Guidelines for Friend List Maintenance

I just pruned a long-time friend and thought to have a conversation around how we all decide to accept friend invites and what our respective guidelines are for staying friended.

This is not a new conversation, but we have a lot of new people on the forums right now, so maybe there’s some value in revisiting it.

I’ll start with mine:

I will invite a friend if…

  • They ask here on GP when I have open slots (I no longer accept random invites in-game)
  • The account is appears to be a “main” rather than a neglected or just-started alt

That’s about it. I have enough friends with Skadi and other supports for events that I don’t fish for veterans or for other whales. I really like it when the friend is an active new player, because I know my roster will be helpful to them.

I will dismiss a friend if…

  • They persistently fail to curate their Event support list (this is not a new feature anymore - most players should catch on by the time they clear Part 1 if not sooner)

  • CE slots on support lists are left empty for more than a week. Mistakes happen, but not noticing and fixing it for that long usually means they’re logging in for bonuses and don’t really play

  • They fail to log in for 7 days without setting a message (I try to reach GP folks on the forums before dismissing them, though)

  • Their Master level and/or Servant skill levels barely improve over a very long period of time (inactive players don’t need dedicated friend support)

  • They are experienced players who put up non-MLB shop CEs and don’t finish upgrading them within a reasonable time frame (I’d prefer that they not put them up at all if not MLB, but some players don’t understand why that’s unhelpful, so I give them some time to finish it)


Sounds pretty similar to what I do. I don’t really have any hard and fast rules, but I generally only unfriend people who haven’t logged-in for an extended period, who demonstrate a lack of respect for their friends by not at least making an effort to curate their lists for events. I mean, I can understand if you aren’t rolling on a banner and don’t have any bonus servants levelled, but don’t just leave the list from two events ago up.

I have pretty much anything I need on my existing friends list, so I mostly only kick people to make room for new GP folks, to whom I always give priority. As such, my list changes infrequently, these days.


There’s also mp shop CE’s. Don’t put them on support till mlb. Hate accidentally earning 2/3% when I expected 10/15%

And do your interludes and RUQs for servants you put on support. I’m having flashbacks to saber wars rerun, friend with a max grailed MHX without her np upgrade or skill upgrade done. Got in the middle of the quest and went, oh crap! I’m not invincible!


Speaking of…
Is there any chance that slot is still open? :fgo_ereshpeek:
I had to shoot my shot ok


Oh I forgot to mention that one! I’ll fix.

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I bookmarked you and will send you an invite after I level, which will be within a day or two!


Thank you! :fgo_medealove:


I don’t usually look at the details of my friends enough to notice roster improvements… Just those who stop logging in most of the time. But I just noticed someone with a completely unskilled casnero. Well, maybe it was a new years summon…and somehow didn’t have any caster gems after a lottery :fgo_mordredthink:, wait, that shouldn’t be right.

Expand to find out of all 9 supports the highest skill at all is 6, but mostly 1-2 across the board, including skadi (extra :fgo_badciv:). Kuro is there already, so not a new player (but only master lvl132…). And why give someone with a single buster card L/Z for a ce? Event support not separate.

Oh that hurt to see…


I have no mercy when it comes to my friend list. You haven’t logged in for 5 days? See ya, espesh if someone from GP has asked me for a spot.

I really don’t care what your support list looks like, as long it’s not a Mash-face with a non-MLB CLT we are probably okay.


A quick question for y’all, with the latest events requiring lostbelt clears to access, of course not all players are going to be able to participate. Obviously if you haven’t cleared Solomon, or have a lower master level I’m fine with the empty event support. But if someone has cleared Solomon, and has a relatively high master level, I tend to assume they’re caught up with the story. Should players put something in their message? Or should I wait and see if they update it for the next event? :fgo_karnapeek:

Unlocked event or not, separation of event and normal CE’s at least clues friends in that they know what to do with support. And with the new ce filter during events I won’t notice anyone who doesn’t equip any event CE’s, but I will probably notice if someone’s normal support is littered with event CE’s.


I will either roll a lot on a banner or I wont roll at all. So some events I get a ton of requests and others I don’t get any at all. So I have to prune my list every now and then.

I’m pretty much the same. If someone is not caring to ensure that their support lineups are up to date, and the best they can be, I will delete them. F2P is cool, but lvl 130 for 12 months and 4-6-3 on every skill in the entire lineup is not. I was F2P for years and had whales add me because I consistently provided MLB event CEs early and optimized my support lineup for particular events where Merlin would be needed, or a particular CE was desirable. I expect the same from my friends.

