Guild Recruitment Thread

Promote your Guild here! Or if you’re just starting out and looking for a guild to join, this is the right place.
Posts should contain the following information:

*Guild Name:

Guild Name: Fidelis
Region/Server: Global
Level: 17

Fidelis is a level-17 global server guild looking for new max rank members to join our community!

We Offer:

  • A semi-competitive community of friendly end-game players to enjoy the game with
  • 24/7 buff uptime
  • High-rank guild wars- we sit comfortably in the 5x reward tier
  • Regular unit and meta-game discussions in our Discord
  • Coordinated guild war strategy and Aid Requesting


  • Max rank, and actively progressing towards better gear and a larger pool of level-60 characters.
  • Dailies: Check-in, donate 50k gold, and post an Aid Request (400+ weekly assistance required!)
  • Guild War: Spend your attacks effectively, preferably fielding a defense of at least 5-6 level 60 units
  • Attempt to maximize weekly guild quest completion

Apply in-game and send me a PM on GamePress if interested!


Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Nineveh

Region/Server: Global

Level: 1


Epic Seven | Nineveh

Founder’s Disclaimer:

I was recruited into this game a couple of weeks after the global server launch by a group of online friends that had started a guild.
On April 13, 2019 I decided to form my own guild because I did not agree with the guild’s consistently inconsistent reliability with respect to guild wars.

If you see yourself being a part of a ‘rebuild’ consisting of a group of people that like to joke, keep it respectful and smash people during guild wars (whenever the guild is leveled enough), this is the guild for you.

Current requirements:
Discord activity, daily login and donations are mandatory.

Check our discord for additional info @

Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Overdrive

Region/Server: Global

Level: 3


We’re a fresh guild looking for new members do some guild wars and more! Come and enjoy a helpful, friendly and supportive guild!

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Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Pelican

Region/Server: Global

Level: 6

Description: Hello there. We are a pretty chill guild that started out as a meme ( ). All I really look for is for people to be reasonably active and to donate as frequently as your schedule allows. We don’t have a dedicated discord as of yet, but if we get enough members, or enough feedback, I’ll try to establish one.
Minimum Lvl Requirement: 20

Guild recruitment

Guild name cerasus

Region/server global

Level 1

Description I am currently the only member in this guild am hoping to increase its numbers with reliable members that can and are willing to be active to help level up the guild

Guild Recruitment

  • Name: ChillKröte

  • Region/Server: Global

  • Level: 3

We are a new and active Guild, looking for Members to join Guild War.
Good Luck everyone!

Guild Name: Guts

Region/Server: Global

Level: 1

Members: 3 / 16

Looking For: Active Players | Daily Requests | Active Guild War Combatants

Description: We are active, maxed level players who have created a new guild and are looking for active players to join us, we aim to help all newcomers and provide any assistance we can.

We also have a discord link for a server for all newcomers:

Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Nifelheim

Region/Server: Global

Level: 13

Description: Casual guild with players of all levels. We keep Gold and EXP buff up 100% of the time (or try to, we have a few vice captains to activate it when it’s down).

Again, we are relatively casual.
We aim to still do well but without stressing everyone out or demanding X hours of participation. As long as you are active daily and continue to make progress, you are very welcomed to join.

F2P are welcomed. Just having fun

PM me if interested. Accepting all active daily players.

*Guild Name: Khanivore
*Region/Server: Global
*Level: 4
*Info: Casual guild that loves active players and participating in guild wars.

Guild Name: Hiraishin
Region: Global
Level: 1
Info: Just formed willing to take anyone willing to work towards being a better player

Guild Name: MNK

Region Server: Global

Level: 1

Description: Experienced player starting new guild. This is casual-oriented looking for a place to chill an grind. Discord users is a bonus~ If you have questions or want to chat about E7, DM


P.S. Tywin is bae uwu

Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Muramasa

Region/Server: Global

Level: 16

Number of current members: 24/29

Background: The year was 2019, in March 19… I’m kidding. I was somehow made Guild Master without my knowledge untill I saw a white crown on my profile a few weeks back. All I did was just kept donating and aiding as much as I can to level up our Guild level. The original Guild Master ghosted I think and I couldn’t find myself to leave the guild, because somehow I felt like it choose me…but really I just like the guild name, here’s our info.

Information: Casual guild/(semi-competive guild because who doesn’t want mystic medals) looking for active players that wants to progress towards better gear and completing their waifus or husbandos collection. Whales, dolphins, shrimps, and F2P players are all welcome to chill. Unfortunately ther’re a few accounts that haven’t logged in for months which you will be replacing. Whether you’re a PVP or PVE player, I hope to make this guild help you progress smoothly through your very own gacha hell. (Note: I do not have a discord set up yet but can if needed be or requested, for now guild chat will do.)


