Gym defence records

The Gym in the village where I work…

Is this a record?
I often think I should walk up there on my lunch break to have a battle and knock a few of them out but, then I think why put so much fire power in a rural gym?

What’s everyone’s longest gym hold? Mine is around the 4 day mark at another rural gym. I stopped using that one because I got bored waiting for my coins.

loool That Snorlax is gonna eat the others, have a nice sushi dinner XD
I lived/live in cities, so I’m lucky if I can get a couple.

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The only time I saw a gym standing for over twelve hours, I went over to attack it and soon found out why…ERROR (29).


My coworker had a Snorlax on a gym for 32 days once. It was on an island, and the seasons were changing so no one went out to take the gym down. My record is about 14 days in a rural area.

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I live in a very competitive city where people will literally “assassinate” gyms at 2-3 a.m in the morning and there will be same number of no-life on the other side GRBing until the kingdom comes.

So rather than measuring defense record by length of time defended, I measure by how many victories or “kills” as I like to call it, I can get from a single defense session.

My highest kill count ever was 7, but unfortunately, I didn’t think of taking a screen shot.


A perfect example of how dumb these gym systems are and how they should be replaced ASAP.

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I have no screen, but i have Gyms with around 150+ days without break.
Some are kind of rural, some other are just 10 min with the car away from a city with 100k people

Not my picture, but a friend shared this with me a few days ago. Some gym very inconveniently located in the middle of nowhere.


at the place I work is filled with call centers and some other international business buildings and there are about 3 gyms in a 1060 yards area (1km) and I walked to one of them that even with a lot of people I know play are nearby, it stood for 12 days and someone who had one of the 6 pokemon we placed was berry-feeding it the last 2 days. Did not expect to last that long without GRB’s because usually these gyms to stay the same color for more than 12 hours.

This summer, my Shuckle sat in a gym for two weeks without getting knocked out. It’s usually a fairly active area, but the other players were probably on vacation so who knows.

Love to see someone has the same interest as mine. I have max 15 “kills” in one defense but here is a photo some dude going suicide on my Blissey. I think it’s funny.
Btw, I have seen someone in my community has over 300 days defending gym in one single defense. He put it on a gym up on a mountain. There is only 1 gym there and I believe nobody plays. Dont know why Niantic put that gym there.


I’ve never had one go beyond 10 days or so, but it’s sadly common for me to have 3+ Pokemon out in gyms for 5+ days at a time, simultaneously. (which is why I’ve got 29,878 hours of gym defense currently, and I stop caring about gym defense once I have enough time on a gym to get my 50 coins a day)

Is bet there is a golem behind that disguise of “el zorro”


Did them a favour on my way into work…


I need to come back to this post to show you guys this insane record of a member in our community.


WTF 0 victories, so no one has attacked it in over 2 years??? What kind of remote gym is that??? :smile:

You misinterpreted the Victories count. That means the Absol owner placed it into an empty slot without having to attack the gym at all.

Oh, my bad. Still an element shouting “remote gym”, if not “low accessibility gym” anyway.

If they don’t come back…it was never meant to be? :face_with_monocle: