GUDA-GUDA Poster Girl question

Should I keep rolling for Poster girl with whatever SQs I have left?.
Already got Okita
Got 62 SQs left.

Any upcoming banners you want to roll on?

Unless you truly want it , yes but also keep in mind that your rolls are guaranteed. With my SQ so low I wouldn’t risk it but if you have no interest in the upcoming banners , new or old. Then go for it. It really does change how the game is played

How many Poster Girls are for the usual plan? I got enough to MLB 2 copies but I dunno if I need more than that and should just keep them separate?

I’d keep them separate just in case for some reason you need a few on a team for some specific reason. You got enough to MLB 2 so may as well MLB 1 of them and keep the other copies locked , 2-3 in second archive. I only use 3, (but I used outrage as a filler since I only had 1 poster girl prior to this banner)

Okita alter and Skadi I think.
Not sure but might roll for Summer too

Uhh…I don’t have one.
Got Okita before Poster girl even show up, so I’m a bit hesitant to roll again

If you’re rolling for the others and don’t plan/can’t afford to buy SQ, hold off. The CE is great but it isn’t worth missing out on other servants/CE’s in the future or potentially getting your waifu.

Poster Girl enables some pretty interesting team comps and strategies, so two copies was one of my three roll-goals for 2020 (the other two being Skadi and Summer BB). I find it best to look ahead and choose just 2 or three SSRs you most want in the next year, and only spend quartz on those banners. Unless you are strict with yourself, you’ll end up getting baited into spreading your SQ so thin that you won’t get anything you actually want.

Passing up on cuties like Okita does hurt, but Wallet-Kun needs my help to survive.

Anyway, my point is that Poster Girl is a really good CE, but unless money is no object to you, you’re not going to be able to get every really good, limited SSR that comes around. Don’t let FOMO make your purchasing decisions for you.

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Is it really a good idea to MLB them? Seems like leveling them, and thereby increasing the HP bonus, would be counterproductive for the CEs strategic purpose (that being to get the servant holding it killed as quickly as possible). It’s Atk bonus won’t really be relevant in most such situations, will it?

I am legitimately curious, as I have never had a taunt CE before, and would love any tips you could share.

I think mainly an MLB would be good for certain servants. Like Chen Gong for instance, where the 80% atk boost would work well for his NP then he can still get killed with the taunt after. Other than that, probably the base CE is good enough

As far as I know, there literally is no gameplay benefit to MLB Poster Girl. I guess if you really need that extra HP for some reason in a very specific case where you don’t want CE holder to die in 1 turn and are incapable of letting them live longer via other means, it might be useful, but it sounds like a bad idea. It is a suicide CE used in buff stacking setups on supports and that’s it and you generally want to stack buffs as fast as possible.
I mean, yes, CE itself gives a significant attack bonus, but it is limited to 3 turns, tied to taunt effect and CE gives only HP. So, it is not suited for incereasing servant’s damage at all. And, since MLB effect is a small increase in attack - it gains nothing useful from MLB-ing it. For giving a servant more damage - there are a ton of CEs better suited for that.

About Chen Gong - why? Just why? First, he has his own taunt to help kill himself or someone else, second - he will have problems with actually getting 100% NP gauge before CE effect expires, meaning you must have it full by the third turn, third - you’ll have to work to keep him alive before his NP gauge is full, because of that taunt. Just why would you need such a convoluted setup just to, presumably, NP once, when there are a ton of CE better for that? Like, just stick a non-MLB Black Grail on him if you want to, it will already give more damage because Chen has low attack stat and because NP damage up isn’t a very common buff type unlike varying types of charisma.

MLB Poster girl can be used, yes, but it is incredibly inefficient and problematic to do so. Why would you want to MLB it when you might, at maximum, want 2 regular copies of it if you really want to rotate support servants and their buffs with plugsuit, or 3 copies if you want to do the same without plugsuit? I mean yeah, one might do this for the memes or for fun, or if they got a lot of Poster Girls while rolling for Okita, but there is no real gameplay benefit from MLB-ing Poster girl outside of, maybe, some very specific cases where you want that extra HP.

Going to the first post in the topic - in general I won’t recommend rolling for it, unless you already have a lot of supports in your roster and you want to utilise all of them when dealing with CQ and trying to min-turn them. Saving Quartz for Skadi and, looking at your posts, Okita Alter should be more important to you.

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Well… my servants are something like this I guess
Got Casgil too

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I was always wondering, why are people so eager to get this CE.
First I thought it’s for that huge ATK-Buff. But reading your analysis I guess that’s not it.

As many guy said, equip it on some budget Caster. When they come, they just use 1 turn skill to buff dmg and die in turn 2 or turn 3. Then next spirit come to the field to clear the remaining enemy.

It seems outrage is a pretty suitable replacement for PG, no? (not that it is obtainable now, but just asking since I have 2 outrage and 1 PG) In situations you want to esport some quests, you want your buffer to die in 1 turn to bring on the next one anyway.

yes, in certain quests outrage can replace poster girl, but the problem is that a 1 turn taunt may not kill the servant, leaving you stuck during your cycling of servants. with poster girl you might lose a turn on your buffs, but at least you aren’t stuck.

not to mention that sometimes you don’t actually want the servant to die in one turn, you want them to stall the enemy a little longer.

There is NO reason to mlb it but if you have enough for 2 MLB. It really makes no sense to let them sit around taking up space since you can only use 5-6 servants depending on quest. Most of the time the only way to use 3 + CE’s for the servants you use you’re limited to 1-3 star servants. Outrage is better MLB because it can be used offensively. Out of all my servants the only servant that can use Poster girl Offensively is Saberlot. It’s niche. But the reason why I said to limit break is because they had so many copies. When I was a noob I fed one poster girl and outrage to each other. The hp given doesn’t make any difference (I have done set ups with it on YouTube if you want to see, and the servants always die when needed/desired)
Only people I know who mlb them are whales , or people who don’t need more of them so they mlb

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Thanks for the input, folks! While I am slightly disappointed there wasn’t some super-secret tech using MLB Poster Girl, I am also happy that I wasn’t misunderstanding its optimal use cases.

I already have Mozart and David ready to go with their relevant skills maxed, but otherwise at their minimum level in order to better facilitate a speedy exit!

Wow, guess you’re rolling for Skadi, huh? ;-)

I think you’ll be fine without Poster Girl. Personally, I only wanted it because I love experimenting with a variety of different strategies. But it looks like, in another month or so, you won’t need any other strategies!