GUDAGUDA Poster Girl Worth It?


I was wondering whether I should try to pull Poster Girl or not, after failing miserably at trying to get Cute Orangette for my MHXA, I don’t really know whether I should spend large amounts of SQ on CE’s, currently I have about 100SQ saved up and am not planning on using it until Kiara/Melt becomes available.

The reasons I want to pull Poster Girl is:
1 - Easier event grinding, these damm god awful drop rates
2 - Future use in challenge quests and the such, I’m sure how to use the CE right, but apparently it’s really good soooo…

Man this was a lot longer than i thought it would be…help on a decision would be appreciated

Is GUDAGUDA Poster Girl worth using SQ on?


Let’s try some math to figure out if it is worth it for the event.

Poster girl has a 2.8% drop rate. That means you need to do 25 summons/ spend 75 sq to have a 50% chance to get at least one copy.

Those 75 sq could be used to refill your AP 75 times. So let’s say you have an AP bar of 130, that is equivalent to 9750 AP or 243 runs of the 40 AP node. Assuming 5 drops of the gold quality drop from the current nodes that is a cost of 1218 drops.

So on average you would have to make more than 1218 extra gold drop to offset the sq investment cost of the CE.

That seems pretty steep cost to me. It becomes even steeper if you consider the better nodes in the future.


Thanks for the answers, I won’t roll for it, especially since I already have Okita, may you all be blessed with luck in your desired Gatcha’s!


I would never suggest using SQ on CEs except in some very extreme cases like if somehow (never happened) Kscope went on rate up. It’s not new content.

The CE is super powerful if used right in combination with some budget strategies, and it is fun to mess around with an AI that is completely at your mercy (dance my taunted puppets, dance!). You can pull of some very neat budget strategies with it, or do very low turn runs of CQs.

But your average players won’t do that, doesn’t need to do that, and no guides will ever feature it as a vocal point aside from optimization.

Instead, spend that quartz trying to get a new Servant in CCC! The CEs are highly useful there too.


man you think the drops here are horrible lol,
wait for CCC

just save for CCC,
using poster girls meme isnt worth ,


I think that the CE drop up is a “plus”. You should roll for the 4* 5* servant you want, eventually you’ll get the CE during the rolling (if it’s an event banner). Servant have the priority in my opinion :slight_smile:


For this event, both the gold and silver drop bonus CEs are super useful to either get more of what you want out of those shops, or use less apples to do so. But as other have said, using SQ/tickets to fish for CEs is generally not worth it in my opinion, even in this case.


The CE is very good, but i wonder if it’s worth to summon just for getting it

If you try and don’t get it, you are going to be pretty disapointed…
I guess if you want a chance of getting Okita it is worth it, otherwise is just too risky


You’re converting SQ into AP by doing that though. As in, event CEs are literally just there to make the event more time and AP efficient. Since SQ is so hard to get, and for most AP is the constraint (time for whales though), that makes getting event CEs for SQ a raw deal. Your play experience might be better though.

After all, the AP you spent from not running as many nodes is simply spent on Free Quests or a lottery event where you eat your apples.


Honestly, it isn’t worth rolling Gatcha for the sake of getting a 5* CE.
Ofc, even 1 will help with your farming greatly, but Gatcha luck is too effing convoluted
that don’t be surprised if you actually end up rolling Okita or tons of other 5* CEs before getting Poster Girl.

What you want from Gatcha, you won’t get. If you do get, it cost you tons of SQ, depending on luck. What you don’t want, there’s a 100% chance of you getting it. What it is you don’t want that you DID get however, is up to pure luck.


Yeah. Poster Girl is really decent, JP player consider it is one of 5 most valuable CE for gameplay. However, if you dont want to roll due to you already have Okita, I think it is also reasonable.


In the game, viable taunters need to taunt for at least 3 turns, 1 turn would just be a one off thing for clutch if need be. In addition, hard taunters tend to be weaker in atk and therefore are themselves unusable for attacking unless arts/buster chains without big investment, GudaGuda turns anybody into a 3 turn taunter, usually good for cycling through, if you have somebody with good attacking potential, bad health and one evade or guts, you can use them as a 3 turn taunt and cycle for arts/buster chaining with a main dps and support. In particular are beserkers with mid-high np gen and evade like Herc and Cu Alter, allowing you to defend and let THEM take damage and charge up their np. If you have 3-4 postergirls, you could just set up a team of 3-4* servants as glass cannons to blow through break bars, use a friend’s supportive servant like Merlin or Waver, to help charge.


Just adding to what @JasonSan said:

Poster Girl is very valuable for new masters, even better if you have Jeanne or Jeanne support with this CE, at least until Camelot.

Besides that and CQs, you can live w/o Poster Girl just fine