Gripe of the day... 1* and 2* XP on 40AP training grounds

Just about the most useless drop I can imagine for a 40 AP cost mission…

Sorry, just got two 1* rider XP cards on the mission I just ran :frowning:

Well lucky for you its half AP cost

well lucky for u
there is literally an auto burn exp option that you can enable


Yeah, but getting a handful of QP isn’t really all that useful either. Just saying that a 40 AP (normally) node should probably drop at least 3* and 4* XP.

If the Training Grounds were limited to 3* and 4* exp drops, there would be no reason to do Ember Gathering quests, as the Training Grounds would drop the same EXP cards, but for only 1 class.

You should do 5 ap and 15 ap only, lol

It only drops in onesy-twosy amounts, often not at all, so I don’t think there’d be much reason to do training grounds for XP rather than Embers.

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