GUDAGUDA Honnoji Participation poll


Like I posted earlier, I thought this might be fun to do. Let’s see who’s doing what…

  • I’ll shop 'til I drop! (buying out just about everything, apples be damned)
  • All the good stuff (buying out the most desirable items, using apples as necessary)
  • On a budget (buying what you can without apples)
  • Nobu or bust! (mostly just getting Nobu to NP5 w/ascension mats)
  • Checking the list (just doing first clear rewards)
  • What event was that? (doing anything other than the event)
  • Chillin’ (takin’ a break from the game)

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If this is popular, I’ll do it for other events. Let me know if you have suggestions.


Calculations would say I’ll get everything by the final day when it comes to the point ladder. Other than that, once I’m done with the pages, I’ll probably just burn AP naturally and get as much Void Dusts and QP as I can.


Current results are to be expected. The drop rates are pretty much against those of us who don’t whale on gacha CEs (or who are unlucky enough to not get them despite rolling). And apples, while plentiful for tbe most part, are still too valuable a resource to use for every single thing.


With the majority here. I’ll try to get what I can from the shop and maybe use a couple apples. I don’t want to go nuts, but there are good mats in the shop that I’d like to get. I only have 1 of the 4* CE and 1 of the 5* CE and that’s from pulling during the original event. So I can’t boost my drops as much as I’d like.


I’m prob gonna throw some cash for rainbow apples I need the mats :fgo_badciv:


Only thing I’m not gonna buy out of the shop is the void’s dust, I’ve got 500+ of those. If I happen to run into enough silver to buy them then I will but something tells me I’m good for now on dust lol.


My golden rule is getting all mats from every event.


Going for everything in shop besides Silver EXP and probably half of Mana Prisms, depends how many apples I end up using towards the end.


Done with bronze, on to Silver as I speak. Though both the Golden Skull’s and CE are bought out totally.

Probably wont get all gold items but it could be close.


After reading Zhiroc’s analysis I decided to forgo Embers in the shop, which should help me close out rest of the shop with hopefully not too many apples.

Not sure whether to buy out Stingers or Dusts though.


By stingers do you mean the Poisonous Needles?

The Needles are like Bones and Dust in that they are bronze-class materials. As such, you usually need a high number of them for skill enhancements. The main difference is that Needles will only be needed for Servants that were released from Babylonia and onwards, whereas Dust and Bones are more commonly used.

If you have any Servants from that point, you’ll probably need the Needles if you want to raise their skills to high levels. As an example, Caster Gilgamesh needs 48 to go from level 8 to 9 for a total of 144 for three skills.

You should probably check if any Servants you have that you also want to invest in (or Servants you don’t have but want to get) need it.


Now that I have all the items That they offer that I needed on my check list I am going to farm mana prisms.

I want to get mlb Mona Lisa some day and a 1000 mana prisms here and another 1000 mana prisms from gudaguda Meiji ishin will help me get closer to that goal.

After that buy up the dust and everything else I can.


Only things I need, so gears and pages. The rest are bonus points. After finishing the current batch I’ll probably go for exp and then prisms. Life and Langrisser are holding me back from FGO.


After Avicii unlocks, gonna go ham farming Gold currency, but for now, still working on Silver and Bronze.
Material drop rates are actually much better than I expected.
Haven’t invested a lot of Apples specifically into it, but I’ve farmed quite a few Bones, Ghost Lamps, and Serpent Jades off natural AP.
Hearts on the other hand…



i got like 3 hearts back to back feelsbad