Greil Builds

I wanted Greil really bad since last year because hes thicc but I got only Ike and Mist. Today he came home with okayish IVs (+hp/-spd). I have a Forsyth I don’t use so I thought bout giving him Bold Fighter and maybe a galeforce build would be fun. I would be swapping his weapon for cd -1 but I can’t decide what skills he should get apart from those.

I have other armors that can give him armor march. I guess with this build he could possibly enable WoM dancers. What build would you give him?

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Too much Atk is a thing with Galeforce builds :feh_legion:
Brazen probably isn’t the best choice here because of that. He’ll probably want a seal that increases his bulk more that also doesn’t raise his Atk. :thinking:

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Looks like an alright build, however the slaying axe isn’t needed because if Greil doesn’t kill on his first hit then galeforce will proc on his second attack regardless of slaying. Consider changing his weapon to something that’ll give him more offensive power, the rest of it seems fine to me


Slaying helps Galeforce builds to still work when attacking ranged units that can’t counter :feh_birbpeek:

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Right I forgot that, I never use galeforce so I never considered it

I could try maybe atk smoke. I think most other seals are too enemy phase focused like Close/Distant defense or stances or QR. I was thinking about renewal but that may not be useful if I want him to stay on WoM range.