is good, but it should be stepwise, not? I mean you now see already a wall, why should that suddenly disappear? Except you do videos of all of your matches, analyzing hardly your mistakes I don’t think there is any way to rank 10…

Thats fair enough, I thought it was implied that I would at least want to hit rank 9 first. I do see a wall and thats not going to just disappear, but I’m hear for advice on how to handle it. And to be super clear: my first goal is of course to hit rank 9, before aiming higher.

Hey! So this is just my two cents as someone who is currently only rank 7 (I made it to rank 8 last season, but mostly thanks to my ultra league team).

So I’ve been experimenting withy great league team more this season since it’s all that is available right now and here is what I’m currently using with great results:


I had also been using lanturn but it left me toothless against steel types.

If you need a budget anti-steel mon, you need whiscash! Mud bomb and Blizzard is an amazing moveset and it’s cheap to open the second move. Steel pokemon cannot touch whiscash in even shield matches, or often even with a one shield advantage.
Big issue is grass pokemon, which you should be anle to offset with Tropius!
I would recommend ice beam as a second move for azumarill just in case you get a bad match up though because if I get unlucky with against a grass mon, whiscash loses hard due to double weakness.

Another option that I’ve had great success with but is a strange pic is articuno to replace azumarill.
Articuno provided the protection against grass I needed and can lower opponents attack with icy wind!

Ah, ok. That sounded a bit different to me, sorry :smiley:

You might have used it already, but they readjusted it a bit more and you can play around with it a lot. It is not replacing any tactics of course, but it is a helpful tool

Startivision has a good point but not very constructive. I think we all know that the ideal situation would be to have maxed out high iv Meta-relevant mon, but it’s just not feasible for everyone haha.

If you want to go up against Bastiodon and Registeel, Whiscash is the way to go, 100%. Mud salp/Mud bomb combo is fast and effective. I just got my whiscash and added it to my team this week and am already doing loads better.

Again, watch out for the grass counters though!!
Personally not a fan of Altaria as I have found that it will generally lose to both azumarill and skarmory, both of which have more relevant typing.

You will also find easy wins against A-Raichu, Garvantula, andStunfisk with Whiscash, which you will need to protect Altaria, Skarmory, azumarill, and tropius!

Thanks for the honorable mention, but just to be fair - I was the one implying Whiscash for team composition a bit earlier already ;)
In my opinion, also not that detailed, it was constructive :stuck_out_tongue:

And i you can’t have a Whiscash then Toxi plays that role in a freaking good way. The only problem about him is that many times you find Regis as a leading poke and Toxi isn’t a good leader imho. I use as a finisher and is a real bastard, can almost OHKO those Azumarills as well… which is priceless.

I don’t think you can make it to rank 10 with GL alone. It does not last long enough and it is difficult to build a squad that consistently wins because the powerhouses are not that expensive to get (Azulmarill, Altaria, Skarmony, Wishcash, Venosaur, etc)

In GL investing a lot of dust and RC will not help you that much. Just save your resources for the expensive leagues!

Your squad is fine but loses against steel.

Drop Altaria -> lose against grass
Drop Tropius -> Lose against Azulmarill
Drop Azulmaril -> Lose against…

You cannot cover every pokemon with a squad of 3!

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Tropius covers Grass to some extent at least. One might argue that steel is a tick more common than grass. Maybe.

Definitely didn’t mean to sound offensive! AI also saw your other reply and think it was good feedback!
I definitely see what you were saying about working towards a goal step bu step though.

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Thanks all! This has been really helpful. Whiscash has replaced azumarill, so we’ll see how this turns out. So far its at least not any worse :)

Azumarill is fine as it is extremely versatile.

If you want to play for real, you need the meta… run Altaria - Azumarill - Toxicroak and only few pokemon can truly threaten you (one of them being Deoxys)

I wouldn’t say you should forget about rank 10, but it’s hard. Just play with your teams and learn from any mistakes/scenario’s

Well, replacing Azumarill is not THAT great in my opinion as well (that’s why I suggested Altaria - then you have a bit of a problem with grass types, but in the end like said, you always have a weak side). But see how it goes, maybe it is a good solution for you.

Meta is only 50 % of the work, skill, candy and Stardust is the most important.

Even with a team of Altaria, Azu, Deoxys it’s pointless without the technique. You have to run at least 1 of Skarmory, Azumarill or Registeel but everything else can happen as soon as they are relevant and cover each other. And as you can see, I’ve overturned blatantly horrid leads like Alolan Raichu vs Mantine before.

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