Green Brick Walls- Help Rank Z-Meta Teams

Just recently I asked How do Zenkai Units Shape the Meta?
Playing For Keeps- The Need to Update Zenkai Corner

In just 10 days with the release of 2nd Anniversary the Meta has been turned on its head and we have effectively had a Meta Restart.

Prior to Anniversary Fusion, Regeneration and Lineage of Evil were the teams to be feared. After the Anniversary Fallout we are seeing Fusion, Godki, and Future as the New contenders.
How? Why did this happen ? … Vegito Blue!

Hands Down He is the most Powerful and Dominant Fighter, Absolutely just shredding everything in His path.
However as I’ve been climbing the PVP this Season
(with Regeneration just to see )
I have been Green Brick walling Vegito Blue with Ultra Powerful Green Fighters. Effectively Neutralizing his Enormous Damage potential.
(Their Actual Stats are so High Even with Buff Removal they are still a threat)

These Fighters being Zenkai 7 Beerus, Zenkai 7 Buu and the New SS4 Full power Goku.
Ive had enough success to question once again how much do these fighters help their teams and do they make the Irrelevant, Relevant?

After Falling off a precipice where do Regen and Lineage of Evil sit if utilising a Z7 Buu or Z7 Cooler?
How much does Green SS4 Goku help Saiyan and GT teams compete for Meta Relevancy?

I have 6 teams that I feel are all Top Level Teams. Some of these Teams Have Zenkai Fighters, Some do not.

Of the 6 Teams Please Rank 1-6 which teams you feel are the Top Contenders for the Anniversary?
Please Consider when deciding Does Zenkai make them Relevant? or is it Irrelevant.
Which teams should be in the top 6 that are missing?

After gamepress released there tier list and listening to goresh analysis of the tier list one thing is apparent

Vegito Blue is more powerful than Zenkai Units and has warped the Meta so much that the top tiers are now divided…

Tier Vegito Blue
1 )God Ki with Z7- Beerus
2) Future
3) Fusion

Tier Everyone Else
4) Regeneration with Z7- Buu
5) Son Goku with Z7-Kid Goku

The only thing that allows the Non-Vegito Teams to stay even remotely relevant is a powerful green fighter.
For this Reason I believe Lineage of Evil has been impacted the most even when utilising a Z7-Cooler.

Wait Son Family… Huh?

Just wanted to say that the guys and gals at gamepress really do some amazing work. Your articles always impress me and I learnt something new

Reading the Vegito Blue analysis this article took me by surprise and was not even something I considered
…but as I thought about it I actually believe the strongest variant of Son Family would contain Vegito Blue.

Curious to see if Zenkai 7 trunks could take Vegito Blue place in the Son Family Team?( Legends Road Team)

Thus Changing the Tier List too:

Tier Vegito Blue

  1. Godki with Z7- Beerus
  2. Future
  3. Fusion
  4. Son with Z7- Kid Goku and Vegito Blue

Tier Everyone Else
5) Regen with Z7- Buu
6) LOE with Z7- Cooler (needs a stronger Green fighter)