Ground Type Move For Piloswine

Ground type moveset of Piloswine; Mud-Slap and Bulldoze, are these move effective against Alolan Raichu in Raids ??

In average is number 6 counter for Alolan Raichu

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Piloswine cannot learn Mud Slap in PoGo, but its evolution, Mamoswine, can.

Ah my mistake, I thought you ask for mamoswine

I’m pretty confused by this now.

We constantly say how weak ground is as a type.
Yet this shows that ground does more DPS than ghost.

Then, consider that ghost outclasses dark for DPS all the time.

Why do people complain that ground is weak (when further, electrics are only weak to ground so there’s an area where it has no competition), but not about dark and ghost which appear to be weaker…?

It seems that dragon and fighting are ridiculously strong (and steel if you’re Metagross, Rock if you’re rampardos), but otherwise ground seems not out of line?

The gimmick of ground type pkm its their double resistance to electric attacks(garchomp have a triple resistance), this made their Tdo skyrocket to the sky, that’s the reason you saw this results. In Alolan Raichu scenario if you choose it’s psyquic moveset the ghost become the top contenders.
Ghost moves(Shadow ball) are really strong in this game, darks not so, but people like them because their are resistance to psychic attacks as much as ground resist electric.

How so? Gengar and Giratina have faster TTW (which maps to more DPS) than Mamoswine. Although Mamoswine has Power comparable to Giratina and far higher than Gengar, Power maps to TDO.

Garchomp and gengar have identical attack stats (261), and garchomp has faster TTW.

Implies the ground moves are better than the ghost moves.

Of course the 1 death vs 6 deaths make a bit of a difference, but nonetheless it doesn’t imply a big difference in move power…