Unless they’re an actual friend in which case I’ll cut them some slack because I’m a nice guy. After all, I can remember a few events where I got the 5th copy of the event CE rather late, because of something going on in my life keeping me from investing enough time in the game. And I remember feeling guilty those times that people on my friends list would be having a harder time farming because of me. :rofl:


You think that’s bad? Then how about this?

I can only assume it’s some weird insider-joke I don’t get, because the rest of the list looks perfectly fine. But this? NP- and Crit-Strength on a support? Especially when you have a Servant who can make use of it! But instead giving him the weaker version with split stats. I don’t get it.


Close friends (especially from GP) are exempt from these two rules but…

  1. Everyone is expected to put time and effort into their supports. If I believe you are not putting in effort I can remove you at any time. No CEs, no event supports, no skill levels, no improvements? Expect to be cut for someone who cares.

  2. Everyone has 7 days.If you don’t log in by that time I reserve the right to remove you at anytime by my discretion.

Generally, If you have a well maintained Support List that shows that you put effort into your supports I can, and probably will, extend that dead line to 14 or (if I really like you or your supports) upto 30 days. BUT if I need room for someone, especially someone from GP, or simply want to add a few newbies and you haven’t logged in by day 7 I can and will make room for them by removing you.


I lock anyone from GP. The rest come and go with the tide


I give people about a month before I delete them for inactivity outside of Mash only players that just started, I only give them a week because I doubt they will be coming back. Other than that, nothing I can really think of besides people who seem to intentionally keep literally all their units 10 levels below cap. No idea why I ran into so many of those…

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I generally go by unfriend/don’t accept based on:

  1. Don’t accept Mash faces anymore these days .

  2. If they are a vet, I expect to see skill levels, and CEs that make sense.

  3. I unfriend supports that don’t have the needed skills maxed. Like I’m okay with 1/1/10 Wavers, just don’t put up supports that are 1/1/1, too many runs ruined by this one.

  4. Wavers get favoured over Skadi, cause I lack Waver, and there’s just too damn few of him. I would give Tammy more favourability, except I know ppl on GP who can put her up when I need at a moment’s notice, and i use her far less often than Waver.

  5. I give players who don’t log in a grace period of 15 days at most, unless they have a message/I know why they are out. GP’ers are generally completely exempted from this.

  6. MLB MP shop CEs please, don’t be that guy.

  7. I expect some improvements from newbies over time, like give me an indication that you are playing.

  8. Split lists for events please, non-GP’ers I don’t friend unless they do this.

  9. I don’t expect to see unkept event lists from vets, and an indication of trying from noobs.

About it really, I relax and enforce these on GP’ers as i see fit, mostly I don’t enforce these on ppl from here unless they are vets who should know what they are doing.

Non-GP’ers tho, well I have a few accounts that carried me that I’m partial to, others tho, no mercy.


Thank you for the reminder.
I don’t check my list that often but I found a couple that I could remove.
Normally I only go by inactivity but at this point pruning it more often might be the correct choice.

Some examples:
One still had Gilfest CEs.
Another had a Fzero lineup.
A third was level 120 and had played the OG Illya event, unsplit event support and only old event CEs.
One highlevel had an unsplit setup with no event CEs and Beni-enma held a different bond CE.


Just so we’re clear on this last point:

They are experienced players who put up non-MLB shop CEs and don’t finish upgrading them within a reasonable time frame (I’d prefer that they not put them up at all if not MLB, but some players don’t understand why that’s unhelpful, so I give them some time to finish it)

I am certainly guilty of this. And my natural inclination as soon as I buy one of the shop CE’s is to chuck it on my support list.

Am I to understand that you would prefer a non event CE over this? Because the reality is I am not going to MLB it until I get at least 3 more copies from the extremely low chance drops, as it is detrimental to myself to MLB it any sooner.

Point in fact, in our current event I am sitting at 5 copies (4 shop and 1 drop) so I am no where near MLBing it yet. Hell I couldn’t MLB my first Gilfest card until I had already farmed 40 boxes. Some people have shitty luck.

So would I be pruned because I haven’t had the good fortune to MLB any of mine yet? Wouldn’t my +1 be of benefit to anyone on my friends list?

Last point is that you can set a filter to show only MLB CEs in your event support list. Rather than putting the onus on people who haven’t been lucky on drops.

@Gou Do you want me to change my event support CEs to all non event CEs (barring the few FP 3 stars)? Because I’d rather not be pruned.


It’s a good thing I have given my account. King Hassan was ruthless.