Green, Flying Grail Fortress


I currently have a flier emblem team I love to bits that I run for water seasons, but I’m feeling like my current green flier (Gerome) isn’t making the cut, but I also might not be using him right. Builds for both Gerome and his team will be below. Ideally I’m looking for someone whose got great res and def, mostly to take hit and help repo teammates out of the way. I would prefer a grail unit, but this isn’t a must have.

So! I’ve come to ask for opinions VIA POLL!

Should I…

  • Keep Gerome and fix his build (suggestions welcome!)
  • Go for Narcian
  • Go for Michalis
  • Go for Haar
  • Go for someone else? (Comment)

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Gerome Build

The rest of the team

Yes I know no one has good res that’s why I’m looking for another unit

Yeah, you’re better off not using axe fliers then


@Lain has a gerome

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Doesn’t have to be axe, just looking for green. Axe fliers are just all they have in the shop.

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The highest res green fliers in the game are Yune and B!Micaiah, sitting at 37. The highest res easily accessible green flier is Camilla with 31. For grails, it’s Narcian at 26.

You said you wanted defense too so Yune and Mici are out.

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Hm, interestin’ ol Narcian’s the best outta the bunch. I’m more looking for a wall than anything and a bit of color balance, would Reyson* be a good idea?

  • = I have never gotten reyson to know what he looks like I just know he’s green

If you’re looking for a wall, go with Beruka


Agreed. Beruka’s base Res is pretty poor but when you factor in her Prf passively debuffing enemy Attack alongside stalling special charges, she can make for a potent mixed wall, especially with merges.

I’ve had ridiculous trouble trying to kill highly merged Berukas in Grand Conquests before. I remember one had Fortress Def/Res + Mystic Boost and she shrugged off almost everything I threw at her.


I’ve fought the same set. So much ting


Narcian is the best green mixed bulk flier in the Grail pool.

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Gerome would work better if you have him QR and Bonfire imo. He’ll be able to secure a lot more kills that way. I still recommend Beruka over Gerome though, because her weapon also has a slaying effect in addition to the guard effect, so she could run Ignis instead

Oh wait, are you looking for a merged unit, or an unmerged one?

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Well, I’d say Michy has some advantage if you combo him with B!Lucina

Insta bonfire counters

Merged I can do but steady Posture 3 might be a lil much on my wallet.

Sadly he’ll need to work on a flier team instead.

Something like this could work at max merge

Yeah, nope for that then.

Hmm… Well, I’d say if you want to do the fun thing, you’ll need a Greil to kill.
To give Narcian that axe.

Haar is basicly Gerome so for pure gameplay that won’t matter.

You could do Beruka, give up some more offences for just full defence

I’m gonna give Narcian a try and see how I like him, and it’s no harm no foul for me.

Not necessarily to replace Gerome ( he looks like the best on that team) but Camilla is great support and bulk. This is a SPD boon btw.

Literally just built my Haar. With some flier buffs he’s pretty tanky.