Ground Attackers

i know ground is a niche type, so i’m feeling conflicted about a couple things. 2 part question:

  1. should i bother powering up a Groudon? i have one high IV sitting in my main that i’ve neglected for some time, but i already have 2 great Exadrills and a bunch of lvl 35 double ground rhyperiors from back when he was still relevant to the type (never bothered to do a ground Mamo) & a CD flygon

  2. evolved a lvl 35 high IV rhyhorn on my alt today hoping to get a budget smacktar for Rocket bosses, but it came out double ground. i have no other ground attackers on that account (6 mamos but also all double ice, Gabite that i’m going to make dragon) and while i have a good amount of TMs i’m hesitant to spend because it came out with a useable (although suboptimal) moveset. thoughts?

At the moment, Groudon’s biggest strength is that it isn’t rock or steel type, which vastly improves its defense against being punched. If we take Mewtwo as precedent, then we can expect a buff to Earthquake around the time Groudon returns with its signature move. It’s really not a terrible investment, as long as you have rare candy to spare.

If your alt has no other ground attackers, then definitely keep this one. There are plenty of raid bosses where it will get use, eventually.

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Right now, there really isn’t an immediate need for Ground-type attackers. Cobalion is handled much better by Fighting and Fire, so having a Ground-type in the lineup wouldn’t be too terribly helpful. Plus, Excadrill outperforms Groudon on DPS right now. So the two that you have can fill the Ground niche more efficiently when needed (though it faints quickly against Fire-types).

The issue with Ground at the moment is that, with the exception of Excadrill, all the top-tier Ground-types rely on Earthquake which is currently a very mediocre move. The only times when Ground-types really shine are against mono Electric-types (Raikou) and Mons who have a double weakness to Ground (Heatran).

Groudon is a top-tier performer in Master League PvP and isn’t too shabby in Rocket battles, so if you’re into those, it’ll be more worth your investment. If you’re primarily a PvE player (gyms and raids), then I’d say hold off for now.

Eventually, we’ll also get Therian Landorus, who will quickly claim the crown as best Ground-type once released. It will likely be awhile yet before we see it in-game, but it’s going to be an absolute beast once it goes live in raids.

TL;DR - I would hold off on Groudon for now.

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Exadrill is pretty nice as a ground attacker. Pretty high DPS with some bulkiness. It’s also a lot more common than some of the other top ground attackers (Garchomp, Mamoswine, Groudon)