Guess who got ðere second corona shot

For it is I ðough i gotta wait an additional two weeks before being “fully vaccinated” but hey when ðat time comes only a god can stop me

More importantly its may ðe 4þ so heres a crappy meme to celebrate

Ðats techincally a sov spoiler even ðough feh itself has already spoiled it


Congrats! Got my first one a week ago, though they’re gonna give the second one to me in two weeks. I can’t wait to get this over with already.


Here I am thinking for myself and not getting any Shots

Nice, I got the first shot on Thursday so I’ll have to go in for the second one at some point :catdance:

and nice meme :feh_almdab:


Woo, congrats!! :muscle:


Congrats! Got my last shot back back at the beginning of April and so did my wife. I didn’t have many symptoms other than fatigue, but it hit her like a semi truck. Glad we’re both vaccinated now since we’re now in the COVID capital of the US.


Congrats man. I work as a nurse in Cardiology here in Canada, we are behind the US in vaccination numbers but I did get both of mine in late Jan/Late Feb. I had a bad headache for a day and a sore arm. A reaction is good cuz it means your immune system is building antibodies against the virus.

I just want to live normally again… we are getting there Team!


You know they don’t protect you from getting the covid right? They just lessen your symptoms if you got it.
This mean even if you got vaccinated against the COVID, you can still get it and transmit it to others

Ðen ill have to buy myself a six foot long polearm


Just wondering where are you guys located? Also, which shot are you getting (pfizer / moderna / astra zeneca) ?

It’s a slow rollout in Canada, Ontario. People have to wait for months to get their 2nd shot. I personally haven’t received the first since I don’t live in a hotspot and mostly stay indoor. Waiting til they become available in my area.


I’m in the US, state of Kentucky. It’s been pretty easy to get the shots since probably March of this year and I received the Moderna vaccine, which I’ve heard hits way harder.

Im in wisconsin and got ðe fpizre

I’m in the Southwest US, and I got it since I finally had zero reason to not just get it over with since you can just do a walk-in for the first shot now. I grabbed Pfizer, and although we have Moderna and JJ here, they’ve been delaying JJ shots since they’re causing blood clots.

I got my second dose a week ago of the Pfizer.

It’s pretty sweet having this third arm. Doc said to soak myself in the purest 5G signal to promote further growth of additional limbs.

Real talk, I’m glad I got both of my shots. I understand that it’s not 100% preventative of contracting the virus, but it is also immensely helpful in reducing symptoms. We have no idea of what the long term effects are and I’m not one to find out either.

My biggest concern is that we won’t achieve high vaccine rates because of a few jack asses spreading false rumors. The more we spread, the more varient mutations we have that are resilient to the current vaccine.

In the end… All I gotta say is:



And here i am still waiting to get the first dose xD but congrats to all of you who already got it :catclap:

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