GudaGuda 2 - How's your farming going

I just did some maths and that was when I realized… I f**ked up.

Even if I skip on the pieces and monuments, it’s going to be a pretty close call finishing the ladder AND clearing the mats from the shop from natural AP alone.
And since Apocrypha was pretty Gapple-intensive already, I don’t want to use Apples here at all.
The Silver currency is the worst in my case, since I only have one copy of it… From last year.
I got four copies of the 5* CE this year, but gacha strictly refused to give me even one more copy of that forsaken 4*CE.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually having problems clearing the nodes.
I remember having a solid team for the final Ladder-Points-node last year. But I can’t seem to remember it. I just know MHXA was part of it.
Well, guess it would be easier if I used a Wolves of Mibu CE. But I desperately want to maximize the drops.

So yeah, that’s my current mood. How 'bout you guys?

Clearing is nbd. Not getting bored or frustrated out of my mind with regards to the prices and this not feeling like a chore, is the problem. Would be nice if the prices for statues were halved, as a standard…


Finished almost everything I can’t bother to get the saber monuments.

You need statues even after davinci? The ones I have will not get over even if I get 50… 50 is too high make that 30 new servants.

I wouldn’t have a problem with the grinding if the currency wasn’t so high for items.
You get currency on the highest nodes that’s around the same as most other events yet the costs you use them for are almost 2x as much as normal event shops. Haven’t cleared any one segment of the shop and that includes the statues I’m gonna skip. I may use an apple or 2 for the ladder completion but other than that, I’ll just grab what I can…

I’ve bought everything I needed so I’m moving onto point farming.
363k shinsengumi and 573k Oda.
Probably should have made it a bit more even but I’m I’m running with 180% bonus so I will make it without appling.

I’m glad I’ve hoarded material so I could skip most of them though the chains are attractive for a just in case scenario.

My alt does.

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Its going poorly, not using apples since by in large this even has meh rewards. Just trying to get to 600k points with each, the only thing i really need from the store is divine wine, tomoe needs to get her drink on to get to 10/10/10, outside of that proof of hero bc Karna apparently needs pogs for days for some reason. I would like to grab all the fous and embers bc let’s face it they will get used in short order but that depends on how long it takes me to get my points.

Not a fan of the dual ladders and terrible currency drop rate through almost half the event.

I finished the ladders today so now i’m clearing the shop. I have just 1 CE copy of each but it’s going smoothly, since we still have 6 days i’m going slow on apples.

Well if you really want to save APs then maximizing drops is better but still with just 1 MLB copy you’ll definitely make the farming more enjoyable for you.

I’m using MHXA myself for the last nodes and i’m running a 3-4T setup with Chacha and support Waver.

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Finished the event on the third day of the event. Slow week… I farm now saber secret gem.


Lots to do still, but I’ve decided which battle to farm for each of the currencies based on the material drops (Oda Baifuku for gold currency and Shinsengumi for bronze and silver currency), so just need to work on those until I clear out the shop aside from the statues/monuments because I have an excess of those already.

Got the event-shop and ladders done already - after a few apple-sessions during phases 1 through 3 focused on either point-ladder, Daimyo-node yesterday to clear Nobu’s ladder. I switched to point-CE entirely once I had event-shop pretty much done, with MLB-Mibu thrown in for good measure all the way. For an individual ladder the return actually ended up being better that way than the mixed, final point-node which I’ve only run once to grab its apple. Which puts me at 20 gold ones, up from the 18 I went into the event with, I’ll just wait on that login-reward that’s set to be up in a couple weeks to replenish them further.

For the mixed point-node, if you prefer working through the ladders that way you may want to look into which Egoes you got available - novelty compared to the original run that they are, they make the otherwise awkward ass-cast mix in wave 3 a piece of cake.

Currently, I am just coasting through on natural AP to grab what’s left of the shop sans monuments, namely the silver embers for MP-fodder and the remaining two CE for XP.

I don’t have any of the AoE ones, but I’ll check if a support has them, otherwise I can just ST nuke with Mecha-Eli and/or Melt I suppose.

600k point on both. Currently farming for gold dust.

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Both ladders cleared, and almost done the shop, just a few monuments left, cause I’m ocd and need to totally clear the shop.

Last node is hard. 1 mlb mibu or you die :fgo_buster:

Fair enough, I forgot you have an alt now.

Was looking at my point/currency totals just now, and I think I’m about 4 apples short of getting the mats plus maxing both ladders. And I don’t really feel like doing that. So, I think I’m going to just concentrate on the Oda ladder by farming mats there, which should get me to 1M on that side so I can claim one of the lores, and just let the other one go. (And Oda rather than Shin as that gets me MPs rather than FPs, and a few more Hearts too).