GRN SSGSS Vegeta vs Super Vegito

Me and my friends have been debating over this for quite a while now, and I decided to come to you guys for help. here are the rules-
Team support does not matter (They didn’t agree to it).
The decision should be based on individual toolkits, stats, and attacks.
The colour advantage does not matter( Duh).

Also, just for fun, we thought it would be fun to imagine a circumstance where we can fight 3vs3. Like 3 GRN SSGSS Vegeta(s) vs 3 Super Vegito(es?). I know this sounds really idiotic, as such a mode does not exist and it would give an advantage to Vegeta due to his team buffing, but Vegito has his cover ability too. Please give your opinion on both the fighters.

Just tell me who would win in a fight without the colour advantage-
SSGSS Vegeta (GRN), or Super Vegito.


Just with his mains : Delete your bonus + Heals himself
As long that he is in the battlefield, he gain damage and resistances.
His green card give him more tankiness, and his SPECIAL regen his Ki.

So he got : an ultimate with super armor, delete your bonus, heals himself, begin stronger in all the fight, tank like a beast, and deals a LOT of damage, especially to Gogeta who isn’t tanky, even if he wasn’t GRN.

Thanks but I’m gonna need a couple more to prove my point. Btw, i’m on team Vegito.