Gudaguda farming questions


I have finished farming Guda-O and golden skulls from bronze and silver currency. Should I continue farming them or should I switch to farm gold currency for the 2x Guda-O and wait for the Maharaurava and Tapana to come out ?


From my math (I have a post about it here), to me it seems like Guda-O is not worth it at all. My calculations show you can hit 1.5 mil pts with just a 270% bonus for the dailies and a 100% bonus while doing the free quests (presuming you will be using all your natural AP on those, and concentrating on the later quests when they unlock). Like you, I got 2 copies, but my math shows I’ll be 1 mil pts over the top by the end.

Far more worthwhile are the gold and silver bonus CEs, as those are the shops where there are highly desirable mats, and you can’t clear those without using apples unless you have a very high bonus. Unfortunately, I don’t have any, and will have to rely on friends for them (hopefully MLB’ed). FYI, also unfortunately, the bronze shop, which has the most easily obtained bonus CE (one from the main quest, and from the FP gacha), is also the one that has the least useful items–mainly just the skull, and if you want, the gold embers. However, in my estimation, the gold embers cost about as much AP as you’d spend doing dailies, so I’m probably going to skip them because it’s not worth apples. And thus, the bronze bonus CE is mostly worthless to me too.


MLBing Guda-O is not at all needed (unless you are a collector, or have too many apples and time), so I would rather go for materials and such you have need off.


I don’t plan to MLB Guda-O, but counting the 2 Guda-O from bronze and silver + 1 Gudaguda Order from main event quest, I still have 2 CE slot left to filled. I planned to get all rewards items from both event currency as well as points. So am currently just wondering if it’s better to continue farming bronze and silver with Intermediate and Novice or gold with Sanjiva.


Lets see. If you take 120 AP, do sanjavi with MLB Poster Girl from support and all your own CE’s, it would net you about 56 gold drops and 83 bronzes. Intermediate with +3 to silver would net you 165 silver drops, 20 bronze, 3 gold. Novice with +2 Bronze, +1 Silver would net you 173 Bronze drops, 20 silver. Maharauva (the best bronze spot) does not offer all that much more than Novice does, but is more generous with Gold drops. Raurava (medium best gold spot) does offer a good increase in those drops, while losing all the others. Avici is a lot better still. Tapana is in the same boat as Maharaurava, except with silver instead of bronze. To summarize, later grinding spots will offer ample opportunity to get some Gold drops while farming Silver and Bronze, so I would focuss on Silver and Bronze right now.


You can make a good guess right now via the calculator how many points you’ll need with just 2 CEs. Odds are, they are really not worth the investment, 600 gold currency is a lot! If you become uncertain you can always buy them piecemeal - the best nodes for points aren’t active until the last 5 days or so anyway.

If you’re running the daily with 360% or more, I’d hold off.


Currently I am running with nobu (60%), medusa (20%), Ushiwakamaru (20%), musahibou (20%) and okita support (160%) with 2 Guda-O (60%). That would make it 340%. Guess that means I am continuing to farm Silver and Bronze. Thanks @Demos_Mirak and @Sizzle


Good luck and have fun! enjoy the event ;)


FYI, since this is an event where you can’t (easily) clear the shops of most of the usual priority items without either high bonuses or apples, I think more than others you need to go to the event shop planner and figure out what you want, and thus how much currency you need.

I’ve made the decision to go for the skulls and the mats, and thus for the bronze shop, it’s just the skull for 200. Since that’s the case, I’ve stopped doing anything that primarily drops bronze currency. YMMV, but that’s why you need to use shop planner in order to develop your strategy.

FYI, I’m farming Kalasutra now mainly for the silver drops.