Gudaguda 4 Welfare Servant: Lancer Nagao Kagetora General Discusion :fgo_nagaothink:

@The_Wyandotte I hope you don’t mind me taking over your thing, but I really love Kagetora, and really wanted to do this. Sorry in advance

With her illustrator being Takeuchi-Sensei (illustrator of SaberFaces and JeanneFaces), and her VA being Mizuki Nana (VA of Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto), Nagao Kagetora both looks and sounds amazing. From her 'nyaaa’ing at the end of NP, stuttering when you select her NP card, and cheering herself on after winning a battle, Mizuki Nana brings a lot of personality to this servant that is very contagious.Kagetora is a solid ST Arts Lancer that hits very hard, has solid np gain, and fits in nicely to your average Arts comp. Even without all my bias put in, once Castoria come in the 5th Aniversary, Kagetora arguably becomes the best ST Lancer in this game and the fact, currently, stands true since as of making this post, there are no 5 Star ST Arts Lancers. So with Gudaguda 4 coming, you’re about to get one solid Lancer as a welfare servant.


SKILL 1: Fate is in Heaven A
Her first skill is a 30% Arts buff with a 500% star absorption added on for 1 turn on a 5 turn cool down at max level. This skill is one of those skills that is a bit difficult to use. On one had, it has the Arts buff that’ll make your NP hit harder, on the other hand, the star absorption is a great way to help with the np gain on crits so you can loop after using the skill. Still a great skill.

SKILL 2: Armor is on the Chest A
Her second skill is a 1 turn evade with an added 30% np gain for 1 turn on a 5 turn cool down at max level. This skill will probably be used more for the np gain part than the evade part. She can solo with a little help from Mystic Codes, but in all honesty, you’re going to use her in boss fights more often than not, and her np gain part of this skill really help her out when looping.

SKILL3: Accomplishment is in the Feet A :fgo_horny:
Her third skill is a party wide 20% attack up, 20% critical damage up, and 20% star generation rate up for 3 turns on a 6 turn cool down at max level. This skill is more of a selfish support skill than a regular support skill. Kagetora already benefits from have the star weight of a Lancer so any star drop from a party member is more than likely going to her. Basically, this skill just helps her get more stars to help her out.


Since Kagetora is a welfare, all you need to do is complete the event, and you’ll get her ascension mats, which are called Bishamonten’s Dragon Bell

Her skills, however, are a different story. Kagetora is a greedy little minx, and considering she’s a fangril of Bishamonten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods and Lord of Wealth and Treasure in Buddhist Japan, its as to be expected that she is expensive with her mats needs.
42 of each skill gem
108 Hero’s Proof
90 Dragon Fangs
60 Permafrost Ice Crystals
60 Aurora Steels






As previously stated Kagetora’s NP is a Single Target Arts NP, and goes by the name of “Biten-Hassou Kuruma Gakari no Jin” (translated to english “Bishamonten’s Eight Phases Wheel Charge Formation”). It deals damage to one enemy while removing all of their offensive buffs, while it’s overcharge decreases the enemies critical chance for 3 turns. It’s a solid soloing type np, but her skills don’t help that fact.


Kagetora is a solid single target lancer for newbies to have. she’s an easy NP5 welfare where the event helps you out and she can solo all her extra cards battles. However, she does leave a lot to be desired in some aspects. Her NP doesn’t hit especially hard without her skills or proper supports, and though her np sets her up aas a possible solo servant, her skills don’t give way to a bunch of survivability options. As a servant, I give a solid B- as of right now in NA, with the potential of an A- to an A once Castoria comes given she’s an easy NP5 Arts servant and the other Arts Lancer is story locked.


What can I say about Kagetora that isn’t amazing??? She’s adorable, funny, awesome, and just an all around joy to use. Mizuki Nana brings out her best work when voicing her and when she does her victory celebration of “AYE, AYE, OOOOOHH!!!” you find yourself cheer on with her. Her “nyaaas” are super cute, too. Her animations are glorious, and well-done, and get you really get you hyped up, especially her 4th card animation. It’s super dope. Honestly, I love everything about her. She’s one of my favorite servants, if not my favorite even when compared to Salter.
Here’s my Kagetora on my JP account:

And here’s a shameless plug in the form of a link to my Kagetora Playlist on my YouTube channel that showcase Kagetora in all sorts of situation if you wanna see what she has to offer.

Like I said, I love Everything about Nagao Kagetora, and I hope you will come too, as well.

Plus, she’s so



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sorry about the length. i really love her, and couldn’t shut up lol


Li shuwen is a arts st lancer and I do prefer him over kagetora, but as f2p I’m not really picky.


