Guda Guda Imperial Capital Holy Grail War Roll Thread (Re-run)

O: Rejoice, human. Oryou-san’s legendary shop has made a grand comeback for a limited time. Hopes, dreams, and frogs galore, buy it, buy it all. Oryou-san wants to make money quick. Oryou-san has the wares if human has the coin.

R: Now, now, don’t scare the customers. Welcome to the Sakamoto Detective Agency-slash-Legendary Items Shop. Would you like to look over our wares or to have a snack first?

O: Say, you look tasty.

R: She’s just joking (I think) Have a seat, stranger.

R: These pictures? Oh, some of the partners I had the pleasure to work with over the years. Two of them were kind enough to model, though it took some persuasion.



R: One even agreed to help out around the store when we were a little busy. Business was quite good when she was around.


O: Oryou-san gave them a frog bonus. Oryou-san is very generous, human.

R: Yes, very generous. Now where is that item catalog…?

O: [gives paper] Browse Oryou-san’s extensive list of items. This crossed-out section? Ah, the tearoom. It was a horrible color. Oryou-san destroyed it.

R: So, what can we do for you?

R: Eh, mon currency? Hmm, I haven’t seen these in a very long time. I don’t know how much you can buy with them. Information you say? Well let’s see….

The Japanese mon was introduced sometime in the 1330’s, and was still in use up through the Meiji Restoration of the 1870’s. They used to be cast from copper or iron, but sometime around the 1860’s, because of changing metal prices, it took about 10 mon to equal one yen. The yen, the peso, the dollar, everything was set equal.

So many coins; how long have you been working? Eh, you just pick them up from people you fight? Uhh…okay I won’t ask. Back in the early 1800s, 100 mon would buy you a very nice meal, maybe 5 mon would be a trip to the bathhouse.

O: Hey, Ryouma.

R: Yes, Oryou?

O: We’re in 1945.

R: Oops. Right well, this is the 20th year of the Showa period, which is around 1945. The mon was phased out around 1954, so you should still have some time to use these coins, though I would recommend converting them into koban, if you can. Gold was measured in currency units called ryo, with one koban having about one ryo worth of gold.

O: It is the Second World War, human, so exchange rates have been very unreliable recently. A few years from now, if this time period continues, the yen will drop to 360 to one dollar. You look sad. Here, have a frog.

R: Contacts, you say? Trying to build your network, I see.

Contact 1

R: There’s a specialty food store in the Koenji district; this man usually appears there to buy pickles. His managerial skills are very impressive.

Contact 2

O: Here, human. This man has his base in the Meao Fudou district. He might say he’s only a laborer, but don’t be fooled. Oryou-san would have liked to eat him, but Oryou-san has been busy helping around the Detective Agency. If you ask nicely, he might be willing to work as a bodyguard.

R: …There is one more.

Contact 3

R: But I would recommend staying away from this man. He’s a friend-

O: He tried to kill Ryouma.

R: -but we had some disagreements in the past and he’s a little annoyed at me right now. Try not to get on his bad side if ever you see him. Someone might see him in one district, sometimes in another. He might be willing to work with you as well.

Hmm, one more person you’re looking for?

gives picture

R: …Hmm. Hmmmmmmmm. Yes, I know her. You could say we’re coworkers. Not many people know about her, though.

O: Say, you look kind of short, human. Oryou-san didn’t catch your name. What was it?


O: Ryouma it’s the cops!

[muffled crashes, gunshots and inexplicable roars]

“Nobu! Nob nob. Nobbu!”

O: [looks out window, looks back] Hey Ryouma, they’re saying we’re surrounded.

R: Yes yes, let’s pack up our things first. Should we start with the cabinets or the frogs?

O: …Neither. Everyone outside is gone.

R: Eh?

O: Oryou-san saw something move, and the Nobus are scattered everywhere.

R: Ah. Right on time. Let’s go say hi to our junior coworker.

S: …Is this the Saka dango Delicacy Agency?

O: No.

R: Yes.

O: Ryouma.

R: Close enough.

O: You look tasty.

R: Let’s start again. I’m Ryouma, and this is Oryou. You must be Souji-san.

S: …Perhaps.

R: Wonderful. Oryou, can you show Souji-san to the guest room?

O: Will anything happen to Ryouma in the time Oryou-san is not here?

R: I should be fine. I’ll just clean up the mess in here. And Oryou?

O: Yes?

R: Thank you.


The Guda Guda 3 event has returned, and so too have Okita Souji (Alter) and Okada Izo.

Take note that Okita (Alter) and Hijikata Toshizo will be on dual rate up on certain days, which means the specific chance of getting one specifically will be lower.

GARcher and Li will also be on dual rate up, so they will probably have the same problem.

