Gunnthra boon?

Managed to grab another two copies of the princess on this last remix banner. Can get her up to +9 now, and I was sure I was gonna stick with the new shiny +attack copy I got. Then, I also nabbed a +spd…

With a boon and DF, she reaches 44 speed naturally, which isn’t breaking the game. Double attack speed solo is another 13 speed, still not impressive. However, her weapon gives her another 8 speed debuff on the enemy, that can get up to much more depending on debuffs. Just counting the 8 speed though, 65 speed before a simple speed tactic, sending her into the 70’s…

Is it worth it? Or is she too frail to take a serious hit when doubling anyway?


When attacking an enemy affected by her PRF B-skill, she’s pretty much a OHKO unit. In the event that an enemy does manage to retaliate and kill her, she can take a single hit due to dropping the enemy’s attack.

The only times mine has died is from being doubled.

So, you’re saying speed?

In Gunnthra’s case I would go for Atk

She cripples the heck out of most speedsters with Chilling Seal II, meaning her biggest problems are tanky units with forced follow ups (B-Hector in particular being a menace despite her color advantage because he ignores her debuffs), as she cannot have NFU without the help of L-M-Byleth, F-Lilith, or Duo Sothis