Great servant.
Great design.
Great skills.
Great NP.
Precious smile
An amazing servant overall


sad shuwen noises

she seems like a very solid servant. Honestly though, why didn’t they make her s2 np gain last for 3 turns? I know it is on a shorter cooldown but now it is basically atalante’s s3 but worse.

I actually don’t have a go to ST lancer yet (besdies cu who is capable) so I have been looking forward to this welfare

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Atalante’s NP gain was garbage before her S3, even woth it’s high values it isn’t great, so it’s understandable.

Kagetora’s NP gain isn’t hot garbage so it’s not a huge deal but 3 turns would still be nice.

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oops, i mean to say 5star ones, let me fix that.

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ya I am more disappointed about the duration than value. 50% gain on an arts servant with a 8 hit np is probably too good, but 3t duration would have been nice.

I will be interested to see this servant in the story. From a gameplay perspective since my long term goal is ST and AoE for each class for each card she definitely checks a box. I like her design and I know she was a popular choice in JP for grails which is my main interest in seeing the story of her. Luvia (so much broke atm gilfest I need you in my life) and SI (assuming I get her) are my current grail plans but I am willing to be swayed, lancers are my favorite class overall and as much as Tammy catches grief for not having a battery I do love my double tammy teams, Luvia demolishing bosses while having ruler defense is a source of great joy, would be nice to add another friend to that.

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I prepared all the mats in advance so i’m ready, i’ll max her as soon as i finish the event.


considering she’s a fangril of Bishamonten

Also, I suggest adding mats cost for her CD to the main post as well. Show the world how greedy she actually is :fgo_quetzsmile:


I lover her and she is finally here :fgo_nagaothink:, my plan for this event

  1. get the limited time Kagetora
  2. get her ascension material and enhanced her to lvl 80
  3. get her permanently
  4. Skills to 10/10/10 and grail her at least to 90 until I get more EXP cards .
  5. raise her NP to NP5

Oh wow I actually have all of her mats ready… Besides QP, but who has that shit?


ST Lancers were my doom. That changed once I got lancer Kiyohime and Medusa Lily last year, but their performance is… suboptimal in most scenerios (I do support Ana with double Skadi but still…). I love arts comps to face boss fights and I have my very own fluffy tail to support Kagetora, so I’m really looking forward to her. Even if that means expend all my proofs lol


I have Skadi and Parvati so I don’t use ST lancer too often :slight_smile: but when I need one, I rely on OG Cu. Lalter does a pretty good impression of one during her burst turns but that’s the limit of my choices, so I’m looking forward to having her join my Chaldea.

boy can’t wait to finally use another ST lancer that’s not called Parvati :fgo_rinlaugh:

I tried her on jp and she’s pretty solid, plus those animations makes her extremely fun to use. Thankfully I got most of her mats besides maybe QP so she’s getting a lot of use on my account


I’m about 101% positive that Parvati is aoe.


I feel like Li compares very favorably to her, if you’ve managed to get a few copies of him (story-locked and all). I think he’s a bit better at spreading his damage out over 2 turns - He can NP one one with his S3 Arts buff, and then crit for a second with his S1 + S2 (also note his Arts buff is 50% vs 30% and his crit damage is 100% vs 20%).

Now, Li isn’t perfect either - he only has 3 hits on his NP to benefit from NP gain skills like Castoria, and his buffs are for only 1 turn each while Kagetora at least has a 3 turn Charisma and the small boost to crit damage. She also has better hit counts on all her cards (- Extra) and so that should make up for her slightly lower base NP gain.

Li also has an Evasion + an Invincibility, which helps him survive, and a 30% Def debuff on his NP for 3 turns that would match and then some Kagetora’s Charisma.

His QQAAB deck might work better right now since Skadi is such a prevalent support option; it won’t help his NP but it’s still a good boost to 2 of his command cards if you can’t find a Tamamo/Bride/Lanling/Saber Medb.

(An NP3 Li will outdamage NP5 Kagetora if you’ve managed to get him that far.)

Still, Arts Lancers are very rare since we have Li + Fionn right now (who’s AoE) and then Melt Summer, Vritra, and Erice (all AoE) in the future, only 6 total. It’s like Arts Riders or Quick Casters - DW fears them for some reason and so just for access alone Kagetora is a great pickup for just about everybody.


hold my beer brings her vs single target bosses


Oh wow I actually have all of her mats ready… Besides QP, but who has that shit?

So am I, I have her mats ready to level her skill to 10/10/10. QP included, but in my case I am lacking EXP cards

If players allowed to trades Mats/EXP/QP I will happily trades QP for your EXP cause for almost half year I am stuck at QP cap.

So complements of cbc and chasing waver on jttw I have np2 Li already. Wonder who I’ll end up liking more?

Of course there is also np2 clay to complete with, among other sr st lancers. Would have loved to get kagetora yr 1 when cu was by himself, but he survived as a good cockroach does.

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