Worse, Izo has an abysmally low 4% chance of being summoned overall. Limited 3* are the worst…

04-12 01:00 - 04-12 20:59 PDT - Okita (Alter), GARcher, Li, Izo

04-14 21:00 - 04-15 20:59 PDT - Okita (Alter), Hijikata, GARcher, Li, Izo

04-15 21:00 - 04-17 20:59 PDT - Okita (Alter), Hijikata, GARcher, Li

04-17 21:00 - 04-19 20:59 PDT - Okita (Alter), Hijikata, GARcher, Li, Izo

04-20 21:00 - 04-21 20:59 PDT - Okita (Alter), GARcher, Li, Izo


As a little reminder how things can (but normally shouldn’t) go when you have a max budget of 570 SQ to get NP5 Izo, with Okitan as an afterthought:

And I got one of those Izo copies later actually (either GSSR or Raikou/Shuten banner, not sure), only got him to NP2 originally.


This was a fun read, great job!

I’m going to have to set a limit and pray Izou will be nice to me. >_< Playing around in the summon simulator isn’t helping; it keeps giving me NP5+ Okitan in like 300 – 400 quartz but taking 700+ for two Izous (worst so far was 1470). :sweat: I would very much like more copies of Okitan or Emiya, but they aren’t the main goal here, so…please, Izou. Please come quickly.


Ouch. Managed to grab that one’s nuke-levels after some ~270SQ myself, NP2 Okitan in 450 total to have 5-star CE mlb was very welcome, though.

As such, no rolls here. Good luck to everyone who wants to keep Okitan around even after the event

beyond this




Thanks :D There was a different idea, but I didn’t have enough information to write that for the post, so I went with a story instead. Hope the simulator drains all your bad luck.


Thanks for the amusing roll thread!

Now to decide if I want to try for two more copies of Izou or not. I got a super lucky 2 on the first round, but the rebranded kyofma banner I got shuten, Raikou and two yagyu… But only 1 more Izou. And it’s probably a good thing shuten came off a rainbow, I might have gotten upset if a silver assassin card had started sparking gold…

As for others on the banner, my GSSR Kiara makes okitan less interesting, emiya has been bond 10 and not missed for a year and a half I think, maybe even 2 years, and Li is already np2.

But I also want sq reserves for getting storylocked np levels on the upcoming class banners since they were shy during CBC, and Asclepius with LB4…


good luck to all new okita alter rollers. i wish you to not have my luck last year where it took over 900 quartz to get her. may all your rolls be blessed.

also, second ascension is best civ!!


Awesome thread!

I especially liked the intro! Good Luck to everyone!


I have to admit that I copied several lines from their Valentine’s scene, so if some parts sound very familiar, that’s the reason why :|

Now to decide if I want to try for two more copies of Izou or not.

Yeah, Izo is only NP1 for me and am tempted to use a few tickets, but we do have several banners this year that I really want to roll on.

where it took over 900 quartz to get her



To be fair, Okitan (thanks to her NP level) proved far more and Izo far less useful so far than anticipated, so I’m still fine with the outcome. But getting like 50+ non-rateup Rs (I think I got over 10 Medusas and Medeas each) and only 2 Izos from that many SQ was just infuriating.


Not that I was trying for him, but I got more paracelsus than rate up mr googly eyes on the fate zero banner last fall, so totally belive it. Too bad Izou won’t show up on class banners where >4% rate would otherwise be possible


This event is gonna be the first rerun I played the original event for.

Last year I rolled primarily for a copy of Emiya and got him quickly, now I’m back with greater ambitions. Looking forward to it.


I’m gonna be skipping this banner because there is sadly no solo Hijikata day and I am really not interested in Okita Alter. good luck to everyone who is though


I have roughly 3 multi on my secondary, but this is a skip for me.
Okitan would be good on my secondary account, not to mention its being a while since that account found a 5* (ozy at Christmas).

Hope Okitan doesn’t run away with 900 sq again like last year.

Izo didnt show either, smh


No solo hijikata day? That’s a big oof, I don’t really like either normal or alter okita, but my luck betrayed me a lot of times already on previous split rate ups. Sometimes even giving me the ssr instead of the sr I actually wanted.

Fate redline okita is unfortunately not in fgo, too bad.


if you’re looking for the next hijikata solo rateup, it’s october next year before that year’s new guda event. the same time his second skill gets upgraded to give him guts

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Last year I got like 11 or 13 copies of Izou and 2 copies of EMIYA, and 2 copies of Okitan on my main account on 1 pack. I didn’t get a single copy of Li.

Got lucky with a single Okitan on my Mostly F2P account but couldn’t land a single Izou.

I have Kama on both now so he’s going to be less useful sometimes, but NP5 Izou is still pretty amazing and I’m glad he was grailed to 80.

I hadn’t beaten Babylonia on either account yet so I couldn’t play the event, but at least I don’t have to roll for the CEs when I play it this year.