H! Jakob to V! Faye

Should I Fodder My Halloween Jakob to my Valentine Faye? I don’t have any close counter fodder and I have it to him a long time ago. I had the skills on him to run an offensive set (brave bow, DB and BF) or a defensive set (slaying bow, CC and WF). Is there any reason to keep him now? It seems like a waste, but I want to be able to run a defensive set on her too.
Jakob is +Atk -res, she is +res -hp


Faye is better than Jakob every way, just be aware of how much fodder you can give her compared to how much fodder you’re losing.


Faye vores Jakob.


Wait for march , maybe there is a Takumi manual that you can exchange for divine codes.

That’s great

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I would say don’t sacrifice Jakob but I literally sacrificed Faye to Jakob so maybe don’t listen to me

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