Guide to Account Recovery

Due to the increasing amount of threads requesting help on Account recovery, I figured that making a detailed guide would be incredibly helpful in helping Masters-in-need recover their accounts.

Below is the Information you will need:

  • Phone Model (Brand and Model Number)
  • Friend Code (9 digits)
  • Transfer Code
  • Current active Support Lineup (Servant and Skill levels not necessary but incredibly helpful)
  • List of your Purchase history and how much (if you never bought Quartz then ignore)
    Receipt of last purchase you made (Order Number and Order Date)
  • Who was registered as your Favorite Servant
  • Birthday
  • Master Level
  • Master Name
  • Master Gender
  • Approximate age of Account (If you know what day you created your account, answer with: YYYY MM DD (Replace YYYY with year, MM with month, DD with day))
  • Approximate time you last logged into the game (Answer with: YYYY MM DD (Replace YYYY with year, MM with month, DD with day)
  • How and why you lost access to your account.

You will not necessarily need ALL of the information listed above, but the more information you have, the better the chances of the Support staff being able to look up your Account.

At best, you should be missing only 1 or 2 items from the list above.
At worst, the Support Staff will send you an email requesting additional information about your Account, and if you are unable to supply that information, then the probability of recovering your Account is lowered.

The email address is

From my past experiences in recovering my Account, I have discovered that they operate on Japan Standard Time.
As such, their time zone is 13 hours ahead of my time zone, so for someone like me in Eastern Standard Time, they generally reply back to me anywhere between 1 AM and 4 AM.

Calculate accordingly if you live in a different time zone for when you can expect a reply. You should typically receive an email reply within a 24-48 hour time-frame of sending your Ticket.

If you have sent sufficient information and they are able to locate your account, they will send an email with your new Transfer Number and Password, which will expire immediately upon use.
You will need to create and record a new Transfer Number and Password upon Account recovery to ensure future access to your Account should you lose your phone or transfer to another device.

Steps to reset login information upon Account Recovery:

  1. After recovering your account, go to “My Room”
  2. Tap “Device Transfer” in the My Room Menu
  3. Type in a password to be used when transferring to another device (the second field is for confirmation, so type it in both fields). The password must be 4-12 alphanumeric characters.
  4. A transfer code will be issued. Pressing the Copy button will copy it into clipboard. The code can either be immediately used to transfer the account to another device or saved for future use.
  5. On a SEPARATE DEVICE, record the password you entered in Step 3 as well as your new Transfer Code. If you do not have another device to store your Account information on, then send an email to yourself with the login information for future reference.

Please note that:

※ The “Transfer Code” and the “Password” will not expire until used.

※ The “Transfer Code” and the “Password” can only be used once.

※ Once used, the “Password” and the “Transfer Code” won’t be functional anymore.

※ Should you lose your data due to negligence (such as damage to the device, forgotten password, etc.), we won’t be able to help you recover it.

※ If you sent multiple inquires from different email addresses, it is possible that each of your messages will have a different “Transfer Code” and “Password”. Should that happen, only the last message sent will contain the valid information.

I hope that this guide will be incredibly helpful to Masters who need to recover their accounts.
If I am missing any crucial information about the process, then please inform me ASAP so that I can update the guide accordingly.

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and if anyone is a whale or spend any moderate amount of money on this game
send them all your transaction
(if you are using googleplay, you should have received some receipts to show you bought some sq,)
send them , as many as you can


Continuing the discussion from Guide to Account Recovery:

I am new player ( around 12 total logins) while transferring to another device I accidentally did a mistake while copying the transfer code and lost my account , I would have started another one account but after getting 3 SSR I was sad that I lost my account but after some research on grandorder subreddit. I sent an email with information except ID and friend code
and finally got my account back with in 2 days
What I gave them was
Master name
4 of my friends master names
My support setup
And all my gold servants name with level except chacha
Master gender
Latest singularity I AM in
Master level (I gave an estimate)
My favorite servant
Phone model
When did I start the game
Date of my last login
I got a reply today morning with transfer code and password they took less than 48 hrs sent an email on Wednesday they replied they will take 3-5 days to get info back, no reply on Thursday ,today morning I got my account honestly didn’t think I can get my account without ID Sorry If I wrote a long post…


I have had to do this twice. Both times were very quick.

