Guda Guda Meiji Friend Recruitment



  1. Please place a screenshot of your support list

  2. Share your code and how many spots you have available

  3. Please recommend posts with particularly good Support lists, MLB CEs are ideal!

  4. Please let people know if you’ve sent them a request and let them know your IGN so they know which requests to accept.

A little early, but I wanted to get it out of the way so people can start searching for whichever Support Servant they want to build their teams before the event starts, unless they plan on waiting for someone with Hijikata or Chacha.

Just like the Guda Guda Friend Recruitment thread I started before, let’s stick any Support advertising and Friend searching to a single thread so as not to clutter the board with similar topics.

No drop or point bonus Servants this time around, but select Servants will have a boosted ATK stat for event quests, which may prove useful during the Challenge Quest (2m HP in total divided into 4 Break Bars). The Servants and their respective bonuses are as follows:

+100% ATK

Okita (Saber)
Nobunaga (Archer)
Hijikata Toshizou (Berserker)
Chacha (Berserker)


EMIYA (Archer)
Nikola Tesla (Archer)
Thomas Edison (Caster)
Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin)
Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker)

+50% ATK

Helena Blavatsky (Caster)
Cu Chulainn (Lancer)
Medusa (Rider)
Medea (Caster)
Edward Teach (Rider)

IGN: LeiCiel
Friend Code: 971,748,936
Number of Slots: 2

I’ll be updating the picture above once I get Event CEs. Though, don’t expect me to have Gacha CEs for drops in the future (save for the free 3* one) since I’m saving what little SQ I have for CCC and SERAPH. Though feel free to let me know if you want or need a particular CE on a Servant for whatever team build you’re planning.

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LF Support with Event MLB Silver/Gold currency CE

i have that tesla ready to get me some sweet friend point
my helena is 1/1/1 lv 70 so she prob wont be on there
lartoria is 8/4/10 and ready to do some event 3 turn shenigans
warning, i HAVE no space, if you want to add me
@ me in this thread, and ill remove some space when the event starts (ill be removing about 7-8)

wont be rolling, sadly except a few tixs


Euryale will be in demand for the challenge quest.


i have a 6/6/7 euryale lv 70
that good enuf for you?


Euryale would murder Hijikata so long as she’s kept alive. His Berserker class plus Euryale’s relatively low HP pool makes it a bit risky so Mash would be quite necessary. Then again, Mash is a staple for most, if not all, Challenge Quests so it probably goes without saying.

@Scarlett My Euryale’s Level 70 and skills at 7/6/7. HA!

Don’t kill me… :grin::v:


I am thinking Euryale, Euryale (support), Stheno for the challenge quest.

Or, Euryale, Euryale (support), Tamamo.


IGN: Atoli
FC: 267,821,003
Have 5 open slots atm but will get rid of about 10 more tomorrow. Will be wasting 30ish tickets so hopefully I get some event CEs


Sent a request IGN is Clinton


Request sent
IGN: Kyarus



Request accepted


No empty slot so far but monthly friend pruning is coming 1st April. I saw at least 3 people didn’t log in more than 20 days

If anyone interested just add 1st and I’ll approve later. friends code is in the picture


people cant add you if you have a full friend slot lol


I’ll try to have my Euryale at lvl 90 for the challenge quest (which would be almost impossible but hey). Right know she’s lvl 80


Heyo people, I am new to FGO, started playing 10 days ago or so and I was mainly focusing on getting Oda and I got her to level 4 NP, fully ascended to max level 80. And since today is last day, I am hoping I can get 1 mil points for last NP upgrade but I might not be able to do so. Apart from that I noticed new GUDA event is coming with Cacha, do you guys have any tips for how to prepare myself for that one so I can manage to get Cacha with all ascenscion items needed and NP to max to level 5? I do have Emiya, Chu Chulainn and Nobunaga who can give me extra event points, but overall my party itself is fairly underleveled because I was focusing just on the event itself.


IGN: Abuka
Friend Code: 840,060,173 (also in picture)
Number of slots: 11 slots left

This will be updated as I get event appropriate servants and CE. I don’t really have the SQ to roll for CE though. I also expect my Okita to be 90 by the time the event starts.


I have no friend spots open, I assume after this event is done people who added me for MLB CEs will delete me, so I will probably have some room to add others.


IGN: Gilliam
Those are support servants I will put up for the event, haven’t decided CEs yet
Have 1 spots left. I can’t accept someone if you don’t post here with your IGN.

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Added all of you who have shared their IDs for the upcoming event, my handle is Weasel.


This is my supoort list, tried to focus on damage but my skills are still trashy

IGN: Arckantoz
FC: 771352262
Number of slots: 20