GUDAGUDA Mystery of the Imperial Capital's Holy Grail Roll Thread

No one else did it so I took the opportunity :fgo_buster:

After a long while of patiently saving for many, the time to find out if our efforts were worth it is nearly upon us.

Be it for Okita Souji (Alter):

Okada Izō:

And/or either of Li Shuwen or Emiya (Archer):

We’ll soon see whether or not the gacha will grace us with our targets, or leave us begging. Unless you’re skipping and are just here to watch the show. :feh_popcorrin:

Best of luck to all others rolling! Let’s make it a good one.


Edit: I’m not rolling but i have no self-control so who knows? :feh_lucyshrug:

but GL to anyone else rolling for Okitan and Izou, hope you get them in 9 SQ :fgo_ereshlove:

and if you do, i want my commission :fgo_gaooo:


Who’s rolling for my boy?


Just a notice for those looking for the limited 3*:

You don’t have to wait for his solo day - 3* on rate up are always 4%, so if there is one on rate up it is 4% or if 3 are on rateup they are each individually at 4%.

They don’t share it like other rarities do.


Imagine rolling

no I’m not crying, you’re crying


aiming for np2

also, 2nd ascension is the best one.


Interesting info, but are you sure? this does break my understanding of how rate up works.

And good luck to everybody else - will throw a few tickets without really expecting anything. Skadi and Summer are close and whatever reserves had were spent on DL campaign banner (but I did get lucky then, so there is this)


Pretty sure, but once the banner drops you can check the summon rates to see for sure.

Like I said, it’s only 3* though - they have a base 40% rate split among the entire pool - so on solo Izou day, he is 4% and every other 3* shares the 36%. On days with Medusa and…? Was there another 3*? Anyway, on days with Medusa it would be Izou 4%, Medusa 4%, every other 3* shares the 32%

That’s why you go to Class banners for story locked 3* - with only 4 3* Sabers, for instance, Bedivere has a 10% chance vs. the normal 4% chance from the Murder at the Kogetsukan banner, for instance.


Huh, that’s interesting :eyes: learn something new everyday.

I should put the schedule at the top now that you mention it, though I’m probably the only one worried about that


It’s hard between 2nd and 1st. The 2nd outfit is cooler but 1st ascension has the blue fire effect which is way cooler.

I don’t think about 3rd ascension though, that one looks nasty.


3rd has too much going on. i like the 2nd on cuz the long hair plus outfit look suuuuper good together.


That scarf though


I’ll be waiting until Emiya’s solo rate up in hopes of knocking out Okitan, Okada copies and Emiya’s last couple NP merges all at once.

May all your rolls be better than GudaGuda; they’re GreataGreata


Here I thought it was just me waiting for that :feh_legion:


I have nothing, only GSSR paid sqz (that cannot be used), so i have litterally nothing.

Or i other words, i’ll skip this banner with ease.

If you have nothing, you can’t get tempted.

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Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t sure if I should yolo on li Shuwen or emiya’s day for the added izou solo… But now I don’t have to choose! (li already np2, but emiya as tutorial is already bond 10…so toss up on preference if I got 4* instead)


I’m almoust sure that i’m going to fail in my task of geting her but i’m going to roll because i want her and i have a gacha addiction


Already have NP2 EMIYA, Izou is acceptable but easily passable mechanically even if you lack Shiki (Main Interlude when? :neutral_face:), I’ve got Li, and I’ve got an Okita on top of 'tan being in the Extra Class GSSR and future banners. So that’s a no from me. Besides, EMIYA’s permanent and very popular, so him coming unannounced isn’t out of question. Better yet this is a Mission-based event, so I feel particularly chill not aiming for CEs.


You made so many good points you almost made me rethink about rolling here, i know i should save and skip this since they all have multiple future rate ups but unfortunately for me i just can’t resist Okita.


Hey, best of luck to your rolls!