Gyarados centered UL team

Hi again my dudes,

After the success of my Medicham centered team which I built using suggestions from the forum I’d like to see what you guys think about the new Gyarados with aqua tail in UL. I love Gyarados and consistently use it in my ML team but now with the community day I have a Gyarados with aqua tail and 99.9% stat product for UL and want to build a team around it.
Till now my UL team consisted of Granbull, Lapras, Machamp and was doing fairly well without having any big weaknesses except for grass types which were still beatable by Lapras. I think I can keep Machamp in the team or change it with a Blaziken maybe. Then maybe Lapras again as I need sth against Togekiss. What do you guys think?

UL Open (legendaries allowed), UL Premier (legendaries banned) or both?

Thought about it, cause normal UL you need more legendary counters to giratina and dialga etc…
I’d prefer for both categories but if anyone has a really good idea about one the two I’d be happy to hear it.

Gyarados is one of few 'mon that can counter both of the big two: GiratinA and Swampert. Its a pretty good lead in UL open. Not sure how it does in ULPC 'cause my team pretty much owns them so… :man_shrugging: Need something to counter electric so maybe a Venusaur/Sceptile and Machamp (SE vs Magnezone and Aggron).

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Sadly I don’t have a grass type with frenzy plant.
I thought of maybe Gyarados-Lapras-Charizard but I also don’t have a Charizard with blast burn…
I tried some matches with Gyarados-Lapras-Machamp and it went ok, around 3.2/5 win ratio. But I think the new Gyarados can do better.

i dont think in Premier UL Gyara is good. Meet lots of them and dont gonna lie, losing most games if lead, but because i run Kingdra, which isnt popular( yet?).

Barely any steels , but also targets, that are weak to him( Swampert here most likely will carry Sludge Wave, so worse fight than in open UL)

In open UL, he can definetely threat Cress, Regi, Gira and Swampert. Grass are barely exist, same with electric and something to deal with Charmers paired with will work well. Charizard would be great, but need BB. Typhlosion would work also.

Yeah, I have issues with Meltan a lot. Machamp is the only pokemon in the team that can deal with it and both Lapras and Gyarados lose hard to it.
Maybe a Swampert would be nice but idk, seems like an overkill.
Sadly I don’t have any pokemon with BB, FP or HC :frowning:

Sludge wave Swampert is rare as hens teeth in UL in my experience. Across the 3 seasons, I can only recall one Swampert that ran it (it one shotted my Clef). Earthquake will always be more popular.

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Yes, sludge wave is mainly for ML. Or UL PC. In UL it is most probably below ten percent and depends a lot of the other team members viable vs steel.

You mean sludge wave is mainly for GL surely? Earthquake is the most meta relavent move in ML…

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ML PC I meant for Dragonite and togekiss. GL as well, for azumarill, yes.

I saw a lot of Gyarados in open Ultra today. It loses bad to Melmetal. WF/AT+Crunch doesn’t really beat Poliwrath from what I just saw. Not too bad. I don’t see why it would be scared of Swampert, Escavalier, Empoleon, Charizard. Not really Regi either. Crunch damages Gira, Cress, A-Mewtwo.

However, “CENTERED” around Gyarados more than what I was seeing today. It fits in a number of places, but today I saw one of the silliest teams: Gyarados, Charizard, Togekiss. Well, silly to my eyes. I lead with Melmetal, I never changed my Pokemon…all three of my opponent’s Pokemon fainted.

Yea in Open UL it makes really sense, but rather with DB than waterfall, need two steel counters as other team members though. With waterfall it is also good, but you will encounter dragon and grass - and water (ok, swampert doesn count here) - usually often.

And yes, that was a silly team, not only they all share the same type, but then also flying, which is vulnerable to two heavy types, electric and rock…

In Open UL EQ is must have, but in PC UL i dont see any target that require to use against. Scizor and Escavlier are neutral and seen one Perrserkerr( just straight HC win it anyway) in Master Open EQ again better, but PC Master Sludge Wave preferred.

PC UL - empoleon of course. Plus STAB when neutral. When there are mono grass types or torterra, of course sludge wave is better. Most fairies you use hydro cannon anyway, so Dragonite and Gyarados are left. Yes, EQ is a bit worse in PC UL as well I guess.