H!Myrrh IVs

Hello, old friends! It’s been a while. I hope y’all’ve been doing good these days. I am so thrilled with H!Myrrh’s refine, and am in the process of Myrrging her up.

In my opinion, +Atk is her best IV, as a superboon. So that’s what I’m planning on giving her, though I’d definitely be open to hearing other opinions. For her future ascended trait, I am thinking that +Def is the most overall useful for any build, since visible Def helps her trigger her refine’s conditions.

But, +Res could be more useful in a dedicated Dragon Wall set. My thoughts are that Res can be boosted via skills, like Mirror Stance and still count towards Dragon Wall, while visible Def is useful for her weapon.

Do you all agree that Atk is best, and Def is the best general IV for her ascended trait? Or is Res worth it?

Thanks for your opinions!


Personally I’d say +Def since she needs it to trigger her weapon and as time goes on Def is only going to get higher and higher at base… but our local @Dragginz user would have better insight on this topic

Edit: and @myrrhder


@Dragginz @myrrhder


I’m pretty much in the same train of thought as you and went +Atk on boon for her because of the same reason. For ascended I ended up going +Def way before her refine and I’m still kinda mixed on it even though I agree it’s probably her best general IV. At max merges she definitely makes good use of +Res since 39 feels a bit low to me and with the DR she doesn’t have to worry so much about making a follow up if she can just tank the hits instead. I’m not sure on calcs if the 3 extra Res ends up helping her tank or just ends up as overkill Res.


Atk is definitely best since her Prf is granting her +10 Atk/Def/Res. Without accelerated cooldown (for instant powerful specials) armors have an uphill battle in killing proficiency, so she needs all the Atk she can get. And even if you use Draggin wall on her regularly, she still needs the Atk, and will still need the Def from an ascended trait. These are two builds I’ve been using on her to great effect:

Grants her +12 Def/Res, plenty to activate Draggin wall against physical attackers and with her Prf effectively increases her Def/Res by 22, but she has no extra killing power before her special.

Bumps her Atk up to 85 and with Hardy/Escutcheon she’s getting even more DR than she would with Draggin Wall, but it can be turned off for a second fight with guard or pulse smoke.