Guidelines for Friend List Maintenance

I believe this point is about the Mana Prism shop CEs.
You know Mona Lisa, Lunch Time, etc.


I noticed I’m being REALLY picky when adding new friends, especially in the past few months somehow. Though once someone is added, they rarely have to worry about getting kicked. I mean, just compare my friend requirements!

I’ll remove a friend if:

  • My friends list is full, but I need/want to add someone else with a better roster AND you didn’t log in the longest from all the ~90 people on the list.

That’s it. Folks can go take a break from the game or be inactive for a month or two and I probably won’t even notice it.

On the other hand, here are my requirements for random friend invites (GP folks have a bit more leeway)…

  • Only Mash in supports? Pass.
  • No separation between normal and event supports? Move along.
  • Support list with only welfares or low rarity servants? Declined.
  • No MLB Mona Lisa on rider AND MLB bond CE on caster? Nope.
  • You have a funny player name or a thematic support list to show off your pride and waifus? I might add you, if nobody better shows up within a day or two.

(by now this already filters out about 95% of the requests I get)

  • So, you have gold, non-welfare supports with MLB Mona Lisa and a MLB Bond CE and know how to separate your roster into event and non-event? Alrighty, you pass. Hope my supports will be of use to you.
  • Alternatively: you have a Merlin with MLB bond CE and Ozymandias with MLB Mona Lisa and know how to split your supports? Ok, I don’t care about the rest of the roster, you can stay :slight_smile:.
  • Or: You know how to split supports, have a clear preference for the mighty Buster-camp, but don’t have the MLB CEs I’m looking for? If no other candidates show up within a day or two to choose from, I’ll add you.

So picky >.<!

I only have few rules and ok with new players adding me since they give me more fp and even use my non-caster servants

I remove someone when they dont login for 3+ days UNLESS they grailed a low rarity servant to 100, then they get few more days.

not mlb’d shop ce or empty slots, not seperating event and regularr support is removed

Since i only care about support casters and already have friends with them dont care much about others setup tbh

I leave a few people who I can only assume have stopped playing, because they left a Merlin or Tamamo on their list and haven’t logged in for like, a year. I keep a couple of them around so I always can borrow a Merlin (now that Tamamo has her upgrade, no sense keeping someone around just for her) when charging supports flood the lists. Aside from that, I have three sets of rules:

If you haven’t cleared part 1? We’re cool. Do whatever the hell you want, I’ll keep you around mostly out of whatever passes for charity. Friend supports got me up to speed when I started like, a year late, so I guess I’m obligated to pass on the favour. My Herc also appreciates the exercise - I don’t bring him all that often anymore, so at least he can get love from new players who need a boost.

Once a month, I do a light clean. If you haven’t logged in for 3 days with no indication of why, fare thee well. I might be a little more charitable when no events are running, or I might be less charitable if its a lottery or a high-QP raid event and you’re still not around. You’re either so high up the chain you don’t need me, or you’re not playing enough for me to keep you, so I’d rather free up the slot for someone closer to my level of play.

Once or twice a year, I do a full on pressure clean where I just get straight-up mean. Mostly, I’ll look for something off about the All slot. A surprising number of people with respectable Master levels will have a Servant in their All slot that isn’t max levelled, has poor skill levels, or isn’t even holding a CE. “Poor” skill levels vary by Servant - at this point, a Waver without at least his S3 lvl 10 is “poor”, but if you have a DPS living in your All slot, even 4/4/4 might be enough.

For edge cases, I’ll dive deeper and check out their full roster. If their skill levels are poor across the board - especially on Skadis - you’re out. I don’t need a Skadi with a lvl 6 charge ruining my day. Generally speaking, I would anticipate that every Servant on a support list has at least one lvl 10 skill, or all 3 skills lvl 6 if they’re expensive. If any Servant on your list doesn’t have their upgrades, you’re gone. Provided the upgrade has been out for over a week, if you like the Servant enough to put em up, no excuse.

There’s a few other things I check - are your CE choices good etc - but mostly just are you keeping up with the flow, and putting up Servants that are at least able to function at their personal maxima.

I have less of a problem with overcrowded friend list and more of a problem deciding who to accept. Case in point, my friend list still has quite some slots but my request page is full… I guess with the advent of the Follow feature, I feel a little less guilty if I reject newbies.

I think my standards are pretty lax. Just log in at least once every week and my pack rat tendency will keep you on. Although I have kept a few friends who haven’t logged in for months in the hope they’d come back… after all, their support really helped me when they were active.

Once in a while though, I take a dive into support rosters and look at the Servants, skills, and Master level. Not separating event support and regular support, fine. I’m surprisingly okay with it as long as an event rolls around and you put up relevant CEs/event Servants if any. If I think Servant skills and levels don’t quite match where I think the Master is based on Master level, I bin. I’m not about to have a level 130 Master with a level 50 Gilgamesh or a level 90 Ozymandias with like 4/3/1 skills.

Thanks for asking that point; let me try to clarify.

First, I won’t prune you or other active GP people.

When it comes to event support, I almost never go for bond or other MP shop CEs; I filter out non-event CEs entirely except when doing CQs. Limiting the display to only MLB is not always practical, because it can take too long to populate a specific Servant/CE combo.

