H. Myrrh questions

I’ve two questions for you.

  1. My H.Myrrh is +Atk (+1), and I have another one. What would you do, merge it to +2 (Def and Res) or save for Vengeful Fighter?

  2. I want to give her DC. My problem is my only unit with DC to give is a L.A Hector. Should I use it or better merge to my +2 (Hp and Spd, but it’s more difficult to obtain than a classic or Legendary Hector, or other units as Hrid or Nailah)

LA! Hector is a great unit on his own, and he can deal with H!Myrrh’s weaknesses. I find that Steady Stance 4 works better on H!Myyrh, given her defence focused statline. It really depends on how you want to build her. Would you mind posting your planned build here? Regarding the extra copy, it depends on if you have anyone who could use use Vengeful Fighter to full effect.

  1. Vengeful Fighter isn’t as sought out on most armors tbh. The main users being strict EP armors (like Sheena for example) so holding it for fodder could be an idea if you already have a planned VF build for someone. Otherwise, you could always pull it from another armor in the permanent summoning pool (like M!Grima). Some defensive armors even prefer WF over VF. Imo, it’s mid tier fodder at best, so it depends on who you’re planning on giving it to.

  2. LA!Hector is a great armor unit who can deal massive damage with his Berserk Armads + Wrath Combo - but I feel his age is showing with the amount of new units who make the set feel less effective than it once was. Personally, I’d fodder LA!Hector - though the smarter thing to do would be to keep him if you don’t have any green armors. DC is somewhat common now, so you don’t have to worry about not getting it later. I think I’m reading this right - but if you already have a merged LA!Hector and are planning to merge the extra copy, then it would depend if you plan of making him +10. Otherwise it might be a loss of resources if you only end up making him +3 and then give up on him.