  • 24/7 guild buffs (if provided enough donations)

  • No pressure or stress on using current meta team comps. I understand not everyone share the same time in the day to farm fodders or six stars. We will win some and lose some.

  • I think we’re all friendly


  • Minimum level requirement: 30

  • Check-in on most days and aid or donate to your fellow guild mates ( I will check the weekly assistance list… he-he :smiling_imp: )

  • Unfortunately, any guild member will be kicked of the guild if you’re inactive for two weeks. I understand IRL that sometimes you may be occupied but please message me in advance.

  • Make sure to set up defense teams for guild wars. Participate in them, don’t be scared of losing.

  • Finally… turn this game on and check in to the damn guild wars to receive login bonus.

  • One more thing, every guild member must change their select hero rep to any penguin. - I’m kidding don’t do that

Guild :EatDaKitty
Level 1
Requirements NONE!!!

Are you newer or new to the game? Or are your guildmates calling you a chad? Pleb? Do you cry in the shower wondering if you’ll ever be as strong as most of these guilds above with ridiculous minimums requirements? Do you just want to have fun but still get the help you need to build your heroes and not get made fun of for asking questions? Well my friend, youve come to the right place!!! EatDaKitty is a brand new guild that has no minimum requirements, well grow and teach you how to be strong in guild wars and develop you into an heir you always wanted to be!!! Join our discord so we can talk!! You have to eat kitties before you devour lions!! We are a new guild but with youre help we will be up and running in no time!!! Come chat and we can talk!!!

*Guild Name:


Lv 8

We Are The Mighty!

We are some friends that made a guild and are looking for new members. We are pretty accepting with no level restrictions. We do ask that people are civil. We’re all lvl about lvl 60 and pretty active. We have good supporters and run guild buffs pretty often.

So come all and join the guild that boasts so much strength that its in the name.

Mass Recruitment

Guild Name : Lumiere

Guild Level : 17

Server : Asia

Type : Active Guild

English speaking guild looking for new members to chill and enjoy the game together. Casual environment. Enjoy the following perks:

-24 hour Exp and Gold buff.

-Advice on events and team comps

-Active discord chat


  • Min rank 45

  • Donate everyday

  • Join guild discord and be active.

  • Do daily/weekly quests.

  • Clear all 3 Guild War Crests if selected.

  • Active daily ingame

PM me abuqasar#1302 if interested

Looking for: Like minded ‘Motorboaters’
Guild Name: Nineveh Guild
Level: 18
Server: Global - International Discord - English is the Primary Language
Current # of Members: 25
Available Slots: 5
Level requirement (if any): 60
Arena rank requirement (if any): Master. But more importantly be Passionate about E7 emphasis on PvP, Active and Striving.
Other requirement (if any): Willing to be grilled in an interview
Description of Guild: We are a hyperactive, structured, ‘guild 1st’, 18+ adult, friendly and humorous social community of mature professionals that loves to PvP but branches out to all other aspects of E7.

About Nineveh: Founded: April 14th, 2019
GW Bracket: Preseason (Ranked 409 - 5X) - Season 1 (Easily 5X - Depending on how many trainees we have taken in. Peaked top 150) and constantly improving. Global Server.
Buffs: 24/7
Discord: 18+ (Adult) - 21+ is preferred
Community Feel: Family/Hyperactive
PvP Mindset: Be naughty, do your best, and if you get spanked, learn from it
We welcome everyone to our discord community. To qualify for admission to our guild however, you will need to convince a recruiter you are not a casual player. Rank, arena bracket, and account progress is secondary to mindset.

Truth be told, we are not for everyone. So find out for yourself Join our discord server below. Read our welcome letter. Check our Testimonials and decide for yourself.

Guild Name: Demoners
Region/Server: Global
Level: 17

Looking to recruit 3 to 4 for the guild.
We Offer:

  • Semi-competitive, helpful group with a fun and enjoyable atmosphere!
  • High ranked in guild wars and sit in a x5 teir.
  • Most of our members are at max rank and enjoy giving tips and progress updates to help others grow!
  • Be apart of discord chat.
  • Donate and aid.
  • Be above rank 50 and actively working at it.
  • Battle in GW

Message me here in Gamepress or join our discord.

Regios is Recruiting Now!
Looking for a semi-competitive guild to chill and grow?
-Be Active in Guild Wars
-Donate Daily (for them guild buffs)
-have fun and chill
Join the discord to apply