Guide of Divine Codes to help in its management (Updated 27/3/2020)

Here I’ll make some calcs to help everybody plan a little bit better how to manage the Divine Codes. I wanted to make the most use of them but without any planning I find it pretty difficult to know where to go and how much we will be able to get.
At the end of the post I will put some info regarding the Ephemera Divine Codes (EDC).

The budget calcs are based more or less with my scoring (you cand find more info about it below) and making it a little bit lower so (more or less) everybody can fit in that range.
I won’t be counting any way of obtaining more DC like missions or the likes, since this can be pretty sporadic and not a consistent source of getting them.

Personal Score

I’ll be taking into account for Arena T18/19 since without any effort you can get there, and T21 since I arrived there quite easely without much effort (if you think I should be counting a lower tier say so, and I will redo de calcs), and playing once a day just to maintain myself in T21 that’s the score I usually achieve.

On average I’m in T19 in arena, sometimes I drop to T18, sometimes I go up to T20.
About Aether Raids I usually end up in T22/23 if I play everyday, T21 the weeks I don’t play that much so I can stay up there. (2 Eirs in Light, 1 Naga in Astra).
In Mjölnir Strike I usually have ~750 points when defending, but I don’t remember how much I make out of it.

I’ll be assuming it’s a regular player (plays the game modes listed every week).

You can see more information about the skills you can get in each path in this post:

Normal Divine Codes

First of all, average gains:

  • Arena Tier 18-19, so that will make 36/38 DC every week. 37 to make it even, given you stay there always. (If you are in T20 then it will be 40 every week).
  • Aether Raids will give around 28/32 when you are in T21, so I’ll be counting 28 just to go for the safest calc.
  • Mjölnir Strike when not fully implicated gives around 52? I think.

So, every week you will be getting approximately 117 DC when not going full tryhard for everything.
The maximum DC you can get from each game mode are 50 for Arena and AR, and 100 from MS, so 200 DC if you are top in every game mode that give DC.
You can count the 240 DC you can get from FEH Pass every month, making a total of 2.880 every year.

The year has usually 52 weeks. In a year you can get, then:

  • In a budget -> 6.084 Divine Codes, 8.964 with FEH Pass.
  • Going for the top always -> 10.400 Divine Codes, 13.280 with FEH Pass.

And with that, we can see that, if you pay and go full hardcore you can get 2 paths every year, while if you stay playing casually you will complete only one path wheter you pay or not.

Ephemera Divine Codes

As of today, there are four ways of getting EDC, and that’s with Hall of Forms and Forging Bonds.

  • In Hall of Forms you will get, if you arrive at the end (now 25 chambers instead of 20), a total of 120 EDC.
  • In Forging Bonds you will get a total of 30 EDC per character, which means there’s a total of 120 EDC.
  • In Grand Conquest you will get a total of 125 if you arrive at T25 (5 per tier).
  • In Tempest Trials you will get a total of 50 when you arrive at 6000 points (score).
  • In Lost Lore you will get 8 rewards of 15 EDC, which adds up for a total of 120 EDC.

The total of limited units is:

  • Two 5 Star units, each one costing 300 EDC (for a total of 600)
  • Five 4 Star units, each one costing 100 EDC (for a total of 500)

The combined cost of this batch is 1100 EDC.
Right now, we can get up to 530 EDC.

As always, if there’s an update, this post will be updated too.
Hope this helps you out to have a better grasp at how much you can gain, invest and what to expect.


Thanks for the calcs!

Sorta makes me sad tho, not much actual stuff I can get within a decent time frame. Oh well, still some very good fodder

And it’s free! I mean… free stuff is free stuff


Yeah my foolish self was hoping they wouldn’t be as bad grails.
Well they aren’t as bad as grails, THEY’RE SOMEHOW EVEN WORSE


Well yes but no

It’s sorta like grails are budget stuff while divine codes are more premium.

There’s also a limited amount of stuff you can do with divine codes while grails are practically infinite (technically no but you know what I mean)

Grails give you projects and cheap units

Divine codes give you premium fodder

Thus the cost difference. I too was hoping for better divine codes but I can’t complain about getting free stuff


Expectations: hell yeah, can’t wait to get fort. def/res, special spiral and all the good stuff for my favorite units via divine codes!

Reality: Well, at least I can get reposition from Barst via the ephemeral codes… I guess… :feh_elisad:


As expected, the prices are ■■■■■■■ terrible. I hope we can send enough feedback for IS to change this in some way. Because it’s going to take way too long to complete any of this.


I sorta see the idea that the whole thing is limited and thus should last everyone a while but…

Sweating fully for 3 years gives you all of them

FEH is only 3 years old. Goddamn that’s horrible, IS is basically saying ‘double the lifetime of FEH and you complete this thing’ by that time all this ‘premium’ fodder will be powercrept super hard, or the game will just be dead


Dear player, if you wish to receive more Divine codes, feel free to subscribe to FEH Pass in order to receive up to 240 divine codes per month

Sincerely, your favorite owl :feh_nix:


Yeah. It’s bad. And I’m in T21+ AR, T20 arena, T17/18 MS and have the pass. So I’m in the upper end of how many I’ll be getting. And this is still pretty bad.


Funny thing, I already am :feh_corrinmug:

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Can’t think of another customer support reply now :feh_confused: I bet they’ll find a way to sell them to us. The next monthly bundle is sure to have them included.

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Probably. That’s actually why I bought the pass even though I thought it was scummy. I was already buying the monthly orb packs, so the pass gave me more value for money I was already spending.

Didnt they say they’ll be adding more paths in future updates? Cause if so then that will mean that we could use dc on these paths and months later they add an amazing one. That would be annoying(did it say it will use a different type of divine code)

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I’m glad that helps you! :feh_hridexcited:


For now, since (at least) I can’t buy more than two or three manuals and they don’t have too much to offer, I will save until I can buy the manual I really want. I’m not starting any route for now since they can just add another one which looks better and I’ll be screwed. :feh_eirikabulli:

Say you want Special Spiral from Lewin. You have to unlock before him 3 more units. That’s 2400 DC to just unlock 3 units you’re not going to use right away since you want SS, not the other 3. See where I’m going? I feel like waiting here is the key to success. :feh_annawink:

About the special divine codes, the red ones, I don’t know if they said how to obtain them, but I’m not too worried about it since, for now, the fodder is just kinda meh for me. When we have a source of red ones I can update this thread with the info of them or do whatever, but for now we are clueless about it. :feh_elisad:


At least it’s not as bad as Kliff. He’s at the end and everyone before him is pretty bad.


Well, for anyone who plays with offensive Healers that path looks kinda cool having wrathful staff. But yea, is kinda overwhelming the fact you have to wait so freaking much just to get that, going through so many… units :feh_elisad:


Thank goodness I got pity broken by that Lewyn im never gonna use(his ivs were +atk -spd)

Also the dual+ balm for anyone who uses healers in arena(aka just me)

It makes sense for them to be expensive. After all, it is free premium fodder. These could cost over 200 orbs if you’re unlucky, and now you can get them for free by just playing the game. :thinking:

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