I had a bunch of vague answers and one lie (I didn’t tell them i play on Nox since it’s technically banned.) My guess was they just looked at the receipt for an $80 pack and expedited me to the front of the line because they got me a recovery code within an hour one time and about 5 hours the other. I guess if you have a receipt, it’s

A) good hard evidence the person writing is the acct owner b/c who would take control of someone’s Gmail and paypal just to steal a FGO acct and

B) means you’re a “good customer” and they don’t want to keep ur next SQ purchase waiting.

Alternate theory: both times I heard back around midnight and that may just be the time their CSRs are working- around 2pm Tokyo time. And the overly apologetic tone of the email leads me to believe the CSRs are in Japan.


So my friend has sent three emails to support trying to recover his account. He waited a week in between each email and has had no response of any kind. Anyone got any ideas?

Depends on what he sent in the emails.

Could be a number of factors:

  1. Sent to wrong email. Need to send to
  2. Didn’t provide sufficient information to warrant any kind of recovery attempt.
  3. Didn’t provide subject title so Support for some reason didn’t even look at his mail.
  4. Other miscellaneous reasons.

I’m not sure what is going on.
I just sent an email a couple days ago asking about whether or not they started charging tax on even Google Play Credit now (although I suspect it is probably a state tax now) for U.S. residents.
Got a reply within 24 hours.

You sure it not a scam? Cause someone I spoke with say this method is a scam, for whatever reason. He couldn’t get his account back due to his phone was acting funny.

His transfer code didn’t work, despite remember the password and code.

Which post are you referring to that might be a scam?

There’s only 1 (2 if my add on tips are considered)

And it’s the offical Method that even the game tells you to do when you ask for your acc back
If it’s a scam
Then this entire game is a scam

If we’re talking about mine
The worst case scenario I ever saw
Was my friend getting a different acc
Back that had 75% of the golds he had and others

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The method to get ur account back. I have no idea why he say it a scam…maybe have to do with bad customer service?

Even if you give all your info correctly…they still apologized for not being able to recover the account. I have a feeling customer service would put lot of effort to get a P2p account back.

As for F2p account they wouldn’t bother, and just would say sorry account can’t be recover. It not a huge loss since you don’t paid us. I believe customer service value P2p more.

I don’t really think that’s the case. There’s no way to prove it isn’t, and some cynicism would say that the players spending money are the ones that cater to, but that really isn’t the key thing here.

If you provide a record of transactions that you made with them in the past, they have a definite identification of the account. Payments with transaction numbers single out a specific account that they can match with their records.

The free to play information can be harder to match to an exact account and confirm that the account is the correct player’s.

never attribute anything that can be attributed to incompetence as malice


F2p are the ones affected the most if they lose their account. Well, I don’t really care much about my F2p account since it trash.

The one who believed it a scam is a F2p. He lost his NA account with plenty of good servants, he plays on Jp.

I mean, that might be true, but it doesn’t really run counter to anything I said. This thread is supposed to be a guide though. Discussion of quality of customer service and people’s experiences should probably be in a different thread, unless it changes the advice given here

My friend finally got his account back after 5 emails. The last email he sent every single purchase he ever made, which was a significant amount of money. Guess money talks.


Is that right the administrator need 3-5 days to recover my account? Because they sent an email to me that inform need 3-5 days to recover my account

Now THAT sounds like a scam
To my knowledge, Support staff never sends anything like that.
Make sure you are emailing

Did you give all the information I specified in the first post?
I’ve never had a problem recovering my account, even if I sometimes don’t provide financial transaction records of SQ purchases.
I seriously don’t think they treat P2P and F2P any differently.

One thing I’ve done recently is to take some screenshots of my master profile, support list #3 (which I never used as I typically just have “normal” vs “event” support profiles), and the first page of my servant spirit origin list, sorted by rarity.

Some of what they ask for changes so much that it’s probably just easier to screenshot periodically.