Gudaguda 2 Rerun Roll Thread: Pickles, Mayonnaise, and Nobukatsu When DW?

My favorite event of 2019 bar CCC is back!

For those of you who don’t know, this is the event that confirmed I was gay gave us Hijikata and everybody favorite candidate for most annoying voice loli Berzerker Chacha.


But more importantly, it’s also given rise to one of my favorite fan videos

And remember to roll for Pickles or


You were quick with this btw.


Well it got announced for the 8th a few hours ago

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Yeah in case people didn’t realize that it got announced


I NEVER get to make the roll threads


So since the Holmes event was tied to an IRL event and happened partway into guda 2 rerun what are the odds na just straight up skips it

It’s his last known solo banner

There’s no reason it can’t just be a standalone mini event

Tho I’m personally just hoping for a delay—maybe they’ll release that and the LB2 prerelease the same day or something


That would mess with the draft I have for the LB2 roll thread :eyes:

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Knowing how dw has been handling thing I’m surprised they didn’t release Holmes earlier. It’s clear they are rushing to get this all done before anniversary cause of the awkward situation that is skadi and lb2 releases

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You draft this stuff in advance :sleepy:

Lemme go back and step up my game

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Only the important ones.

LB2 I combined the prerelease and Bryn

I don’t care about the others at all :feh_claudetea:


Well for me this banner will be a small amount of rolling for CE (I only have 1 mlb of the 5 star and 4 star ce) or I might outright skip it not sure yet

You’re gay? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nobbu’s are always great… with the exception of that fakes in Guda Guda 3.
Shouldn’t be too stressful events as I don’t need much in the store and I have the event CEs to make climbing the ladder easier.

Btw does anyone remember which nodes were the best?
Edit: Found it

Time to once again share this beautiful song to get everyone in the correct mood.


make Skadis now.
And hope it doesn’t hit 3k before she comes, else things will be awkward


Omg who did this :rofl:

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I’ll make summer Robin’s

Like I should have made Chaldea Boys and I didn’t

I feel fake


damn you posted this just as I rolled NP5 Hiji on a single roll


Tbh this event was fantastic for farming when it dropped

But we’ve gotten better nodes for crystals since (but you can also farm a side of QP, if you somehow still need that).

Oh, and GEARS

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so now we’re either:

  1. 10 days ahead of jp and not doing the scherlock event at all
  2. we’re doing guda 2 before sherlock and only 1 day behind jp
  3. we’re skipping the sherlock event and doing it after anniversary

if 3 is the case, we’ll need another 7+ish days to be as close to jp anniversary for everything to makes since and like up as close to our anniversary as possible.