Guys, I’ve found a whale


I was randomly playing AR and found this team. This dude has to be a whale bro. I’ll probably lose lmao


Send Nowi Against Lucy,Azura And Myrrh


Watches Yune end Nowi’s career. :tea:


Yune’s Already Dead By Hrid


Well, I’ll say he isn’t. Why you may ask? A whale would have them all at +10 with flawless IV"s and the best setups.

Myrrh still has her base kit pretty much, Yune isn’t even close to being optimal. Overall, it’s just an individual that saved up a lot and got really, really fucking lucky. Like uber lucky levels of luck.


You can not be THAT lucky just by coincidence.
Myrrh really doesn’t have an optimal build but then again they don’t even have seals.

I think it’s a whale and you caught him just while building his team and assigning skills and such. Which might be why they don’t have seals. Or he is a whale and he doesn’t even give a shit.


I beg to differ, I’ve gotten hella lucky myself and I’m no whale. Hell, I’ve gotten 7 P!Olivia’s in 50 or so orbs after a huge bad luck streak, so it can happen.

And people can save up orbs for months without pulling, it’s not unheard of (I did it to try and max merge a unit once and I almost did it) so in reality I wouldn’t assume they’re a whale.


Well this is luck I can only dream of.
My highest megred exclusive 5 Star is +3 and I actually tried…
But considering 3 of his units are legendary / mythic he must be hella lucky.

From my personal view, I would say that it’s not possible, but then again I don’t do hardcore orbs saving.
So I don’t know.


These four units were on the last legendary banner so I’m pretty sure they got their merges on that banner. It’s a bit hard to know if they spent money on the banner though.


I saved up about 800 orbs or so for last year’s P!Arts. Some were bought (monthly packs), some were not.

400 orbs in, got a single Ayra, another 200, got jack diddly squat (I think an Owain by then I don’t recall), I get getting 5 stars that weren’t Olivia every few hundred orbs, then I hit my last 50 and I got a 7 of her, boosting my +1 to her +8 (as she is now).

So yeah it’s very possible for someone to get extremely lucky compared to my situation.


I only fight whales I think, it’s rare for me to see a not +10 team.


@Loresome Well how did it go? Did you win?


@Joschka Yep.


Looks pretty budget tbh.