Generally, seeing non-MLB shop CEs is frustrating because their benefits are so minimal that no one wants to use them, but they could accidentally choose them in a hurry. MLB copies are common since many players go hard on lotteries in part so that they can be sure to afford MLB Teatime and such, so the odd non-MLB looks like bait.

My suggestion would be not to offer up prism shop CEs unless they are MLB, because no one chooses them on purpose over MLB options. If it’s an event list, I’d substitute it with a starting NP or other useful CE if you don’t have enough event CEs; especially so for the normal list, since many players look specifically for bond and such.



I accept anyone with a grailed Semiramis


I’m too lazy to prune friends, actually.

I used to leave one slot open just to see those who add me, and if I see that they have an interesting servant I don’t usually see often, then that’s the only time I visit my list and remove those who haven’t logged in a long time, or those just with plain support list.

It’s important for me that they have one of the big supports with MLB Teatime, though (that’s just what I actually use, 90% of the time). Putting non-MLB is a crime.

I admit I only log in when there’s an event (where I try to finish within a week), or when there’s a log in rewards streak.
If my friends have a problem to this then they can just unfriend me; it’s okay. Whenever I come back, I used to lose 3-4 friends, but lately it was down to one or none at all. I guess they’re all getting used to me since I always come back anyway :sweat_smile:

I don’t think someone here from gamepress is on my list…? I’m happy with my current friends, and I always take break for a week or so after an event, so my log in streak is a mess. I doubt the friendship will last :joy:


Mine is:

  1. You haven’t showed up for around a month(IRL stuff happens after all)

  2. Don’t be toxic or insulting towards others. Had a few people change their master messages to something disgusting before, and I don’t want that.


If they’re not from GP, I only accept requests if they have separate & up-to-date event support lists. They don’t need to have strong line-ups, just show they’re invested in the game.
Also, non-GPers who don’t log in for more than a week and have support lists that indicate they’re not taking the game that seriously (anymore), get kicked quickly.

Every slot occupied by someone who apparently isn’t dedicated to the game blocks out someone who might make better use of my support list, so I don’t feel like waiting too long to free up that slot, and going by past cases where I waited longer, most ppl who don’t log in for more than a week don’t come back anyway, or only come back once or twice and then drop out for good.

I’m more lenient on GPers, but I recently kicked someone since they never updated their event support list after GilFest and hadn’t logged in for over 3 weeks, indicating they started to lose motivation as early as after GilFest.


I’m lazy.

I don’t send invites.
I don’t accept invites.
I don’t cancel people already on unless they suddenly turn inactive.

I currently am at 55 friends or so and am fine with that.


Omg that makes so much more sense. Thank you for clarifying. I thought that was an unreasonably harsh expectation for event shop CE.


Oh goodness, no lol. I don’t instantly max all event shop CEs, either, and most of them need a rare drop at minimum! :slight_smile:


@Gou Haha thanks for clarifying. I was confusing your point about non-mlb shop CE regarding the prism shop, not the event shop.


I generally accept most friend requests if I have open slots (most of the time I don’t, sadly).

I usually remove people:

  • After 2-3 days of inactivity (they don’t show up for selection any more at that point)
  • If someone puts up a Skadi with her 3rd skill under 10
  • If someone puts up a non-MLB shop CE (e.g. Chaldea Lunchtime)
  • If someone doesn’t split supports AND doesn’t put event CE-s on their main list either

Obviously I cut some more slack for newer players (under level 120 or so). I really wish there was a way to increase the friends list size even further, though (e.g. with mana prisms or something)!

I normally just remove people that haven’t logged in for 5 or so days, but I did just remove some people for having sub level 5 skills for everyone on their list (some of which didn’t even have all their skills) And also some for still having CE’s from 3 events ago equipped on their event support.

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Decided to finally start pruning.
Not a big fan of unfriending people I usually think “I’ve got 80+ other people I can rely on in your absence so it’s fine”

I decided to kick people who:

  1. Haven’t leveled up in quite some time and haven’t improved their servants skill levels (not playing just logging in)

  2. Event line-up had CE’s from events that happened a long time ago.

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Few months ago I finally got rid of a guy on my friends list that had been inactive for 60 days. Why did I wait so long?

Cause he had a lvl 100 NP5 2000/2000 First Hassan.

But he had stopped appearing on my support list anyway (I believe the cutoff is a week before they stop showing in your support list?) so keeping him was just holding onto a faded dream.

RIP First Hassan Whale. I miss you every day.


B-b-but their supports will never show since they are gone for so long. If someone doesn’t log in for 2+ days, their servants won’t show up for you to choose.

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I have most people from here locked, so unless I see that the last logging was more than 3 weeks ago without any notice or something like that I won’t unfriend anyone. For the rest of my FL, the usual criteria: split support lists with some effort keeping track of events (at least some event shop CEs or servants with bonus if there are low rarity options) and a minimum effort in the main support list (at least 6/6/6 and RU quests done in most servants if the master level is high, things like that).

Because of this thread I did a bit of pruning in my Friend List and while doing so I discovered this:

:fgo_spaceishtarwut: :fgo_spaceishtarwut: :fgo_spaceishtarwut: