Guda Guda 5 CQ

Hello, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to lend me a summer Kiara for this cq with damage ce equipped. It doesn’t matter if it’s not mlb’ed.

FC: 426,929,651

IGN: 立香

Thank you!

I’ve sent an invite.
IGN Ritsuka

Haven’t unlocked the CQ yet (probably one more cheese run) so no idea what gimmicks you need her for.
There haven’t been any CE drops so it isn’t MLB.

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Thank you so much!
i’m gonna try the cq now.

Once again Thank you!
Finished the damn thing!

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Sweet JESUS Kiara!

I really need to lvl her up.
But I wonder if Hijikata has priority being a berserker and all.
Then there is also Artoria but her role is covered by Lakshmi bai.

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Altoria is a support saber now?

Shes not stopping at all the classes, shes now aiming for all the rolls in all the classes!

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Problem is she is an aoe saber.
Same as Lakshmi but Lakshmi is lvled since a long time ago.
For st I have Okita.
She came too late.

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She has an AoE NP yes, but they’re skills are focused entirely differently. Altoria is a much better pick for DPS damage, and Shmi is a support Saber.

Give it time, you’ll level both eventually. No rush.

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You can bet on that. She will eventually be lvled up
I want a 1/2 ap campaing so badly…

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