Gym feeding - (Stardust) glitch

Hi guys,

I just had a problem with feeding berries to pokemon in gyms right now.

So I wanted to feed some berries to a gym with my Star Piece activated. Got about 50 berries in the first place, which should give me around 60,000 stardust. But when I checked, I got nothing.

At first, I thought it was my connection problem since the loading icon was flashing. So I changed my network and still won’t solve the problem.

It’s been around half an hour now, stardust from catching seems to be working just fine, I’ve checked to make sure I lost my berries and a Star Piece.

Do you guys know what’s happening? Any kind of help will much be appreciated. Thanks!

50 berries, under normal circumstances with a star piece, will only get you 1500 stardust. Normally 20 a piece, with the star piece increasing that to 30.

The amount you spot at the top corner is a running total. It’s not giving you 30, then 60, then 90 etc.

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You earn 20 stardust per berry fed (30 with a star piece), so feeding 50 berries should earn 1,000 stardust (1,500 with a star piece).

The number of dust displayed after you feed a berry is a cumulative total.

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You got an extra zero in there. 20 times 50 is 1,000.

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Probably a typo because 50 * 20 = 1,000 (you put an extra zero in your answer)

Oops! Fixed.

Wow! Seems that I’ve been misunderstood by the stardust display. Sorry guys.

Thanks a lot for the help guys!

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Thanks for asking this question. I had a similar dilemma and this thread helped me.

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