GudaGuda events has the best Welfares (Lorewise)

So, while Im replaying GudaGuda 3 and enjoying Sakamoto and Oryu again, I was thinking about how the GudaGuda welfares are my favorite kind of welfare servant.

I mean, not talking from a Gamepay perspective and usefulness of the servants, but GudaGuda is the only regular event that has Welfare servants that are original, makes sence and are a genuine characters and not some fanservice version like Artoria wearing a Santa hat. Yeah, I like Summer/Santa/Halloween welfares as much as everyone, but I cant really buy the arguments for that servants to really exist as different versions of the originals, in my head the only way to justify their existance is thinking that they are the original selfs just being dorks and wearing customes. Thats why I really dont use them in History Mode… Its like throwing away any chance of being inmersed in the plot. So, yeah, that “No real reason for exist” kind of servant is in my case relegated to farming and doing events that doesnt require a serious perspective (unless that Im stucked and I really cant beat a stage without one of them, but that hasnt been the case in a long long time). Even with some of my favs like Rider Mordred and Darthoria, that arent welfares but still goofy even related versions of another servant, I cant ignore the feeling of them being fake and breaking the suspension of disbelieff if I play them in History.

The Gudacrew, in the other hand, even having some crazyness and weird aspects, are real new characters with a real background and a real reason to exist, instead of some made up bullshit to have one of our Waifus wearing something sexy/cute. We could have them being part of the main plot in a Singularity or Lost Belt, or any event not related to GudaGuda, and they still make sence to exist in the game.

So, anyone feels the same way about welfares? or do you just value them on the gameplay aspects? or maybe do you prefer the fanservice factor? Or are all of them at the same time? I mean, Ryoma is good gameplay wise, he’s a genuine new character and also could be a husbando (he, good look dealing with Oryu).


That is because they come from a pre established story, koha ace, in a comedic HGW. Not a surprise you wont see “santa nobu” coming out of guda guda


GudaGuda Welfares are ridiculously powerful in just lore alone

Nobbu and Chacha have crazy Noble Phantasms at their disposal in lore and Nobbu went through the trouble of Allowing more than one version of herself to exist simultaneously just to show off her raw, unbridled power

Ryouma has a crazy powerful Noble Phantasm pool as a Rider but his primary Noble Phantasm, Amakageru Ryu ga Gotoku, his numbers in FGO are crazy enough but for a normal HGW, He could quite possibly dominate the competition, especially since he likes to fake his death, there’s a reason it’s EX rank

Meanwhile Kagetora has 4 powerhouse Noble Phantasms (3 of which are her FGO skills) that allow her to stand her ground as a Samurai while also dominating offensively with her primary Noble Phantasm, Biten Hassou Kurumagakari no Jin, that allows her to unleash her full arsenal of Weaponry with just 8 attacks which is enough to kill practically any servant in a normal Holy Grail War.

Personally I’m neutral about it, I don’t care what they are as long as they’re free


I do like the welfares and also the other guda guda servants. While I would prefer them to be a bit more serious, that cant be really helped I guess given their source material, which is a gag manga.

Well maybe we will get a fate redline collab sometimes.

As usual, what makes me dislike some of the designs is that the writers just randomly add the “love interest” trope to female servants, like both okitas. Especially okita alter generally has interesting interactions with other servants, but jesus I have to skip everytime she starts talking with our mc.

Yeah, if okita, okita alter or nobu were less like that, I’d definitely like them more. I fear the worst already for the new lancer welfare. Ryouma and oryou are definitely a breath of fresh air, they are among my favorite welfares.


Kagetora is more dutibound and sees Ritsuka as a Capable General, she is more serious than Nobbu and openly calls her Strange and Clingy

Don’t fret too much about Kagetora she has better things to do than fawn over Ritsuka


If I was worried about a broken suspension of disbelief while in battle then I would never field any servant that wasn’t just in the scene : P. Also, I’d say at some point we all just gotta acknowledge that the Servantverse is canon and that MHXA is about as valid as Artoria Alter.

Other than that? It doesn’t come up much but I apply the same logic to them as I do fielding servants who aren’t there. Ryouma and Oryou are amazing though.


Their role as a Pseudo DPS makes them awesome

Double Arts Steroids, Triple Charisma, Tactics buff

That’s a lot of damage


That’s why i hope we’ll keep getting a new gudaguda event every year, i love the settings and there are so many servants to introduce with them.

So far i think the only Koha-Ace servant we haven’t got in FGO is Hideyoshi, i’m not sure if there’s more.


Given that most of our welfares come from festive events, I can see why some might not like them, as most are toned down to a relaxed and sillier version of themselves.

Outside of festive events, most welfares for me are taken very seriously in terms of their profile and personality. As they’re given a better motive to stand their ground for existing.

do you just value them on the gameplay aspects?

Personally, I like to focus more on a servants skill set than design choice first. I’ll use them regardless if they immerse me in the story or not. There’s rarely a time where I won’t use servant just because of their design.

I feel like I’ve ranted on too long with this :fgo_columbuswink: enjoy the characters you love and dedicate your life to FGO. :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

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They also have the best limited servants #dontchangemymind :fgo_nobutea:

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Ha, Id like to do that, but sadly Its impossible (or at least very hard) for me. I couldnt have beaten SIN with just Mordred, Sparty, Nezha and a underleveled/unskilled Jing Ke. Im not smart or patient enough to make it work. Even less the previous lostbelts/singularities that I have less featured servants. So, in my head I just pretend that I can temporary summon a few servants previously contracted, or something like that, lol.


Yeah, it’s just gameplay flavor. Even the game itself tries to avoid the topic or is just wildly inconsistent.

I think it was kinda mentioned that the mc can summon shadow servants, but it’s never really elaborated. The shimousa manga plays with that a bit, but the anime adaptations of babylonia and camelot show that the mc cant summon servants on the fly and has to work with the ones that are already there.