GSSR reccomendation

Veteran player seeking a little community guidance as far as where to throw my money come Anniversary. Also i know i should probably roll for caster since i don’t have any SSR supports but i wish for a second opinion on the matter.

Honestly at this point for mechanical utility I can only think of Lancer (Lartoria/Eresh), Berserker (Kintoki), or if you can/will whale for Skadi then Extra (Dantes), but all of those could be that much more easily borrowed if you nabbed Waver/Merlin from Caster, so.

Caster, of course. You only have 2 casters and both of them are DPS.

Try this nice tool to calculate the potential outcome of your GSSR roll.

roll for caster. 3/9 casters help you a lot waver tamamo merlin, another 2 are significant upgrades assuming np1 illya and cas nero. so odds are almost 60% you’ll get a significant upgrade. I doubt you have problems 3t farming with so many aoe servants having 20%+ np batteries. There’s no pressing need for anything else and it looks like you’ve even got some of the best welfares yet to be levelled .

Your roster is pretty solid on all ends (ST and AOE dps covered very nicely).

The most boring answer, and probably what I would reiterate too, would be rolling Caster and shooting for one of the big three. All of whom would stabilize your roster for the rest of the game.

If caster isn’t your pot of tea, I’d dip into Extra class as you’ll most likely pull something new there - albeit I can’t guarantee that it’d be the most effective since you essentially cover all class adv/disadv in terms of damage.

iirc, zero rerun is happening soon too so you can roll Extra here and fish for Waver rate-up when it comes back around. With your current comp, Waver or Merlin (prefer Waver cause he fits eveywhere) are both huge wins. Could be an option too if you are looking to roll later down the road.